ST Game Thread: Pineda, again


"He must work out." (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Joe Girardi said tonight is a “big start” for Michael Pineda, a solid indication that the Yankees are thinking way to hard about this rotation stuff. If the answer was any more obvious, it’d slap them in the face. Here is tonight’s lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
CF Curtis Granderson
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
1B Eric Chavez
C Russell Martin
DH Andruw Jones
RF Justin Maxwell
LF Brett Gardner

RHP Michael Pineda

Available Pitchers: LHP Boone Logan, LHP Cesar Cabral, LHP Clay Rapada, RHP Cory Wade, RHP George Kontos, RHP Ryan Pope, RHP Chase Whitley, and RHP Preston Claiborne are all available if needed.

Available Position Players: C Gus Molina, 1B Addison Maruszak, 2B Eduardo Nunez, SS Doug Bernier, 3B Bill Hall, LF Dewayne Wise, CF Chris Dickerson, and RF Zoilo Almonte will replace the starters. C Francisco Arcia and UTIL Kevin Russo are also available if needed.

Tonight’s game starts at 7:05pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.


  1. Jesse says:

    Hopefully everyone at home has their radar guns ready!

  2. Kevin says:

    not looking good so far….

  3. teddy says:

    nice hustle penieda

  4. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    the post/news/espn-ny is already writing the low velo/panic articles as we speak. the fact that there is even talk of nova/garcia being considered over him for rotation is laughable.

  5. teddy says:

    no command and no velocity. not a good match.

  6. 1stbase says:

    3 cheapies and a walk, not to bad

  7. bill says:

    I think that inning was better than it looked. A lot of stuff on the ground and the RBI hit was a good pitch.

  8. Adam B says:

    I would have laughed over the winter if you told me Hughes would be throwing harder than Pineda…

  9. Kevin says:

    Fastball sitting at 91/92. I hope we didn’t get damaged goods in for Montero’s bat.

  10. Cy Pettitte says:

    I’ve tried to refrain from worrying about Pineda’s velocity but come on it’s a week til opening day an he’s still sitting at 91. Girardi’s comments should have made him aware that this is an important start so it’s not like he should be holding anything back. losing 5mph on your fastball has to be concerning at this point.

  11. nsalem says:

    Jones batting 7th and 9th?

  12. handtius says:

    this feed is already in mid-season form. come down fellas.

  13. Nathan says:

    He just hit 93. Are most pitchers fully stretched out now and hitting their normal speeds?

  14. dj says:

    David Cone just said that he’s getting around on his fastball and its causing it to cut a little, which would explain the velocity drop.

  15. teddy says:

    Pineda fastball is pathetic

  16. Rainbow Connection says:

    “This is going great!” Homer Simpson

  17. DM says:

    I’d be monitoring Girardi’s face as much as the radar gun tonight.

  18. Chip says:

    You know what though, the change-up looks darn good thus far

  19. Tom says:

    Couple of things:

    - Seems like he’s got a lot of movement on the fastball for a 4 seamer… almost seems more like a cutting action?

    - Doesn’t seem like he’s getting full extension on his delivery. Don’t know if that his legs being in condition or a weight thing, but does stride seems a little short? Would be interesting to see his stride compared to last year.

    • DM says:

      Cone’s right. He’s more east/west than north/south. AJ got into these same funks a lot. I’ll be curious if he starts relying on the slider for the rest of the game.

  20. Chip says:

    Russel Martin, good at baseball

  21. Rainbow Connection says:

    RAB guys:
    This thread is not showing on the homepage for some reason. At least not for me. I’m using Safari.

  22. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Anyone else getting an ad for Orioles merch on the RAB home page?

    Also, heard it mentioned that Pineda pitched in winter ball before last season but not this past offseason, which might be a reason he threw harder last spring.

    • parmesan says:

      I’m pretty sure he didn’t pitch in winter ball last year, before his first campaign in SEA. Not sure where the rumor got started but it got around pretty good.

      Didn’t like the two-strike approach in the second. Fastballs down the middle to Ruiz and Pierre in 1-2 and 0-2 counts. Looked like Russel called for heat, but Pineda’s gotta get those off the plate or shake to something else.

