Update: RAB Goes To Washington Drink Up 6/16/2012


(Photo via billy-ball.com)

Hi all … a blog post from me is a rarity, but a blog post about getting together for drinks should make total sense.

As mentioned prior to the season, we here at RAB HQ are heading to the lovely land of taxation without representation next weekend, Washington D.C.  The Yankees will be in town to the play the Nationals, and the plan right now is to enjoy some baseball and hang out with some of you great people after the game.  If you like beer, and I know I do, you’ll love The Big Hunt.  It’s a great bar right in Dupont Circle, which is centrally located in the greater D.C. area and about 15 minutes from the ballpark.

Interested?  Let us know.  We’ll do it up real nice and try to meet up after the game on Saturday, June 16, 2012.


  1. AndrewYF says:

    Whatever happened to the ordering of a block of tickets? I imagine this is off the table now.

    • mike says:

      Where are people staying? What hotels? Is anyone going to be around before any of the games? Big Hunt is a brillaint pub. Let me know please.

  2. Jay Gordon says:

    most i can tell you, is that it sounded like there wasn’t a reasonable situation where we could get blocks. if you are in the area, going to the game, etc, come down and have a beer. there’s no real organization or private area, just go to the bar and drink, look for yanks gear, etc.

  3. Sean B says:

    Im heading down for Friday and Saturday’s game.

  4. Eric says:

    YE. Big Hunt is a great spot.

  5. Cliff says:

    Got 5 of us that will be there

  6. Gonzo says:

    Some cool bars around there so you can always just hop around.

  7. Sam says:

    Went to school in DC. Big Hunt was probably my favorite bar. Me and my friends still speak fondly of it.

  8. jjyank says:

    Tonight is my first night at my new apartment in D.C.! I am going to the Friday game, not Saturday, but I’d be down to meet up for drink after anyways.

    Also, I have an extra ticket for the Friday game thanks to unforeseen circumstances, if anyone is interested.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Goimg to be at Fridays game. Would love to meet up. Lived off metro in southern md for two years off green line. RFD is a great place as well. That is off gallery place / Chinatown stop. Never been to big hunt.

  10. Jeremy says:

    For RFD you wouldn’t have to change lines. Just take green line to gallery place

    • Gonzo says:

      I was going to say the 15 minutes timeline is kinda short considering the lines to get on the metro from the ballpark.

  11. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’ll just assume the drunkest bastard in the pics will be jjyank.

  12. EJ Fagan says:

    I work work right next door. Great bar. Note that it will take a little more than 15 minutes to get to the ballpark. More 30ish give a little walk, changing metro lines, etc.

    Also note that the southern entrance to the Dupont stop (the one near the bar) is closed. You have to use the north one.

  13. roadrider says:

    I’ll bet at the Sat and Sun games so I’ll stop by after Saturday’s game.

  14. Jorge says:

    A friend and I will be there for the Saturday game, so we will stop by after…

  15. Liz says:

    Heading down from Jersey for the saturday game with mom, grampa and my sisters – see ya after for celebratory beverages

  16. Ian says:

    Big Hunt! I brought some Rwandan accountants there once. They thought it was too loud, no kidding. Love that place. Wife is having a baby any second otherwise I’d be there. Go Yanks.

  17. Paul Katcher says:

    I’ll be at the games Friday and Saturday (reserving Sunday for touristy stuff). Will try to steer our small group of five NYY fans to Big Hunt for postgame. Thanks for putting this out there.

  18. Rob G says:

    I will be down all weekend as well. Have tix for Friday night and Sunday games. Will stop by the Big Hunt for a couple…Thanks!

  19. Rob G says:

    I will be down all weekend as well. Have tix for Friday night and Sunday games. Will stop by the Big Hunt for a couple. Thanks!

  20. vermontster says:

    There for all 3 games. Definitely plan on stopping by post-game saturday. group of 4 fans. looking forward to it.

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