David Aardsma to begin minor league rehab stint tomorrow


David Aardsma confirmed on Twitter that he will begin a minor league rehab stint with the Rookie Level Gulf Coast League Yankees tomorrow. Over the weekend we heard that the right-hander was likely to return to game action this weekend. Aardsma has not pitched in a game since September 2010 after having surgery to repair a torn labrum in his hip last January and Tommy John surgery last July. He’ll officially start his 30-day rehab clock tomorrow and be on pace for a mid-July return.

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  • Larch

    I’m not sure where he fits in the pen. Is it wrong to prefer a functioning Eppley over a rusty Aardsma?

    • 28 this year

      I think Aardsma is a pretty valuable addition especially if they can get him up to form. He’s a good reliever and giving him a chance is a definite asset. Also, we don’t know Eppley will be functioning in another month. He’s not exactly a guy with any track record of success.

    • Smart Guy

      he can also take over freddy garcia

      • Havok9120

        You’re really determined to not have a long man in the bullpen aren’t you?

        • BK2ATL

          Not sure why people are hating on Fredy, but it’s par for the course around her. He is still a very valuable piece to the team. We just haven’t needed him much lately, which is great. Just means that the starting rotation is giving us quality starting pitching with length.

          He’ll come in handy in July and August when teams are scrambling for another starter, and we’ll be set with Sweaty Fredy and Phelps to hold us over in case of a double-header or a minor injury in which one of our starters go down. He’ll be ready to go, when called upon. True professional.

        • Smart Guy

          longman is as stupid as 7 inning guy , if you arent a starter you are a reliever, and if you are a reliever you relieve

          • Crime Dog

            What does this even mean

          • Steve (different one)

            Not analogous at all. A long reliever is a real thing. We can argue if THIS team needs one, that is fine, but a guy who can go 3-5 innings out of the pen or make a spot start has value to many teams. Remember Mendoza? Or Aceves?

            Yes, it would be nice if relievers weren’t so specialized and any of them could be called on to go several innings at a clip, but that’s not the current reality.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Wait, though……I actually agree with him. I’d rather have a series of solid, moveable parts than a guy that just pitches during blowouts. I think the proper order of things should be Freddy gets DFAed for Aardsma, Eppley rides the shuttle if/when we actually see Joba this season. Eppley simply has more of a role right now.

  • Smart Guy

    also Joba has options, if hes going to rot in the bullpen or take someones spot thats deserving he should stay in AAA as a starter

    whos with me?

    you all are thATS GREAT!

    Joba to the rotation 2013!

    • PBFog

      OMG, you’re so smart guy!!!

  • JJ88

    If Girardi’s as careful with him as he’s being with Robertson it won’t matter anyway – Aardsma will be lucky to get in any games.

    • Havok9120

      ….he’s been back for 3 games. Good Lord.

    • Steve (different one)

      God forbid he be cautious with one of the best relievers in baseball coming back from an injury that is easy to re-aggrevate.

    • Ted Nelson

      1 IP every 3 Gs would be over 50 IP on the season…

      There’s also the fact that Girardi, you know, actually gets to talk to Robertson… so it might be Robertson who told Girardi he needs a night off. Or it might have been a doctor. Just ignorantly placing blame is an odd thing to do. And is there any blame to be placed? He got one night off and then there was only 1 relief inning to go around the next night.

  • YooBoo

    Once Aardsma is healthy and handling a baseball then he will replace Eppley in July regardless of how hot Eppley has been.

    DFA Brandon Laird as I highly doubt any team will claim him. Outright him back to Scanton.

    That way Yanks do not lose anyone. If Aardsma does not work out then Chamberlain takes his spot. Easy.

    • Smart Guy

      um, there are other people we can get rid off before laird, igarashi comes to mind

      • YooBoo

        Forget about him. Sure.

      • T. Lincoln

        How about Justin Thomas?

        • yooboo

          Keep him. You never know what happen to Logan or Rapada or both. He has pitched well for Scranton and he is 28 years old.

          • yooboo

            will happen

    • BK2ATL

      On the 25 man roster, when Aardsma is ready, unfortunately it’s gotta be Eppley, who has an option left.

      When Joba comes back, then it gets interesting. Rapada has no options left, but Cory Wade does.

      • Nark

        they’re not optioning cory wade

        • BK2ATL

          But they can. That’s why it’s interesting.

          They cannot option Girardi’s 2nd LOOGY, even though I believe he’s pitched well enough to stick.

          Wade is just the only other option, after Eppley.

      • 28 in 2012

        I thought Mike/Ben might have said that Epply had no options and would have to clear waivers…

        • 28 in 2012

          Sorry, it was Rapada. my bad.

          • Steve (different one)

            Understandable considering Eppley is bizarro Rapada.

      • Crime Dog

        Depending on when Joba comes back (early August?), I can see optioning Wade for a few weeks until September 1 to keep everyone on the 40 man

  • Greg

    someone will get injured between now and then. it’s just happens.

  • yooboo

    Wade does not have any options left. Is that right?

    2008- started MLB servie
    2009- demoted.
    2010- 21 games in AAA then out of season.
    2011- Rays then Yanks minor league contract.

    • yooboo

      my apologies.

      I was wrong about 2010. 60 day DL, outrighted to AAA.

      ALl right.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I think Freddy should go for Aardsma. I value a series of versatile, moveable parts than a long man. Eppley has carved himself a role on the team.

    If Eppley rides the shuttle again, it’s because Joba actually returned early and he’s making a temporary AAA pitstop before 9/1.