  23. Rookie says:

    I guess the good news is that Pineda wouldn’t have as much of a beef if he starts the season in AAA to work on a few things.

    The bad news, I guess, is the potential damage to his psyche of starting there.

    Then again, didn’t Cliff Lee get sent down to work on a few things at a much later age — and David Price, among others?

    • Kevin says:

      Yes indeed..heck even Roy Halladay and Greg Maddux were sent down to Triple AAA.

    • Rookie says:

      I imagine the fact that Pineda didn’t cover first on the ball to Chavez gives the Yankees even more basis to believe he could use some work on the fundamentals — that he might not be ready for prime time despite often having un-hittable stuff.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      He pitched better than Nova last year and is pitching better than Nova this spring. Why is Pineda the one going down?

      • DM says:

        Hmmm… An option is an option — but I didn’t hear any calls for Hughes getting farmed out last ST. Despite the 18 wins, both Nova and Pineda pitched better last year than Hughes in 2010, and they both looked better this ST than Hughes last ST.

      • Plank says:

        Why does anyone have to go down?

    • DM says:

      It’s not the worst idea. I would’ve suggested it for Hughes too if he needed to work thru some struggles. They’re called “options” for a reason. A temporary PR hit, but it’s not a death sentence.

    • So then you must think Ivan Nova should start in AAA, too? He’s been getting pounded all spring and has, by all accounts, looked awful.

    • Steve S. says:

      Damage his psyche?

      If he’s cut out to be a Yankee, he’ll do what Nova did and go down to AAA and prove them wrong. If he pouts and pitches like crap, that’s on him. Not the Yankee brass for sending him down.

  24. mustang says:

    Maybe I’m naive, but I’m not worried about this kid and I still would make the trade more so after watching Montero DH the first 2 games.

    • nsalem says:

      You’re 100% correct. Those 8 AB’s in Japan are a great indicator on what he will do for the next 15 years.

      • handtius says:

        yeah and pineda’s spring show exactly what he’ll be for the next 15.

      • mustang says:

        Dude, They are going NOWHERE and they talked up his catching ability this spring like he was going to start. Do you think it would be a perfect time to start him at catcher?

        Talk about his bat all day long Montero’s value goes down, especially for the Yankees, if not a starting catcher.


        • nsalem says:

          This still is a spring training game and they are both very young. They both have great futures as major leaguers. I wouldn’t about either of them.

    • Jesse says:

      Same. Not worried either.

  25. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    Am I the only one that thinks we get screwd on trades?

    I was all for the trade but I can’t believe this guy can’t find his gas?

  26. CJ says:

    What worries me is 91 in Florida could be 89 in NY April cold.

  27. D-Rob da man says:

    I hope campos the other pitcher they got is the real deal.

  28. Rookie says:

    I’m not suggesting that it was a bad trade — at all, just that he looks more and more like more and more of an unfinished product — and that he might get that finish better away from the spotlight and scrutiny of the bright lights that come with pitching as a Yankee in the majors.

    I gather Cliff Lee and David Price and Roy Halladay and Greg Maddux and others survived more time in the minors, too.

    • TomH says:

      I’m not suggesting that it was a bad trade — at all, just that he looks more and more like more and more of an unfinished product….

      I agree. He seems awkward out there, all over the place. I wouldn’t give up on the trade yet, but I do think someone’s going to have to take him in serious hand.

  29. C-raff says:

    When are people going to realize velocity isn’t everything? Average MLB fastball is around 90. Even at 92 he has better stuff than Freddy and an out pitch (wipeout slider) that Garcia doesn’t. If yanks dont put him in the rotation, it is incredibly stupid.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      The concern “some” have is the dropoff in velocity, not the speed in and of itself.

    • CJ says:

      No you are wrong. You are desperately trying to be optimistic. Velocity is not everything in pitching but for a power pitcher it is! 23 year old power pitcher threw 95-97 last year, 90-92 so far is a big problem. If Pineda doesn’t find 95- 97 he will be a bust!

      • mustang says:

        “If Pineda doesn’t find 95- 97 he will be a bust!”

        YES!!! Because his fastball is his only pitch and all his other pitches suck ass.

        The wisdom is just pouring out in this thread.

