2012 Draft: Yanks sign second rounder Peter O’Brien


June 27th: Via Jim Callis, O’Brien signed for $460k. The Yankees didn’t save all that much even though he’s a college senior.

June 23rd: Via K. Levine-Flandrup, the Yankees have officially signed O’Brien. Still no word on the bonus, however.

June 21st: Via K. Levine-Flandrup, the Yankees have reached an agreement with second round pick Peter O’Brien, a catcher out of Miami. Slot money for the 94th overall pick is just shy of $508k, but he has little leverage as a college senior and is likely to sign for less. No word on the exact number just yet.

O’Brien is a legitimate prospect and was not just a draft pool saving selection. He’s a right-handed hitter with big power and leadership skills, though most think he’ll continue to outgrow — he’s already listed at 6-foot-5 and 225 lbs. –  the catcher position down the road. You can see all of the Yankees’ draft picks at Baseball America and keep tabs on the draft pool situation with our Draft Pool page.

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  1. CS Yankee says:

    Should be done growing (upwards) as a college senior, 22 or so?

    Has our first rounder sign yet? He stated he wanted to get it resolved quickly and start pitching, seems like his physical has lasted better than a week.

    Could they pay above slot on the first rounder if overall they are below slot in the first 10 rounds?

    • yooboo says:

      He skips pro for college so he can play both offense and pitcher. JK..

      I believe Yanks hold Hensley to final decision for money adjustment purpose as I expect he gets about 2m (to your last Q, the A is yes).

      Yanks wont allow Hensley pitch more than 15-20 innings after long recess between HS and pro games, anyway.

    • Gonzo says:

      By my very rough calculation, if O’Brien and everyone left unsigned, except Ty Hensley, signs for slot they can offer Hensley $1,915,105. You can add whatever savings from O’Brien to that if you want which would probably bring it to over $2mm since he’s a Senior Sign.

      However, I hope they save something for some 10+ round guys.

      • Larch says:

        Levine-Flandrup (@YankeesDraft) seems to think that Dawe (HS RHP, #15) and Lail (HS LHP, #18) will get done. I think they need to sign at least one of Vincent Jackson (BA# 174) or Ty Moore(BA# 246) to move into the draft into B+ range. I’m not sure if they will have the money to do that if Hensley or Mikolas go significantly over slot. Then again, Daniel Camarena signed for about 350K rather than go to school late in the process last year.

  2. Robinson Tilapia says:

    This is based on absolutely nothing, so take it with a grain of salt, but there’s something about this guy I like. I really hope that his being older means he develops quicker and gives the MLB team some flexibility before the lower level guys we really like are ready.

  3. Monty says:

    What level does a 22 year old college catcher go to at this point?

    • MBN says:

      Probably starts out at Staten Island, and gets bumped to Charleston near the end of the Short Season schedule, if he performs.

  4. RetroRob says:

    So the Yankees have already totaled $2.8 million in savings by signing players underslot? I’m guessing Ty is looking to tap into that money.

    I can’t remember. Is there any penalty for signing a player significantly overslot for that round as long as the team comes in collectively at slot for the picks?

    • RetroRob says:

      Never mine. Misread. The total saving includes money not spent on non-signed draft picks. The only are 105K under so far.

      • neo says:

        They also can go 5% over total pool dollars without additional penalty. That means they have $209,610 to spend.

        That is how Gonzo above got $1,915,110 for Hensley. The 105K savings, the 210K in the 5% plus the 1.6 slot money for the first pick equals 1.915 M.

        But as Gonzo also said, it would be great if they can save some money and get one of those high upside guys from pick 11 on.

  5. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    If not catcher, where? 1B ? RF ?

  6. neo says:

    More from K. Levine-Flandrup… in another tweet he just said: “For those asking, I’m guessing that O’Brien got more than the $300k that offended him last year from the Rockies. Don’t expect big savings”

    I understand O’Brien wants more… but as Mike said, he is a senior and has less leverage.

    I’m hoping for about $250k, which frees up another $250k for one of those upside HS guys. But that is just me dreaming. I have no clue what will really happen.

  7. roberto sira says:

    Este jugador es muy alto para receptor terminara jugando primera base o bateador designado. veremos

  8. RetroRob says:

    It probably makes sense in the case of Hensley to wait until the Yankees have signed a number of their players and get close to the deadline to see how much more cash can be squeezed out, with the assumption he’s not going to get anything less than slot.

  9. Larch says:

    I imagine that the longer is goes unreported the more money the Yankees saved. If it was slot they would say so and be done with it, but reporting a exact savings number pressures them to up offers to HS picks or Hensley.

  10. Smart Guy says:

    im still waiting to come here and see Yankees Sign Jose Mesa JR

    • chris ginn says:

      Me too. I hope to hear signing news for Jose Mesa Jr and Vincent Jackson, and of course Ty Hensley. Get those 3 and one or two of the pitchers left in the teen picks and that’ll be nice news.

    • chris ginn says:

      Me too. I hope to hear signing news for Jose Mesa Jr and Vincent Jackson, and of course Ty Hensley. Get those 3 and one or two of the pitchers left in the teen picks and that’ll be nice news.

  11. yooboo says:

    where does 10k go? lol.

    I know Russ Martin is struggling but he bats below 200? Oh lord!

    Now I want Peter O’Brien to be our starting catcher next season with Cervelli backs up.

  12. A.D. says:

    Wouldn’t this mean Yanks are going to be tight on draft pool money unless they get a real deal out of Hensley?

  13. Cofuzz says:

    By my calculations, the Yankees can still offer a total of about $206,000 over slot to their draft picks with no loss of draft picks — just a 75% tax on the over slot amount.
    I hope that’s enough to get Hensley and Refsnyder in, but I don’t think you’ll see the team go out and sign a Vincent Jackson or any other picks who have other options.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      We’ll have to see about Hensley, but even if he gets slot two $200k + college or one $300k + college… Good bonuses. Maybe not going to get you a really tough sign, but a good prospect or two is possible. Austin and Camarena were both said to be “signability” guys the last two years, and signed for what I think was $125k and $350k respectively.

  14. wilcymoore27 says:

    Man, the draft pool limitations are crap. I imagine that anyone picked after about the 10th round, and anyone who is undrafted, can expect to receive next to nothing for a bonus. That goes for every MLB team.
    Between this and the international bonus limits, I will be curious what this does to the pool of talent entering baseball in about 10 years.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Same was true before. There were some exceptions, but the overwhelming majority of guys taken after te 10th round didn’t get squat. And undrafted guys? Really?

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