Yanks beat O’s but four leave game with injuries

Update: Robertson unavailable due to sore ribcage, tests tomorrow
Pitching injuries will test Yankees' depth

Some wins don’t really feel like wins because someone gets hurt, and this game kinda has that feel. The Yankees potentially lost four players in Monday night’s win over the Orioles, though technically one of those players was injured a few days ago and we just didn’t know about it.

Puffy face power! (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Teixeira Contributes

It’s been a rough start to the season for Mark Teixeira offensively, but he has consistently provided stellar glovework at first base throughout his Yankees tenure. On Monday night, he finally contributed something with the stick. His tie-breaking, two-run homer off former teammate Luis Ayala in the seventh inning turned a 5-5 game into a 7-5 game, a lead the Yankees would never relinquish. The homer came in a two-strike count and after Teixeira fouled off a tough two-strike slider to stay alive.

The blast cleared the tall wall in right and frankly, it was unexpected. Tex has been pretty awful this season — .231/.286/.403 even after his 2-for-4 effort in this game — and it’s easy to expect a weak pop-up or a strikeout on offspeed stuff whenever he comes to the plate. Ayala missed his spot and left a pitch right in the happy zone, and Teixeira did exactly what he was supposed to do. Hopefully these two hits — the second was a booming double off the right field wall — plus Sunday’s dinky little infield single get him going, but we’ve said that a few times already this season.

Eutaw, Not Utah

There aren’t many people who can hit a baseball further than Curtis Granderson, which is impressive considering how damn skinny the guy is. Granderson clubbed a go-ahead solo shot onto Eutaw Street in the fifth inning, his 12th dinger of the season. Ten of those 12 homers have come at home in Yankee Stadium, the other two in Camden Yards. Curtis has hit homers in old two parks this season, but I’m sure that will change soon enough.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Nova’s Problems Continue

Ivan Nova been hit very hard this year, coming into this game with a .325/.376/.618 batting line against and he did nothing to improve it. The Orioles tagged him for five runs on seven hits and three walks in 5.1 innings, including two doubles, one triple, and one homer. Nova’s now allowed 20 doubles, three triples, and nine homers on the season, nine more extra base hits than any single batter has recorded in 2012 — Josh Hamilton leads baseball with 23 multiple base knocks. That’s a problem and that’s what happens when you leave pitches up in the zone. They get hit hard.

Another problem is that Ivan left the game with an injury, specifically a contusion and sprain of his right ankle and foot. He got hit by a comebacker in the third inning and appeared to aggravate things fielding a ball in the sixth before being removed. X-rays were negative, but obviously this is a concern. David Phelps could easily step into the rotation if need be, but I’d rather see Nova out there working on whatever needs to be worked on to stop giving up all these extra-base hits.

Bumps and Bruises

What a rough night. In addition to losing Nova, the Yankees also lost Clay Rapada (viral infection), Raul Ibanez (hit-by-pitch in elbow), and David Robertson (ribcage). It was obvious something was up with Robertson not only when Rafael Soriano came in to close, but also when Boone Logan and Cory Wade split eighth inning duties. There’s no definitive timetable for any of these guys, so keep your fingers crossed.


(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The bullpen is losing pieces to injury left and right, but how about Logan? He struck out all three batters he faced on Monday and has now struck out five consecutive batters and nine of the last 12 he’s faced. That’s pretty awesome. Phelps allowed three singles (two infield singles) in his inning of work, and there’s a chance he could see some more leveraged relief work given Robertson’s injury. That’s if he isn’t needed in the rotation to replace Nova. Sigh. Those three hits were the only hits the bullpen allowed in 3.2 innings, so big ups to them.

Derek Jeter‘s stuck in his first slump of the season, going 1-for-5 and hitting into two rally-killing double plays in this game. After grounding into one double play in the first 33 games of the season, the Cap’n has now bounced into four twin killings in the last two games. It was bound to happen at some point; you really didn’t think he’d hit .400+ all season, did you?

Robinson Cano‘s resurgence continued with a 2-for-5 night, including a hot shot double to the opposite field. He also turned a sweet defensive play on a ground ball single up the middle. Alex Rodriguez‘s hot hitting continued with a three-single night, raising his season line to .292/.391/.431. The power isn’t there anymore, but he’s doing everything else. Nick Swisher reached base three times, including a two-run double into the gap that tied the game at two in the fourth inning. Russell Martin drew a pair of walks and Eric Chavez both singled and drove in an insurance run with a sacrifice fly.

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Up Next

Game two of this quick two-game set will be played Tuesday night … or maybe not because the forecast again looks pretty crummy. If they do play, it’ll be CC Sabathia against Wei-Yin Chen. Given the loss of Robertson, a fifth straight start of eight innings out of Sabathia would be very appreciated.

Update: Robertson unavailable due to sore ribcage, tests tomorrow
Pitching injuries will test Yankees' depth
  • Havok9120

    Enjoyed this game, despite the injuries. Another come from behind win (12 on the season). Hopefully Ivan won’t miss more than 1 turn, if that.

    • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

      12 come from behind wins means in 60% of their wins they have trailed. I don’t know that this is sustainable.

      • Havok9120

        And the awfulness of our starting pitching through April was sustainable?

        One was necessitated by the other, after all.

  • eephus_pitch

    No, I didn’t think Jeter would hit .400 the whole season. It’s not the slumps that bother me. Every batter has them. It’s more the fact that this slump seems to be a result of some bad habits coming back. The needless hacking, the weak grounders, the GIDPs. I know he has a great OPS when he swings at the first pitch, but at some point pitchers are going to realize that and stop throwing him anything hittable. Between DJ and Cano, I’ve almost forgotten what ball four looks like.