  30. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    How can you send an All-Star last yr into AAA? Also what will that do to his psyhe & confidence….wait till he gets to NY!

    • CJ says:

      I don’t think AAA but he is not leaving Tampa extended spring/A. Just looking for mph. No sense in dealing with cold of northern AAA circuit.

  31. Ed in SF says:

    Not watching game, but reporters on Twitter (Carig) say he’s hitting 94 in the second. What’s the issue?

  32. teddy says:

    thats a strike

  33. parmesan says:

    The most alarming thing is Pineda’s lack of command. Everything is up. Good thing is he just misses with basically every ball he throws, but he seems stuck in limbo within the zone right now.

    Anyway, if they send this guy down to start the season it would be a ridiculous and epic failing gesture. If he’s not injured you need to show confidence and work him into the rotation. You traded your best bat since Jeter for a guy who was stupendous in his rookie campaign; AAA is not where he belongs.

    • Steve S. says:

      Montero is no longer on the team, and therefore no longer is a factor on what they should/shouldnt do with Pineda.

      • DM says:

        Yep. I just hope the front office doesn’t pressure Cashman/Girardi to force him on the team for PR reasons. Letting him get straightened out in AAA isn’t the worst idea.

      • parmesan says:

        True enough, though I’d say it matters from a PR standpoint that shouldn’t matter from a baseball standpoint. It just makes it harder to swallow from the emotional fan perspective, which is where I’m heedlessly coming from.

  34. Kevin says:

    He looks awful…I think we got hosed on this trade…

  35. Justin Maxwell's Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

    As a musician, it’s always good to have a ‘bad’ soundcheck.
    You get nervous for the gig when soundcheck went ‘too well’.
    Hopefully that irrational logic applies here and PIneda will be all set for the start of the season.

  36. parmesan says:

    Not liking the way he’s flexing that right shoulder. Is he grimacing or am I seeing things?

    Way to go, Alex. How about checking the bag before you throw. How about charging the grounder and firing it to first for the sure end-of-inning play instead of pussyfooting your pitcher deeper into an already agonizing inning.

  37. smurfy says:

    He feels the hot breath of demotion, sapping his confidence.

    But he threw the best curve I’ve seen this spring.

  38. Kevin says:

    ANd he’s having a hissy fit now…just great.

  39. Justin Maxwell's Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

    Imagine if BOTH Pineda and Montero stink this year?
    The media might explode!

  40. Nathan says:

    KO punch.

  41. Justin Maxwell's Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

    I think Pineda is distracted because he killed Rosie Larsen and the new season starts soon.
    He’s going to be found out!

  42. jay h says:

    People are booing in the 3rd inning of a spring training game. That’s embarrassing.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      They’re saying Chooch.

    • DM says:

      Better to happen here than a sold out Yankee stadium. People think AAA will hurt his psyche. Getting booed off the mound in the Bronx hurts worse. It’s not just the gun, he labored all game. Except for the rest of that game against the Pirates, he hasn’t been locked in.

      • Rookie says:

        “Better to happen here than a sold out Yankee stadium. People think AAA will hurt his psyche. Getting booed off the mound in the Bronx hurts worse.”

        Exactly right, DM. It’s a lot harder to work on things under the glare of the lights as a Yankee pitcher, especially one who comes with high expectations.

        It didn’t kill Nova to spend some time in the minors last year. It didn’t kill Cliff Lee or David Price or Roy Halladay or Greg Maddux and many other pitchers who weren’t finished products at age 23.

        Pineda’s still a baby — and a BIG baby. Nothing wrong at all with the Yankees saying that they still believe he can be/will be great, that he might even be able to be an OK pitcher in the majors right now, but that they’re sending him down to work on stuff because (a) by working on certain stuff he can be much better than OK, and (b) the minors is the best place to work on it.

        And Mike — there’s nothing that says Nova can’t be sent down, too, once Pettitte is ready to join the team if, like last year, they think it would benefit him. Again, many great pitchers did the same thing and wound up with Hall of Fame careers. It’s not a death sentence or something.

  43. STONE COLD Austin Romine says:

    I remember that one start that Wang had in 2009 where he was completely shelled.

    This start by Pineda is right up there amongst the most painful to watch.

