Open Thread: 2/24 Camp Notes

YFU interviews Matt Tracy
Cashman: No extension talks with Martin until after the season
(REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

Position players officially reported for duty today, so Spring Training is fully underway. Everyone showed up, in case you were wondering. No late reports this year other than Mariano Rivera. Here’s a recap of a slow day down in Tampa…

  • No bullpen sessions today, just conditioning stuff for the big league pitchers. Graham Stoneburner and Cesar Cabral did throw live batting practice to Ray Kruml and Carmen Angelini. Yes, that Carmen Angelini. Only catchers hit today. [David Waldstein & Chad Jennings]
  • Ivan Nova is scheduled to throw live BP tomorrow, as are Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, D.J. Mitchell, and Kevin Whelan. Nova will be the first big leaguer to face actual hitters. [Jennings]
  • Joba Chamberlain threw one final half-mound session today and will get on a full mound on Tuesday, his first time doing so as part of his Tommy John surgery rehab. [George King]
  • Austin Romine was held out of workouts today as a precaution for his ailing back. “He felt better today so that’s good,” said Joe Girardi. “If they think he needs another day, he takes another day.” [Jennings]
  • Derek Jeter held a formal press conference, saying he plans to play as long as he’s having fun and feels he can compete at a high level. [Waldstein]

Here’s your open thread for the night. The entire NBA is off for the All-Star break, but all three hockey locals are in action. Talk about whatever you like here, enjoy.

YFU interviews Matt Tracy
Cashman: No extension talks with Martin until after the season
  • Johnny

    Any word on how MT is doing? I feel like he’s among the few players we haven’t really heard from this offseason. Is he in shape; has he altered his swing batting left-handed in any way; will he in fact be dropping down a bunt or two to beat the shift, et cetera?

    • Mike Axisa

      I read something today that he lost 15 lbs. Can’t remember where I saw it.

      • fin

        I read it in the juice article. He got addicted to drinking those juicy things or whatever, so much so he bought into the company.

        • Tom Zig

          Must be nice. “Oh this juice tastes great! I think I’ll buy part of the company!”

      • Johnny

        Claims he lost 15 lbs on a diet consisting of that franchise’s juices; also claims he enjoys steaks and pasta.

  • jim p

    “No late reports this year other than Mariano Rivera.”

    Again! Every year! I’d expect management to simply not invite him back next year.

  • Jesse

    Any guesses as to who will start the first Spring Training game?

    It’s normally a minor leaguer or a guy trying to make the rotation (Like Colon last year), right?

    Maybe Freddy Garcia?

  • Grit for Brains

    Martin must be very confident about the season he is about to have to be so unreceptive to 3 yrs/20 mil

    • BK2ATL

      Isn’t he getting something like $7.5 mil this year already???

      Even if he has a similar year in 2012 as 2011, his AAV on any long-term contract will start there, not at $6.7 mil.

  • Tom Zig

    Does Michael Kay do the broadcasts for ST or is he too cool for that.

    • YankeesIslesGiantsNets101

      I think he does most of them

  • Monterowasdinero

    Jeets 4K!

    • dean

      Its possible.

    • Accent Shallow

      I’d love to see it, but I don’t think he can get there without a sinecure, a la Rose.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    I haven’t heard any S.T reports about Jose Campos as of yet. Question: Anybody got any recent links or interviews with him?

    • Jesse

      I believe he’s in minor league spring training.

  • Whaaaat???
    • Tom Zig

      The Illuminati (multiple interrobangs)

  • Drew

    Can someome explain to me the Carmen Angelini thing?

    • Brian

      A complete draft bust. Former 10th round pick with prior commitments to college. Took the Yankees a cool 1milI to sign. He has stayed at lower a ball, he has the ability to field but hitting ability is nonexistent.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        I think his fielding ability is more questionable than his hitting, but both tools are suspect. In his defense, he’s been injured the majority of the last two seasons.