Moose Skowron, Yankee fan favorite, passes away at 81


Bill “Moose” Skowron, a mainstay of the great Yankee dynasty of the 1950s and long-time fan favorite at Old Timers’ Day, has passed away at the age of 81. Moose was a first baseman during the years of Mickey Mantle and was a five-time All Star with the Yankees and White Sox. He also won five World Series win the Yanks and Dodgers and is the only player to baseball history to homer for one team in the World Series and then homer against that team in the following year’s Fall Classic. He completed that feat in 1963 while with Los Angeles.

In 1087 games with the Yankees, Skowron hit .294/.346/.496 with 165 home runs. He always drew a rousing ovation during his myriad Old Timers’ Day games, and his baseball card from the mid-1950s that my dad had when I was a child remain one of my earliest memories of card collecting. He will be missed in the Bronx this year.

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  • Kosmo

    Thanks Ben for the post !
    The original “Moose“.
    Moose was a great hitter who couldn´t stay healthy. I think it was chronic back problems that hindered his career.
    Yanks traded Skowron at the end of 1962 because they wanted the younger Pepitone at 1B.

  • kenthadley

    His 58 card was the first Yankee I pulled from a pack and I have similar memories of him. He was hindered by old Yankee Stadium, with death valley taking HR’s away from him, but nonetheless a real good right handed hitter from those great teams.

  • SI Steve

    A nice man was Mr. Skowron and one of my boyhood hero’s in the 50′s. May he RIP and join the great Yankees in the sky.

  • mike

    He actually was affiliated with the White Sox for the past few years as a community liason.

    one of the last links to those Dynasty Years, but thankfully one who actually lived a complete life not cut down early….Martin, Mantle, Howard, Maris, Boyer

  • Neil

    A class act and a terrific player. Wore #14.


    moose skrowrons 1958 baseball card was the first card i had, my little sister eat the card and i cried, 30 years later i replaced the card and now its one of my favorites,

  • toad

    I remember him best for a 3-run homer he hit in the 7th game of the 1958 WS against the Milwaukee Braves. That gave NY a 4-run lead.

    Some other things:

    He had great power to right.
    He hurt his back in the off-season moving an air-conditioner.
    He drank lots of tea.
    I was a fan of his.

    • http://riveravenueblues.com marty lieberman

      he also had his wrist broken on an errant infield throw. coot veal, remember him :)of the tigers was the batter and base runner. was that 1962? i also remember a winning single by moose in the friday night first game of an early september 1961 yankee stadium important series against the tigers. yanks won 1-0, went on to sweep the tigers on the road to a five game triumph over the reds in the world series. moose was on the winning side in ’63 when the dodgers swept the yanks. can it be 50 years? say it ain’t so! :)

    • Arthur Arden

      Bill Skowron was the 3rd “M” in 1961-”Mantle,Maris,and Moose”. By the way,how’d he get the nickname “Moose”.

      • kenthadley


  • Bobby two knives


  • john from providence

    I was too young to see him play but as a lifelong yankee fan and what I’ve read he seemed like a great teammate. Imagine what he could have done in the new stadium! RIP Moose

  • Genghis

    That’s the first team I can remember. Skowron-Richardson-Kubek-Boyer-Mantle-Maris-Berra/Howard and some random guy in LF. Hector Lopez/Johnny Blanchard/somebody.

    • kenthadley

      Bob Cerv

      • http://riveravenueblues.com marty l

        kent hadley, #25, bob cerv, #41.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Drew

    Moose was the first Yankee I ever met. It was at a card show when I was 10. Really nice guy, got an auto ball and card. He liked my haircut and said he’s was exactly like that back in the day. Sad day for the Yankees. RIP Mosse you will be missed.

  • Joe from Long Island

    I started following baseball and the Yankees during the ’64 WS, so I just missed Moose. But, from everything I’ve read, he was a heck of a ballplayer. I think he was battling lung cancer.

    I hope there’s a moment of silence at the Stadium tonight.

  • Joe from Long Island

    I started following baseball and the Yankees during the ’64 WS, so I just missed him. But, from everything I’ve read, he was a heck of a ballplayer. I think he was battling lung cancer.

    I hope there’s a moment of silence at the Stadium tonight.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Moose was a fan favorite who was a solid performer. He played a very decent first base and crushed pitches. I was too young to be aware of his physical ailments but did notice Pepitone playing first instead of the Moose.

  • Stevis

    and as the Great Mel Allen would say…….THE MOOSE IS LOOSE
    Moose …R.I.P.

  • Jeter Meter

    Will the team wear a black stripe on the jersey?

  • Joe Scott

    i remember an inside-the-park homer that Moose hit in 1960 or 61. I was a vendor working the stands. The ball rattled around the monuments in center field, and #14 looked like he’d need oxygen by the time he crossed the plate. Loved that ex-Marine.

  • Pete

    Moose was a class act I love his old crew cuts when I was growing up in the 60′s in NY mom made me get a crew cut I hated it dad said hey look Moose has one wow I said I want one too.MOOSE rip….

  • Patrick Oliver

    Rest in peace Moose Skowron!

  • Greener Pastures
  • Dave M

    RIP Moose. We’ll miss you!