    • Justin Maxwell's Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

      Pssst…It’s a spring training game!

      • STONE COLD Austin Romine says:

        Dude was all over the place.

        Even his velocity was up then went back down the next inning.

        • Justin Maxwell's Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

          I’m not saying it wasn’t bad, but ‘amongst most painful to watch’? It’s not even a real game. He’s still technically ‘working on shit’.

      • YanksFanInBeantown says:

        Stop being rational!

        (You’re ruining the narrative)

  44. nsalem says:

    Can we write Pineda in for prospect watch?

  45. Tom says:

    Hope Pineda likes bus rides… right or wrong, I think tonight ices Girardi’s decision.

    And I agree with parmesan… the lack of command (especially on the fastball) is the most troubling thing.

    If Cone is right about getting around the ball instead of getting on top of it, it is consistent with what looks like a cutter, would account for 2-3mph and is also consistent with not being in shape (poor extension or dropping his arm slot a bit).

    • Rookie says:

      I agree with you, Tom — that what Cone says about what’s costing Pineda velocity makes sense.

      And I guess it could be part of the reason for his lack of control, too.

      • DM says:

        Yep. And that’s actually good news. Girardi said it wasn’t intentional either (the use of cutters, I mean). A mechanical issue is better than some mysterious shoulder/arm problem. You can’t throw cutters 97mph.

  46. smurfy says:

    All clenched up; can’t throw it where you want. Your thinking is all balled up in fear of failure.

  47. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    He is going to AAA

  48. Plank says:

    I’m amazed at the comments in this thread. This is a spring training game. Who cares if Pineda gets knocked around? If he gets knocked around in start 5, then this level of anxiety would be understandable but still an overreaction. In start -1, it’s just silly.

    • parmesan says:

      Don’t you think Pineda was busting his proverbial ass to get outs and show and prove tonight? I sure as hell do. It was his last ST outing amidst ongoing scrutiny and questions about his spot in the starting rotation. Screw “working on stuff”. Pineda was out there trying to smash it tonight, and he just couldn’t get it done. In an exhibition game vs. a laughable Phillies lineup.

      It doesn’t mean anything until it counts, for sure. But commenting negatively on this clearly disappointing outing is right in the wheelhouse, I think.

      • Plank says:

        I just read your comments in this thread. You’re consistently commenting negative things about Pineda. It’s making it seem like more people are freaking out, but it’s pretty much just you.

        Is it a big deal he got rocked today? No. It’s spring training.

        But commenting negatively on this clearly disappointing outing is right in the wheelhouse, I think.

        I don’t know what that means. It’s certainly in your wheelhouse, since it’s the only thing you comment about.

        • parmesan says:

          I think I’ve been pretty level with my comments about Pineda. Considering I’m commenting on this particular game, there isn’t much positive to say, so I’ve basically represented the current situation in my estimation. Not sure why you’re trying to call me out; I was asking you a genuine question about your thoughts on what Pineda was bringing to the mound tonight. No need to be sour and try to curry position, there are plenty of people expressing concern about Pineda’s outing.

    • DM says:

      “I’m amazed at the comments in this thread.”

      I don’t believe you.

  49. Mr. RSU says:

    That picture is HILARIOUS. Pineda grilling Frankie, Frankie’s grilling Mike’s junk.

    As for the “V-Lo” crisis, unless Pineda’s throwing below 90, I’m not worried. Doubt either him or Nova goes to AAA.

  50. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    The rotation is a major competition after CC, Kuroda,& Hughes, especially once Pettite comes back

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      Who’d have ever thought we’d be including Hughes in the “locks for the rotation” list?

  51. D-Rob da man says:

    Pineda gets the tour of the fine state of NY. Girardi’s face said it all.
    At least we get to see both lefties in the bronx. Cone is right too the fans will eat this kid alive in NY if he pitches like this.

  52. MikedJones says:

    Did we really trade Jesus for a minor leaguer?

  53. Monterowasdinero says:

    Not watching the game but thank God Montero hit .300 in ST or he would be headed to Tacoma. Not. Good to be playing in less pressure (for him). Is Pineda a head case? Is it physical or something else? I have only heard one interview with him with Curry. Difficult to say but mental makeup and maturity issues? Is he bored?

