Granderson & A-Rod slam Tigers in win

Sanchez mashes, Mitchell mashed in Low-A loss
Report: Yanks talked trade for starting pitcher with Nats

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The Yankees beat the Tigers on Friday night to guarantee a winning road trip, but don’t expect to see them on the back pages Saturday morning. Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history and that’s pretty cool. Here’s a recap (of the Yankees)…

  • Granderslam: If you’ve been reading RAB long enough then you’ve heard me say this before: the only things you can count on young pitchers to do are walk people and get hurt. Anything else is a bonus. The Yankees scored five runs on just one hit in the second inning because rookie southpaw Casey Crosby walked the bases loaded, forced in a run by walking Derek Jeter, and served up a grand slam to Curtis Granderson. Just like they drew it up.
  • Sabathia: It was a typical bad CC Sabathia outing, meaning seven innings and three runs. A good start for normal folk but not what you like to see from the ace. Anyway, Sabathia threw 71 pitches in the first three innings but just 42 over his last four innings. Ramon Santiago hit a solo homer and both Prince Fielder and Danny Worth touched him up for run-scoring singles. Big whoop. Sixteen of his 21 outs were recorded on the infield. Go big man.
  • Insurance: The Yankees were up 6-3 when Sabathia left the game and they managed to tack on a trio of insurance runs. Andruw Jones doubled in Nick Swisher in the eighth and one inning later Alex Rodriguez hit a two-run homer out to left-center off Octavio Dotel. I didn’t think it was gone off the bat, but it just kept carrying. An underrated moment of the game was Jayson Nix’s steal of third in the fourth, which allowed Chris Stewart to slap a ground ball single through the drawn-in infield to answer right back after the Tigers scored in the third.
  • Leftovers: Clay Rapada pitched for the first time in nine days and retired one of four batters, and it wasn’t either of the two lefties he faced … Rafael Soriano picked up a cheapie save by coaxing a double play ball out of Miguel Cabrera with a five-run lead to bail out Rapada … Boone Logan and Cory Wade bailed out Cody Eppley with a scoreless one-run eighth … Derek Jeter and Granderson each had two hits, plus Nix reached base three times (double and two walks) … everyone in the starting lineup reached at least once and five of the nine starters reached at least twice. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees are now tied with the Orioles for second place in the AL East and are just one back of the Rays in the loss column. Game two of this three-game set is a rare Saturday night game, my least favorite. Hiroki Kuroda and Rick Porcello will be on the bump.

Sanchez mashes, Mitchell mashed in Low-A loss
Report: Yanks talked trade for starting pitcher with Nats
  • Cuso

    A win is a win. Let the Mets have the back page. A couple of quiet wins this weekend would be pretty darn nice.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    This is why we love the big man. He clearly didn’t have it tonight but, when it was all said and done, he went seven innings and game the team more than enough of a chance to win. That, to me, is the mark of a “true ace.” ™

    Great win.

    I tip my hat to Johan Santana. I believe in life after shoulder surgery.

    • jjyank

      Somewhere, maybe Pineda is taking notes?

      • Skip

        Well Johan’s change-up was out of this world good tonight. He was throwing almost all change-ups at the end of this game. If Pineda comes back with one of those, then yeah…

        And I’m optimistic about Pineda too, let’s hope he can recover his velocity.

      • Jesse

        Man, could you imagine? He comes back successfully following shoulder surgery and throws a no-hitter his first year back? Talk about a great story.

        • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat)

          Only thing that could make it better is if he did it against the Mariners!

          • Jesse

            Haha, there you go.

          • CP

            And left handed like Santana!

          • G

            Given the Mariners’ awful plate discipline, I’d expect it to be a perfect game actually haha.

  • jjyank

    Mike, I think you hit the nail on the head with CC. By his standards, this was a bad start. And that metric really just highlights what a great pitcher he is. Whenever CC doesn’t have his A game, he still manages to pitch 7 innings and keep the team in the game. That, to me, is what separates the great pitchers from the elite pitchers.

    • mustang

      “Whenever CC doesn’t have his A game, he still manages to pitch 7 innings and keep the team in the game. That, to me, is what separates the great pitchers from the elite pitchers.”

      Worth repeating.

      Agree 100%

  • forensic

    Boone Logan and Cory Wade bailed out Cody Eppley with a scoreless eighth …

    Other than the single and sac fly that scored his run…

  • Havok9120

    The game thread was just plain stupid during the bottom of the second. I was working and only saw the last inning of the game, but I’m perusing the comments section now and its just nonsense. He let the score get to within 1 run and one would think he was the worst starter on the planet. Not to mention that the way everyone was talking made it seem like he gave the lead back. I actually had to check the box score again because I assumed people wouldn’t flip out with CC on the mound unless he was getting well and truly hammered.

