Pineda played catch today, reported no problems with shoulder


Via Joel Sherman, right-hander Michael Pineda played catch for about eight minutes off flat ground today and reported no problems with his shoulder. He also worked on his delivery in the bullpen without actually throwing a ball.

Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said he and Pineda worked on staying more in line with the plate rather than getting around the ball today, which he was doing both in camp this year and at times with the Mariners last season. That caused the cut we saw on his fastball and sapped some velocity. I’m not sure what the next step will be, but it’s obviously good news that he was able to throw without discomfort so soon after being diagnosed with shoulder tendinitis.

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  • RetroRob

    Good news, but hopefully they keeping going slow. The Yankees are okay with starters right now, so extra caution is a luxury they can afford right now with a valuable arm.

    • Dale Mohorcic


  • BeanTooth

    Conspiracy time, anyone? Could the tendinitis diagnosis merely been a smoke-screen to allow the Yankees to get Pineda in shape and fix his mechanics without an embarrassing demotion to AAA?

    • Havok9120

      Where does that kind of thinking end, exactly? If we’re going to assume that any given person is lying about Pineda, then ANYTHING could be going on and we’d never know it.

      So yes, it could be that. It could also be he has something WORSE than tendinitis and they’re covering it up. Or Pineda is lying about feeling no pain and is actually in agony. Or….

      • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

        He never felt ‘pain’ in the first place, remember? Just ‘soreness’.

  • Gonzo

    I heard someone say that the real worry is Nova not Pineda. I think people are saying that Nova will need TJS before the year ends.

    • vin

      Does this “someone” have any credibility, or just a fan/newspaper hack?

      • Gonzo

        They do have credibility with me and a lot of people on here.

        • BK2ATL

          Well, we have Warren, Phelps, and Mitchell on standby. Pineda will be back soon. Pettitte on the way. Problem solved.

          Cashman loaded the deck this time around. We won’t be seeing Mitre, Colon, Moseley, and Proctor around these parts again.

          • Gonzo

            I mean if he does need TJS it’s a good year for it to happen, sure.

            • BK2ATL

              Gotcha. We’re on the same page. Would have been a disaster last year.

              I’m kinda hyped to see this rotation play out, even if Nova falters. We’re absolutely loaded. Kuroda is a flat-out strike zone stud. he’s gonna be what we’re talking about all year. Hughes might make a run for that conversation. And if Pineda gets his mechanics straightened out, that electric stuff will have YS3 rocking again. Then Pettitte returns. And CC’s the anchor.


              • Gonzo

                Ideally, Nova builds on his 2011 season. Fingers crossed.

                • BK2ATL

                  Another agreement between us.

                  It’s just sick how many arms we’ve piled up for the next couple of years. I hope that Phelps, Warren, and Mitchell get some appearances as well in 2012. Nothing substantial, just thinking ahead to 2013-2014 and whether we’d need Kuroda back, if he has an effective 2012.

    • ROBTEN

      Did you hear about this guy that pitches for the Yankees, Ivan Drago? I heard he’s going to host TMZ this year.

      Anthony Crispino

      • Gonzo

        How’d you know that’s where I heard it?

        • ROBTEN

          My cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s son’s dry-cleaner’s mechanic told me.

          • Gonzo

            It was your cousin’s girlfriend. She made up the rest of the story as a cover.

    • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

      Everyone already said that last year was all luck and he’s going to be terrible this year. I’m expecting it at this point.

  • BK2ATL

    This is good news. Hope Rothschild can get him to figure it out now. No rush. We’ll need him as the season gets on. Better now in April, then in July and August. Truly hope that this is much ado about nothing other than his delivery was out of wack.

    • Dave in Balmy Jax

      Who is this Hope Rothschild of whom you speak? is she somehow involved in coaching the pitchers?

      • BK2ATL

        Heard “she” likes to study large male body parts and tweak them to optimal performance.

