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We got a good head start on the 2012 fantasy baseball season this afternoon. Mike and I each created a league, which filled up pretty quickly. We also put on display 7 additional fantasy leagues with an RAB affiliation. I’m currently trying to figure out which of these leagues still has openings, and I’ll update this post accordingly. (I’m 99% certain they’re all full, though.) Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll have everything figured out and semi-organized.

This afternoon I did forget to post one of the leagues:

RAB Eastbound & Down Division; ID: 42050; pw: kennypowers click here to sign up.

For the full lo-down, check the original post on the 2012 RAB fantasy leagues. For those who don’t want to click and read, here’s the short-short version.

Basically, we’re trying to keep the leagues loosely related, by using RAB as the first word in the league. I’d prefer they all have the same rules, as outlined in the original post, but since it’s not my league it’s not like I can require it. But we are going to give out a prize to the team with the highest win percentage at the end of the season, so there’s that incentive. The leagues are all head-to-head as well.

The process is somewhat chaotic, but it should help us fill plenty of leagues. Here’s how it goes.

1) If you want to simply participate, click on the link next to a league and enter in the required information (league ID and password). Bam. You’re in.

2) If all the leagues or full, someone has to start a new one. Go here to create a new league.

3) Then email me — josephp (at) riveraveblues (dot) com — and give me the league info, including ID and password, so I can post it here.

Important addition: Email me when your league is full, so I can remove it from future posts.

I’ll be posting new leagues at the bottom of this post, as they come in. I’ll also start deleting full leagues, to keep everything relatively sane. We’ll do this twice a day, once in the afternoon and then again in the evening, until interest slows down.

Update: A few leagues rolled in while I was sleeping. Here goes.

RAB Pinstripe Pride; ID: 44914; password: pineda4life

RAB Upper Decki From Hideki; ID: 45344; password: ballsohard

RAB Ramiro Pena Pals; ID: 45421; password: canada

Go here to sign up for any of these leagues.

Open Thread: Recapping Retro Week
An elegy for Allan James
  • Total Dominication

    The Gritty Gardners are back.

  • kandalv

    But Kandalv will beat the Gritty Gardners just like in the Meyer League.

  • neo

    Are any of them NL only leagues? I wont play mixed league fantasy, because then I would have to root against the Yankees some times!

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

      What about during interleague?

      • neo

        I play NL only so I don’t have to pick Red Sox or Tampa players and then root for them to do well all year. Or reach for Yankees before I should. And since there are so few interleague games, I can live with those times that my guys are playing the Yankees. You know, root for player X to get three home runs but have the Yankees win anyway.

        But for years I didn’t want to play fantasy until I discovered that such a thing as NL only existed.

  • Tony

    We need 3 more teams in the RAB Pinstripe Pride league if anyone is interested…

  • Vinnie Gagliano

    Hey guys I just created a free H2H league that I have been considering for awhile. Its h2h 1 win, 8×8 stats, 12 teams, 25 man rosters.

    Stats are Hits, OBP, Runs, RBIs, HRs, SB, K’s, Slugging %
    ERA, H9, BB9, K9, Win %, Saves, TBA, Holds

    I tried to make the pitching as percentage based as possible.

    Yahoo – 42450 PW blumpkin

    if you have any questions email me at truitalian9@yahoo.com