    I assumed incorrectly, apparently.

    • jjyank

      Not everyone…there are enough rational fans that have eternal faith in CC, I assure you.

      • Havok9120

        Oh, no. I know its not everyone, or even a majority.

    • JDevlinW

      I was at the game and honestly it looked like CC couldn’t get anybody out. Quintin Berry was all over him and when he walked the bases loaded it looked like they were going to tie the game.

      He was getting hit hard for most of the night but made his pitches and managed to contain Miggy which I was impressed by considering their past history.

  • mustang

    Congrats Johan Santana and the Mets with all the shit that surround that organization this off season it’s nice to see them putting things together. It’s more fun when both teams are playing well.
    The Yankees are still going to take 5 out 6 in their series so enjoy tonight.

  • stuart a

    arod up to 21 rbi’s whipptydoo. cano and arod together with 44 rbi’s that has been the problem.

    Met’s very likeable team this year, overacheiving big time with a lot of injuries also. good for them. NYC is big enough for 2 good teams….

    CC is a stud. he gives you 7 innings almost every start 1 way or another. eppley stinks…they are living on borrowed time with the pen, need RObertson back asap.

    • Havok9120

      Holy crap. You posted in a WIN?

      Surely this is another sign of the End Times.

      • eephus_pitch

        Give him credit. People are always saying “where were you when they were winning?”
        So here he is.

        • Havok9120

          Oh, I am. Its the same way I never include Hummingbird in the list of people who do that. He’s always posting.

  • Steve

    The game might have gone a different way if not for Nix and Cano’s great plays in the 6th.

  • Fin

    I dont think CC is the same pitcher we have seen in the past. I havent seen him run his fastball above 95 this year. Its not that he threw in the 96-98 range all game, but he had it when needed. It use to be that his velocity increased as the game went on, that hasnt happend yet this season. He gets better as it gets warmer so hopefully I’m jumping the gun with my concerns. I know this much, the guy is as tough of a pitcher as I have seen, he always seems to gut out 7 innings no matter what stuff he brings to the mound. He has become my favorite Yankee pitcher, and I watched Guidry pitch, admittedly when I was in 2nd grade when he had his great season.

    • G

      He’s hit 96 a bit this season, but just like he needs part of the game to warm up, his velocity picks up as the season goes on. At the beginning of last year he was barely cracking 94 but was touching 98 by the end.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i was very glad to see alex hit a long ball, and i (along with some other people here) suck for doubting cc. I know it wasn’t a great game for him, but pretty impressive that he went 7 and only gave up 3 during a game which he gave up quite a few xbh

  • Skip

    CC didn’t really get much help from the umpire tonight on those inside pitches to lefties.

  • Pat D

    Alright, great win, can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s game.

    ::Looks again, sees game is at night::

    Son of a bitch! Oh, well, only 3 more Saturdays till freedom.

  • pistol pete

    Soriano has solidified the closer role, D Rob will be back by month end, Logan and Wade will split the 7th and the pen is all set. Yanks are starting to hit, Cano and Arod will hit more and here’s hoping Jete and Grandy keep it going. We will likely get more from Martin and I think the lineup will be fine. Andy has solidified the top of the rotation with CC. Now we just need to get more consistancy from Kuroda, Nova, and Hughes. I can see Hughes in the pen and a trade for another starter at the deadline.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Sabathia-Garza-Pettitte-Kuroda-Nova. Do it up.

      • Fin

        The odds of Petite being better than Kuroda by the end of the year are slim. I personally think Kuroda can still find his way into being a good number 3. I know some of RAB loved Kuroda as a number 2 but I didnt see that happening. Pineda was the number 2. They arent replacing him without giving up the farm for someone like Garza. If they get Garza RAB might as well not do a down on the farm next year. Garza/Hammels/Grienke would cost the Yankees Banuleos, Sanchez and Williams/Austin/Bichette and possibly a Campos thrown in. I’m far from a prospect hugger, but eventually the Yankees are going to need one thats not a relief pitcher. Arod, Granderson,Swisher, Tex, Martin, Ibanez. THen there is Jeter and Cano as the only Yankee home grown starting, every day players. You cant keep the payroll the same or drop it 20mil if you cant develop any homegrown regular players. Cano is the only one playing right now that wasnt developed 20yrs ago. I didnt mention Gardner, becasue he is a starter but Girardi uses him more as a platoon player than every day player.