  • craig

    I am concerned about Nova. The lack of command can be due to an elbow problem. It also could be nothing other than a blip in his mechanics that he irons out with side work.

    Either way, I think we’ll know in 2-3 starts.

    To go one step further, I think they are keeping Phelps because they think he could falter very early or potentially need time off…again, this could be absolutely nothing. I hope that Nova is healthy and can get things worked out.

    • Voice of Reason

      He walked 3 batters in 22.1 innings and struck out 17, and his velocity was fine. What’s this “command problems” business? Sounds like a fancy way of saying he allowed a lot of runs and hits. It’s pretty foolish to assume something is physically wrong with him because of 22 innings of batted ball results.

      • Steve (different one)

        Control and command are not the same thing. Just because he is in the strike zone doesn’t mean the pitch is where he wanted it.

        • Bo Knows

          He left a few balls over the plate and they were knocked out of the park it happens. Also I’m not sure how many people realize this but Nova usually pitches up with his FB anyway, he did it last year, he did it the year before. His FB usually is beaten into the ground regardless of the location(actually it was still beaten into the ground but it wasn’t caught), it wasn’t in ST.

        • Voice of Reason

          I understand that there’s a difference, but if his problem was so horrendous that one should assume he’s injured, you’d think it would manifest itself in some way beyond just giving up a lot of hits and homers.

          Like Bo says, shit happens sometimes. Starters can get hit hard over 22 innings, happens all the time, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with him at all, let alone that he needs season ending surgery.

      • Havok9120

        I pretty much agree, but most people thinking injury are looking at his injury in the DS and Hughes last spring. *shrug*

  • YankeesJunkie

    Fat flunkey…bust….sorry not enough anger in this thread

    • Robinson Tilapia


      Now I done did it.

      • Monterowasdinero

        Glad you did it. I would be threatened by the big boys if I did.

        Noesi threw 7 innings yesterday. 7 hits, 1 run, no walks.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Oh, now shtop it. I knew I jokingly gave you the opening. You didn’t actually have to drive an eighteen-wheeler through it. :)

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Great. Let’s see how it holds up under stress.

    While I understand that they are two completely different human beings with two completely different shoulders, I look at 2011 Josh Johnson as something I hope not to see with Pineda this year.

  • MikeD

    Nova had ‘forearm tightness’ which is usually a precursor to TJS. He should have just gotten the surgery right after the season.

    • Steve (different one)

      So, they should have given him TJS despite a negative MRI? Not saying he won’t need it eventually, but how do you justify that?

    • Havok9120

      Uhhhhhhh. No. I mean….what??

      What person with any choice (and he’d have a choice unless the Union died without me hearing it) would say “Gee, the tests were negative? Better slice me open and shelve me for a year anyway. Its not like I had any plans over the next 10-16 months.”

    • Voice of Reason

      I’m not a surgeon or anything, but what do you mean by “usually a precursor to TJS?” Maybe pitchers who need TJS usually report forearm tightness, but I find it hard to believe that forearm tightness is indicative of a need for TJS a majority of the time that symptom is reported.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I had a headache yesterday. I should just go ahead and have brain surgery.

    • Bo Knows

      Tests were negative when he first sprained his forearm muscle, tests were negative on the checkup before he was allowed to start his throwing regiment in the winter, and I would bet that in his ST physical everything was a-ok.

      Nova had a minor muscle injury and he had 6 months worth of time to rest and rehab, despite what so many people seem to think…the body does actually repair itself especially when given time.

  • J

    After the whole Hughes incident from last year I’ll put exactly zero stock into any of these “rehab” updates until I see him on the mound

  • MikedJones

    I don’t think anyone is taking into account that Tommy John wore #25 with the Yankees. Doesn’t seem like much on its own, but did you know Nova made his debut on 5/10/10? As in 5+10+10=25? Did you know Nova is now 25 years old? Obviously he needs this surgery!