  54. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    No…. 2 Monor leaguers

  55. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    No….2 Minor Leaguers

  56. Tom says:

    33 pitches for your close in a spring training game? When did Joe Torre take over managing the Phils?

  57. the tenth inning stretch says:


  58. Nathan says:

    Looks like the Yankees need to keep Maxwell!

  59. Jeff says:

    We denied our lord and savior and this is what we get.

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      A young, cost-controlled stud with a year of experience under his belt who just had his first bad outing of the spring?

      • Jeff says:

        Jesus isn’t chop liver I am sure you are aware of that fact he is also cost-controlled and kind of good.

        • the tenth inning stretch says:

          Oh, for sure. All I’m saying is that we dealt from a position of depth to fill a position of need, and that Pineda has had a very good spring. He’s developed a good changeup in roughly a month’s time and still has that sick slider. One bad start shouldn’t erase his previous spring results.

          • Jeff says:

            I could care less about results it’s the “stuff” meaning velocity which has been a rearing it’s ugly head for Pineda since the 2nd half of last year.

            I think dealing from a position of strength is kind of strong with the fact that we have a aging left side with any potential bats in the low minors.

            Jesus Montero was the best Yankee offensive prospect with a emphasis on prospect since Nick Johnson and Derek Jeter.

            It’s not as clear cut a trade as you make it seem it was a old fashion baseball trade, talent for talent and Cashman said as much.

            • the tenth inning stretch says:

              So let’s look at his stuff, then. Knockout slider. Solid change. Fastball which, while not yet back up to the 97s he was dealing last year, is still reaching low-to-mid-90s with regularity. Now check your spring training stats: Pineda leads all Yankees in Ks per 9. Show me his ineffective stuff.
              Also, by “position of strength,” I meant catcher. Keeping Montero has nothing to do with the left side of the infield. It’s a very clear-cut baseball trade: we have lots of catchers, we need more pitchers, one-for-one. Sure, Montero’s an amazing prospect, but he’s no sure thing either by any means.

  60. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Yanks should cut Ibanez and bring Maxwell. Who cares that Maxwell is a righty…

  61. D-Rob da man says:

    Paplejoke going to get killed in philly.

  62. Geo says:

    I just had to check my calendar to make sure it was April and not August.

  63. Brandon says:

    Disclaimer: I am not getting into the trade right now. I refuse to do it…

    Well, I wake up after sleeping all day to see Pineda has pitched his way out of seeing the Bronx any time soon if that velocity is still non existent. Saw on twitter that one scout thinks in an arm slot issue, but who knows. He’s been sitting at 90-91 all spring with occasionally reaching 94(also sounds like scouts had him touching 93, and not 94 like the YES gun suggested apparently). I dont know what the heck is up with Pineda, but I think its freakin evident that something is. If this velocity doesnt come back soon, he may not even be the first call up, tbh. Especially if Phelps, Warren and Mitchell continue to impress. Lets just say happiest guy in the ball park tonight is Freddy Garcia.

  64. mustang says:

    What some here know a week before opening day:

    1- They should release Boone and keep Cabrel and Rapada.

    2-Raul Ibanez is done and he is blocking a young talented Maxwell.

    3-Pineda is bust.

    Can you imagine what they will KNOW in this last week of spring training?

    • mustang says:

      If there is a God opening day please let opening day be tomorrow.

    • Plank says:

      You forgot that Pettitte will come back after not pitching for a year, effortlessly dominate the minors, and force the Yankees to demote a promising young starter.

      • mustang says:

        Yes I forgot that one thank you.

      • Jesse says:

        I’ve even heard some fans say that he should make the Opening Day rotation. Seriously.

      • radnom says:

        Pettitte is almost certainly going to pitch in the majors this year. The only way I don’t see that happening is injury. He won’t need to effortlessly dominate to get a shot – Cashman offered him $12m a couple months ago. When he is ready they are going to bring him up.

  65. Parth says:

    Pineda really shit the bed tonight. Feel bad for him

  66. Plank says:

    To all the people saying ‘send Pineda down’ (Or Nova):

    Who is the long man in the bullpen? DJ Mitchell?