        • Jonathan

          You’re totally missing the point of the farm system. It has 2 jobs and 2 jobs alone. 1: develop young players for the big league team. And the one you’re forgetting…2: develop young players to TRADE to help the big league team. Swisher/Granderson/ARod. When you add that in you get Arod/Jeter/Cano/Swish/Granderson. Besides Tex that’s basically the offense. Plus Gardner counts. Pettitte was originally developed by us and Nova/Hughes/Pineda were traded for or developed. The only players that really contribute that we “bought” are CC/Tex/Soriano and then guys like Ibanez/Andruw/Chavez who are getting small small salaries. Those 3 are big parts but except for the Rays what competing/big market team has an entire team built of home grown or traded for players????

    • Fin

      I love the sentiment. I agree that Cano and Arod will produce more. However, I dont think the Yankees will get significantly more from Martin, he is who he has been since the first 1/4 of last season. I think we are kiding ourselves if we think Andy is a top of the rotation starter. In his prime he was a good number 2, at the age of 40 after a year off, counting on him to be that is not impossible, but very unlikely. I think Andy will be a very good number 4. Our best hope for a number 2 barring trade is Nova. If he can find his command and mix the ground ball pitcher he has been through out his carreer with his new velocity and strike out ability, he could be very very good.

      As far as Hughes goes, hes fine as a number 5 starter, people need to stop judging him as a top prospect and accept what he is, a back of the rotation guy. When Robertson comes back there seems to be no need for Hughes in the pen. I do think the Yankees will trade for a starter, and Hughes will probably be part of that deal, but I dont think it will be for a number 2 as that will cost too many prospects and the Yankees just cant afford them with arod, tex and cc’s contracts. They are going to need cheap players to absorb some of that cost.
      The big question is Kuroda, hopefully he comes around and we get a more consistent pitcher, that can face the top linups in the AL and keep the Yankees in the game.

  • dennyneagleshooker

    the grandyman has been the best non-pitcher on the roster since august 2010. the only reason the guy is not batting 4th is due to him and robbie both being lefties.

    • Fin

      Yea, this team would be a mess without that man. Granderson is awesome. The fact that he has to be the coolest cat around, only makes it more enjoyable. I really hope he and the Yankees can find a way to stay togather till the end of his career.

  • Fin

    Just to follow up on that point. The Yankees develop pitching, its all over baseball, most are relievrs and IPk. The Yankees dont develope hitters, its not all over baseball. Cano was 8 yrs ago. Melky’s success is certainly out of the realm of any Yankee doing. It could be argued that Ajax was developed by the Yankees but I would argue against it. Maybe, Montero does something, but to this point the only player on the Yankees he could replace is Martin, but his D isnt good enough for that.

  • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat)

    ESPN showing their true colors once more by putting stuff about the Celtics on their front page over Johan’s no hitter. I recall them doing the same last year with Wakefield’s 200th win over Mo’s 602nd save…

    Also, I’m going to be unable to watch EVERY Fox game the Yankees play in June. I mean, when they carry 5 or 6 games at once, it’s not a national broadcast anymore – it’s regional with national restrictions and I’m so sick of it. Really, what is the point of carrying games like the DBacks and Padres and the Reds and Astros? If they insist on carrying so many games, let me watch them with Extra Innings.

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    I really prefer Grandy playing shallow in center. To me, he goes back on balls much better than coming in. He is able to turn his back to the infield and chase down most deep flies that have enough air under them. For the older fans on the site, Paul Blair of the O’s was the best I had ever seen doing this.

    He should bat 3rd or 4th. ARod needs to leave these spots to younger, stronger hitters with more bat speed. Yes-he hit a late HR on an off speed pitch but he swung and missed a ton on 91 mph fbs.

  • bob gamere

    Who, amd more importantly, WHY, is Meredith Marakovits?! Post game on YES, her first question to Girardi is “how important was Granderson’s grand slam.” DUHDUHDUH! Bring back Kim Jones. And Kim is cuter too! Better yet, give me Hannah Storm.

    • Mike Nitabach

      You understand that her job is marketing, not journalism, right? Jones would have asked the exact same question.

    • Steve (different one)

      Yes, I certainly remember Kim Jones asking questions about wOBA and pitch F/X.

  • mt

    Very interested in seeing Kuroda tonight against Fielder – can he get a tough lefty out?