Sanchez homers, Gumbs has four hits in win

Game 63: The Nation's Capitol
Make It Seven: Yanks beat Nats behind Hughes, Granderson

Tonight you get bullet points, and you will like it…

  • Triple-A Empire State (win): Chris Dickerson doubled while Ramiro Pena tripled, accounting for the team’s only extra-base hits. Corban Joseph and Jack Cust each drove in one run while Ramiro plated two. Go Ramiro. Dellin Betances through 103 pitches in only 4.2 IP, but he only walked two while striking out four. He did allow seven hits and three runs. Chase Whitley allowed a run in two innings of relief.
  • Double-A Trenton (loss): Abe Almonte had three singles and two steals while Luke Murton hit a solo jack to highlight a dull offensive night. Shaeffer Hall allowed three runs in six innings in an equally dull pitching night.
  • Low-A Charleston (win): Mason Williams and Kelvin DeLeon each had two singles while Angelo Gumbs had four. Gary Sanchez singled and homered — his third jack in four games — while Rey Nunez singled and doubled. Evan rutckyj threw five scoreless, walking two and striking out four.

High-A Tampa is off until Monday for the All-Star break. The actually game will be played on Saturday.

Game 63: The Nation's Capitol
Make It Seven: Yanks beat Nats behind Hughes, Granderson
  • forensic

    Dickerson and Pena for Wise and Nix.


  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    You’ll have nothing and like it Spaulding.

  • forensic

    Appears Dickerson’s hit was a single, not double.

    Betances also had 2 wild pitches. That control sure is coming around.

    • Jim Is Bored

      2 is definitely better than 3!

  • Skip

    Was at tonight’s Charleston game against Greensboro. Some notes:

    Rutckyj is pretty tall and lanky. He was sitting 89-92 all night, but mostly 90-91 with his FB. I only saw 92 once. His slider sits about 81-82 and he got a couple of his strikeouts on it. He did seem to lose the strike zone for some small stretches during the game. Rutckyj would walk a few or give up some hits but managed to settle down and get outs when needed. There were a few hard hits that found fielders. Mason had to back to the CF wall to make one such catch, about 400 feet away from home.

    I’m no scout and can’t fully evaluate Rutckyj’s mechanics but he doesn’t seem to get over his front leg during his delivery. It’s almost like he’s slinging the ball sometimes. It just doesn’t seem like he’s fully leveraging his mechanics. It was in contrast to the Greensboro starter, Adam Conley who seemed to get over his front leg and threw 91-93, touching 95. Anyway it just seems like Rutckyj has the potential to generate more velocity, at least from my eye.

    Sanchez hit a monster HR just to the left of the CF hitter’s black. No one ran on him tonight so he didn’t show off his arm.

    Mason doesn’t look great at the plate right now. He’s hitting weak grounders and his singles were of the seeing-eye variety. He also grounded out to second a couple of times. Stole 2nd and didn’t even have a throw. Very fast on defense and covers a ton of ground.

    Gumbs had 4 singles – also had a blooper which found space. Hot right now – his strikeout in the 9th was the only time he didn’t reach base this series.

    The team as a whole isn’t really driving the ball too well right now. Other than Sanchez’s home run, Reymond Nunez was the only one to really get a ball to the wall in the game. He hit a double and was thrown out at 3rd trying to stretch it to a triple (questionable call though, from my vantage). DBJ really hasn’t been driving anything in this series either. Only drove one ball to the warning track this series.

    Hopefully Austin comes off the DL this series and I can see him in person.

    • Johnny O

      thanks for the recap.

      • Paul

        Great detailed summary. Thank you

  • Endlessmike

    Mason Williams aka Austin Jackson Part 2.

    • fin

      well, seems to me Mason williams is never going to strike out and not walk. He seems to have a significantly better eye at the plate. If you mean that that are both fast black guys without power, that would be about right.

    • Voice of Reason

      Let’s hope so.

      They’re both fast skinny black CFers in the Yankee organization so they’re bound to be compared, but (at least until this year), the most distinguishing feature of Jackson’s game was that he struck out like crazy, whereas Williams’ is how rarely he strikes out. Plus he’s a lefty. Denard Span might be a better comp, right now.

  • Johnny O

    Promote Sanchez. Dellin to the pen (maybe for 2-3 inning stretches). Let’s stop fighting the inevitable.

  • http://none GrandyManCan

    I thought Dickerson was very good last year. Wise is useless. As is Pena.