    • D-Rob da man says:

      Logan can go long with rapada loogy and cabrel can throw two inings or wade

      • Plank says:

        Then Logan will be unavailable since he will need to be held back in case he needs to come in in an emergency the following day.

        I don’t see how it would make the Yankees better to send any of the 6 candidates to AAA.

    • Needed Pitching says:

      or Phelps or Warren

      • Plank says:

        I don’t see how that improves the Yankees compared to Garcia in the pen and Pineda/Nova in the rotation.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          it doesn’t
          I would much prefer Garcia in the pen, but if they do put Garcia in the rotation, whoever gets left out would probably benefit more from working as a starter temporarily in AAA than getting sporadic work in the bullpen

          • Plank says:

            I guess I’m just confused since it makes so much sense to go with CC, Kuroda, Phughes, Pineda, and Nova with Garcia in the pen.

            Everyone seems to be framing the questions as “who is going to get sent down to the minors?” The answer should be no one.

    • DM says:

      I think both factions are going off the deep end. It’s not crazy to use the option temporarily to get a starter straightened out. A Mitchell, Phelps or even a Cabral (to delay the decision) is possible; the former definitely have shown better command than Pineda thus far. They throw strikes. Or even a Maxwell if Swisher is still feeling something. Either way it won’t be set in stone. If someone gets sent down, I’m sure they’ll be back sooner than you think. And I say this without having lost any confidence in Pineda’s potential at all. It’s not either-or.

  67. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I loved hearing Kenny call out the BWAA voters there.

  68. Johnny says:

    As the Waldman just noted on WCBS, Cory Wade is having a bad spring as well.

    I agree with you Mike. Nova has absolutely been worse than Pineda thus far. I keep expecting to wake up one morning to the news that he’s getting Tommy John, with all the symptoms coming up and seemingly persisting.

    • Rookie says:

      What would be wrong with sending Pineda AND Wade down and getting a longer look at Cabral and keeping Rapada? If Cabral is what they hope he is, they could trade Logan as part of a package with a young pitcher (and, if they start can figure out a way to get a longer look at Maxwell, him or Swisher) in a package with one of their starters for a package of outstanding young talent and/or a solid #2 or better starter?

      It seems to me that stashing those guys in the minors (and maybe starting Swisher on the DL) would give the Yankees their most loaded roster and best/most chips for a trade at some point in the season for a need or an upgrade of one kind or another.

  69. Kevin G. says:

    Kinda random, but am the only one hear that think every fly ball is a home run when they go see a game live?

  70. Sal says:

    Has anyone noticed the blonde in the white tank top behind the Phillies dugout showing some nice cleavage?

  71. Moose says:

    Blech Pineda was poop today – I just wish people would stop with the apologist stuff regarding the lack of heat or command- I’m not so worried that he won’t be a big time guy for us one day, but this is still alarming to me. At least with montero, we knew we had a guy with talent but we also knew all his faults…. mayb he wasnt always fully focused or “bored” at times….who the hell knos – but he was our guy and we had a feel for him for yrs….and then he put up those great numbers in his cup of coffee – so seeing Pineda come up in here all heavy and showing so so results, it kinda, just a little, worries me that we could have gotten a raw deal

  72. LeftyLarry says:

    Spin it anyway you want.Right now Pineda has a below average ML fastball for a starter.
    It’s obviously mechanics but could be an injury also or he has Hughes type arm strength from last year.
    I doubt he EVER throws 97 ever again.What pitchers have any of us ever seen throwing 89 late in spring training, suddenly start throwing 97 in July.
    No way this guy can be successful with that stuff, maybe a .500 season best case if Yankees hit for him.
    Cashman didn’t do his homework again.
    Nice kid though Pineda, has a good attitude and is a smart pitcher, just doesn’t have the heater anymore at 23.

    • Rookie says:

      Maybe you’ll never see Pineda get his velocity from last year back again.

      Or maybe it’s because of the (I believe it’s called) the Verducci effect of too big a jump in innings last year, or maybe it’s his mechanics, or maybe it’s that he hasn’t built up arm strength, or maybe it’s all of those things.