    • RetroRob

      At some point the pitchers are going to realize what? Something they haven’t realized in 17 years?

      Jeter’s style includes lots of groundballs and weak tappers in the infield, mixed in with lots opposite-field line drives. When he was having problems in 2010 and early 2011, he still had the former, but not much of the latter. He’s had a few more of the grounders lately, although to be fair, he was safe on two of the four double plays, including the one from tonight.

      • eephus_pitch

        I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s easy to get Derek Jeter out. I’m just referring to the times that he’s going bad and has the wrong approach at the plate. We can all see when he falls into the bad habits. When he’s killing it at the plate everything is slashing line drives to right and up the middle. When he’s struggling, it’s weak tappers to shortstop. Trying to pull everything. He should only pull the ball when he’s got a 3-1 count or when the ball’s clearly on the inside part of the plate. Outside pitches that get pulled are weak groundouts.
        Obviously, not every pitch goes where you want it to, and Jeter’s a HofF hitter who can make adjustments. When he’s slumping, he gets a little stubborn. Like he’s trying to homer his way out of the slump.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    All these injuries will be fun to laugh at when the season is over and we’ve won the AL east.

    Or will be looked at as a sign of the 2009 Met Curse migrating across the East River.

  • forensic

    Well, to try to look at the bright side:

    Rapada: He’s got a very minimal role (ideally) and hopefully a couple days off gets him healthy again. The Jays don’t really have any overly imtimidating lefties, so give him three days and hopefully he’s better for the Reds with Bruce and Votto this weekend (though they’re both hitting lefties well anyway).

    Ibanez: Hopefully just a bruise with a sore arm tomorrow. He’s got a built-in day off tomorrow with a lefty pitching, so maybe he’s better by Wednesday. If not, Drabek has a reverse split going anyway, so not the end of the world.

    Nova: Hopefully doesn’t have to miss a start, but if he does maybe he uses it to look at some video and see if he can spot anything leading to some of his issues.

    Robertson: This is a tough one but hopefully since they’ve already given him a few days it’ll just be a little bit more and he’ll be back to normal.

  • qwerty

    Tex can hit 86 mph fastballs up in the zone. The problem is, most starting and relief pitchers throw 90 and above and they tend to keep them down.

    • forensic

      Yeah, it was a flat sinker up in the zone, basically a BP fastball, but the way he’s been going sometimes you gotta take baby steps (hell, he probably should’ve hit that one even better and the double was pretty poorly played by Markakis, though it was a hard hit ball which is good).

  • miles

    its funny how it seems like when jeter was hitting out of his mind, no one else was hitting but now that hes slumping a bit, everyone else starts to heat up. i guess he had to lend some of the hitting to the others

  • Kosmo

    The first 35 games in 2012 have been played and NYs W-L record stands at 20-15 the same as it was in 2011.

    • Havok9120


  • Monterowasnotdinero

    4 injuries? Bring back Nunez. DH, OF, lefty and righty reliever.

    Eduardo: The most interesting utility man in the world.

    In other news, Pujols goes 1-4 and raises his avg to .197

    • Opus

      Sign Bugs Bunny to a contract. Not only can he play all 9 positions, he can do them all at the same time.

      • Havok9120

        Looney Toons baseball episodes were usually classics.

        • Kosmo

          I agree.

  • Elmgrovegnome

    A-Rods power is not there? Thatis a problem two fold. You need power from both corners and by signing him to the Big Deal, George was buying back the homerun record.

    Was Boone Logan signed or traded for? I can’t remember, but it turned out to be a shrewd pickup for the Yankees, just like signing Cory Wade showed a great I for talent. We’re they credited to Cashman or were those moves suggested by Kevin Towers?

    • The Scheister of Doom

      Boone was a throw in from the ChiSox with Swisher, if my memory serves me correctly and Wade was in Tampas AAA system last year with an opt out date he excersied and was promptly given a BP job with the NYY after he opt’ed out or was granted his release.

      • Jonathan

        Boone came over in the Javy Vazquez deal

        • Steve (different one)

          You’re both right. Logan was traded from the White Sox as a throw in to the Javy Vazquez deal….to the Braves.

        • A.D.

          AKA the Boone Logan deal

    • qwerty

      These two were basically throwaway players from other teams. Whether you credit Cashman or Towers it ultimately doesn’t mean much.

  • Squints

    Nuney woulda caught that popup to third for the last out.

  • chcmh

    It’s interesting to me there’s been quite a lot on these boards and in the articles about Tex’s lack of hitting, but nothing about the fact he seems to suffering from sort of illness. I’ve read he has coughing fits sometimes are so bad, at one point, an ump offered to call time out. He’s been to several doctors, but as of last night this cough is still undiagnosed. Tex even said he thought he might have lung cancer! I’d think this whole story is be pretty germane as to why the guy’s not hitting and in those terms he’s actually doing pretty good, going out, playing through it, solid defense and some decent hits. Here’s hoping whatever it is gets better soon.

    • A.D.

      It’s Tex’s steady decline in BA & OBP since signing that have lead to these articles/comments

  • bpdelia

    Its too early for me to conclude arod has lost jis ppwer. Im pretty sure he has will have 60 is xbh by the end. Im thinking 290/380/480 type line and ill take that for awhile

  • Lord Tywin

    It was a great win. Would have liked to see Nova do better but that’s ok. Hopefully he doesn’t miss any starts. I said if we swept this series we’d be back in the driver’s seat and I like our chances with CC on the mound. CC vs the O’s is as close to slam dunk as you can get.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    Love the pic. Tex puffs it out of the park!