2012 Draft: Midseason Prospect Rankings

Scouting The Waiver Market: Rich Thompson
Pettitte throws four scoreless in latest minor league start

Both Baseball America and Keith Law recently released their midseason top draft prospects lists, and both have Georgia HS OF Brian Buxton and Florida C Mike Zunino in the top two spots. Buxton has emerged as the top prospect in the draft, as he “has all tools, an 80 runner on the 20-80 scouting scale with an 80 arm (reportedly 95-98 mph off the mound last week) and big future power” according to KLaw.

The Yankees hold the 30th overall pick, and right now Baseball America says Georgia HS RHP Luke Sims is the 30th best prospect in the draft thanks to his “above-average fastball-curveball combination.” Law ranks Texas A&M OF Tyler Naquin as the 30th best prospect because he has “[one] of the best outfield arms in the draft … with a stronger-than-expected hitting performance.” A lots going to change between now and June, so don’t get too hung up and who ranks where. Both articles are subscriber-only, by the way.

Scouting The Waiver Market: Rich Thompson
Pettitte throws four scoreless in latest minor league start
  • jjyank

    Good stuff. I think the last couple of drafts have taught us not to bother trying to figure out who the Yanks will draft. They seem to have a very different draft board than these rankings.

  • Larch

    They know more than I do, but an outfielders arm does not seem particularly material to his future WAR production.

  • Bo Knows

    If Lucas Giolito, falls to 30th would anyone want NY to take him?

    Personally I would even with the risk of a (probable) TJ surgery in the future

    • Mitch J

      He won’t make it that far. A team like the Mets or someone else will take him as this kid even off injury is better then almost everyone. Before the injury he was being talked about as the first HS pitcher ever taken first overall, he is that special.

    • Fernando

      From all that I have read, he is supposed to be special. If he’s still around (doubt it) , then the Yankees should absolutely take him.

  • felixpanther

    what if you pay 25th rounder 1m, pay the panalty and loss the 25th pick on the coming year? that’s fine with me

  • GoGoPlatter

    I’m hoping they spend a pick on local kid Alex Robinson at some point in the first ten rounds.

  • Mike

    My sleeper pick since December for the Yankees in the first round is Fernelys Sanchez, from NYC. Toolsy, speedster local outfielder who has been ranked outside top 100. Sounds like someone they would pick. Although I would like for them to start focusing on arms, given the last three drafts have been very position-player oriented in the early rounds.