      I think it’s more likely than not, albeit far from certain, that he’ll be a beast one day. And I think that the Yankees increase the odds of him achieving his beastly potential by understanding he’s an unfinished product and working with him in the minors, not under the glaring spotlight that comes with being a Yankee in the majors. And I think they will.

      Better, in my view, for him to be a very good pitcher later than an above average pitcher sooner.

  73. smurfy says:

    Is that Eric Dickerson out in center?

  74. DM says:

    Girardi isn’t spinning Pineda’s outing with excuses. Very telling.

    • D-Rob da man says:

      Girardi sounds like he is going to send the kid down.

      • D-Rob da man says:

        I think it was cone
        Is pineda working on stuff
        Girardi: NO (loud and clear)

        No wonder the are talking about bringing up mitchell

        • DM says:

          Yeah — by “stuff” he was talking about the cutters. Martin confirmed that they were unintentional. I smell extended ST or AAA for Pineda. He also talked about him “being just a kid” and the “shock of the trade” blah, blah,etc etc. That sounds like they’re building a case to hold him back.

  75. Mattchu12 says:

    I’d say “go ahead and jump off the bridge”, but I kind of want to rub it in these guys’ faces when Pineda is the number-two starter in October. This shit is batshit crazy.

  76. celerino sanchez says:

    Leave it to the Yankees to screw with this guy. He has nothing to prove. This is an important start? Really? There should be no doubt that he is in the rotation. They have had a bad track record handling young pitching. I hope they don’t F this up.

  77. J says:

    On a lighter note, anyone else enjoying this extended Kenny, Cone, and Jack Curry telecast? They are seriously off the cuff and awesome.

    • Rookie says:

      I think Cone really knows what he’s talking about. Some smart team (hopefully it’s the Yankees) bring him in to help develop their young pitching and help their major league pitchers be the best they can be.

  78. teddy says:

    Bryan Hoch ? @BryanHoch

    · Open

    Michael Pineda says he is feeling soreness behind his right shoulder. He told Yanks about it after he exited game.

    just fired cashman right now

  79. sangreal says:

    YES saying Pineda has shoulder soreness and didn’t inform the Yankees

  80. Jeff says:

    marccarig pineda says he felt soreness im his right shoulder during game. Says it was normal soreness but didn’t tell coaches until after the game.

    • Tom says:

      That what happens when you repeatably throw with poor mechanics.

      Given how his 4 seamer looked like a cutter, I’m surprised the Yankees let him pitch that long tonight as clearly something wasn’t right in his mechanics.

      At this point even if it’s just soreness, they should still shut him down, get him in shape and then get his mechanics right. The worst thing they could do is have him continue to worry about velocity while his delivery is messed up.

  81. xyzyx says:

    Maybe Roger Goodell can suspend Cashman for a year?

  82. Kevin says:

    Jack Z has to be laughing his butt off. He got one of the best prospects we’ve had since Derek Jeter in exchange for damaged goods from Seattle.

  83. D-Rob da man says:

    Just another reason to

  84. Another Bronx Dynasty says:



    • art vandelay says:

      what do you mean all spring ? this is his first bad start. chill out.

      • LeftyLarry says:

        Guy is throwing 89, not 97.Either he’s been injured all along or his mechanics are terrible.In either event, he won’t be throwing 97 anytime soon if ever again.
        He’s going to be a solid pitcher but if he can’t regain the heat, we’re talking an average guy, forget being as good as Montero if he hits.

  85. Plank says:

    Listening to Phillies radio broadcast of the game. Announcer just described Rapada as a ‘salad tosser’…Thoughts?

  86. Another Bronx Dynasty says:


  87. parmesan says:

    Yeesh. It did look like Pineda was flexing that shoulder and that it might have been causing him some discomfort out on the mound. Shoulders are so tricky. Hopefully it’s just some inflammation.

  88. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    The rookies look good

  89. Another Bronx Dynasty says:

    The young position players like Nunez, Maxwell & Dickerson all are looking really good…Dickerson has some great speed

  90. xyzyx says:

    Cashman just traded Banuelos for some magic beans.

    Don’t worry, though, Jack Z. assured him they’re the real deal.

  91. D-Rob da man says:

    Now cabral has elbow soreness Fuck me!

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