Injury Updates: Andy Pettitte & Brett Gardner

Heyman: Yankees exploring outfield market
Game 89: Ten Up

Got some injury updates…

  • Andy Pettitte (ankle) had a checkup recently and said everything is healing like it should be. “It looks good … It’s healing up good. Doc said the break was about 50 percent closed up, so that’s good,” said Pettitte, who still can’t run but has been working out in a pool and throwing. [Mike Mazzeo]
  • Brett Gardner (elbow) played three innings in a simulated game yesterday and had four at-bats. He came up sore today is being given the day off. As you can imagine, Joe Girardi expressed some concern. [Chad Jennings & Bryan Hoch]
  • Update: Ken Davidoff says Gardner will have yet another MRI tomorrow. Time to explore the trade market in earnest.
Heyman: Yankees exploring outfield market
Game 89: Ten Up
  • 28 this year

    Dang Gardner really did a number on his elbow. So unfortunate. I wonder what type of injury this is because if rest was the cure, the Yankees would have let him rest for a while. There almost has to be something that cannot heal with rest or something like that to cause this type of extended injury where any aggravation causes such a problem.

    • Ted Nelson

      A ligament or tendon or some sort of connective tissue ripped off the bone, I believe.

  • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost


  • yooboo

    Damn! I feel that Shane Victorino trade is imminent. If I were required to talk positive about him then


    1. Defense and arm strength.
    2. Speed… Match last year’s letdown total of SB (19).
    3. Tough to strike out and rarely hit into DP.
    4. project for 10 more home run in 2nd half.

    • Greg

      Looking at Victorino’s splits, his problem seems to be the same problem that Tex ahd primarily last year. .225/.289/.316 as a LH,
      .305/.383/.585 from the right side. He also has more homers from the right

      • yooboo

        Unfortunately, his 2nd half performance has not been that brilliant for 3 years.

        Yanks need to find OF with good track of 2nd half performance for cheap.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      he’s owed $4-5 mil for this year right? what type of prospect would it realistically take to get him, i wouldn’t think much. there can’t be a huge market for him. i know he’s no superstar, but his babip does seem very low this year, and he is a pretty solid defender as well. and he can steal bases!

      • yooboo

        4.5m give or take left on contract.

        If no team will offer a good deal for him then Yanks can get him for cheaper. Who knows.

  • JonS

    Why are they doing another MRI? Did they not do an extensive one the last time? If not, why didn’t the team do extensive tests after his first setback?

    • yooboo

      Second MRI showed he still had the same strain. If this upcoming MRI shows the same again then he is done.

    • Bunt Gardner

      It could be to see if he has done damage since the last MRI.

  • yankeefan

    Wouldn’t be shocked if we hear the news gardner needs TJS

    • crawdaddie

      Why would he need TJS on his non-throwing arm.

    • Mike Axisa

      It’s a muscle injury, not the ligament.

      • Reason

        Didn’t see this before I posted below. Muscle strain better than ligament, unless he has a second issue going on here they just haven’t discoverd. The whole injury has been odd. Concerning is this time he couldn’t even get through a single training session before feeling pain. In the past, he got a couple games into a full rehab. In other words, not only is it not getting better, it may be getting worse.

    • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

      I would not be surprised if Gardner needs his knee scoped.

      /Fans Armchair Doctoring’ed

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    shut gardner down for the rest of the season, he is not coming back. if it weren’t for the mri, i would think he definitely was headed to dr. andrews, but what is going to cure him? if it is any type of surgery, please make it happen soon, no need to waste another 3 months.

    i hope they go out and pick up an actual outfielder, or at least bring up c-dick, can’t take ibanez anymore

    • jjyank

      I think Dickerson’s name needs to be exempt from the first name initial/first syllable for last name type nicknames.

      • vicki

        i call him big swingin’ dickerson. really thought it’d catch on.

      • Bartolo’s Colon

        i could not disagree with you more, i love the nickname. i just wish sterling could somehow incorporate it into a hr call. i remember he hit one off felix last year, not sure what the call was though. think of the possibilities…

  • Leg-End

    They should just shut Gardner down for the season. Let’s see what we can get on the trade market, failing that I wouldn’t say its a thin area for us anyway.

  • DM

    I wish I could say I’m surprised about Gardner’s latest setback. I’m not a big fan, but if DeJesus is available, that might make sense for this and next year. He’s not sexy — but his contract isn’t that bad — and it fits. Of course the price will go up now with this news. How bout a Dempster/DeJesus or Garza/DeJesus package? Nah, didn’t think so.

  • John

    Victorino, DeJesus, Pierre, or Span? which of those is most desirable/will take the least to acquire?

    • Greg

      Juan Pierre would be interesting. You could bat him first or second and move everybody down.

      • TCMiller30

        Or bat him ninth so he’s not talking at bats away from anyone. I’d say you could bat him 8th ahead of Russell, but that’d be a waste of his speed with that sure out behind him. No way I’d bat him 1st or 2nd though.

        • vicki

          nor would girardi. let’s be real.

    • DM

      I’d actually take Pierre first from that list — but I think the rest of baseball will as well. The ability of the Yankees to take on money this year won’t be an advantage with Pierre — since he doesn’t make anything. He’d be a nice pesky offensive piece for a lot teams down the stretch. It’ll be about who gives them the best prospect.

      • george mckenzie

        how could u even think about trading gardner he would be a great pinch runner and he plays hard alotta guys dont do that anymore i recall last year when gardner slid into sean rodriguez and just laid him out he saved a double play that would have ended there rally they won that game

        • DM

          Huh? Who’s trading Gardner?

        • Reason

          Who mentioned trading Gardner for Pierre? Gardner has more value on the DL than Pierre does in real life. Sure, that’s a little overboard, but Pierre is always one of the most overrated players in the game. Last year he actually produced a negative WAR playing in 158 games. That’s quite an “accomplishment.” Playing Pierre actually cost the White Sox a half a win over the course of a full season than if they plugged in a replacement-level player. So, yeah, Gardner on the DL actually would help the Yankees more than that version of Pierre.

          • vicki

            yep. people all excited about a high average. he’s garbage.

  • Rey22

    Call up Dickerson so Raul can go back to being the DH. If he doesn’t improve, get rid of him too and plug Chavez as the regular LH side of the DH.

    • Reason

      That’s a better option than Pierre, although they shouldn’t settle for that. Cashman should keep looking, but Dickerson should be recalled in the meantime.

  • Reason

    MRIs haven’t shown anything so far. Not knowing anything about MRIs, I wonder what the chances are it would show anything now, three months later.

    I honestly can’t remember an injury like this. It seemed kind of minor at first. Day-to-day, maybe 15-day DL at the worst. Now months in he’s still feeling sore and the doctors can’t find anything.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs TJS. Maybe it’s a very slight tear that they just haven’t seen yet.

  • G

    Would we be trading for Victorino with the expectation that we are signing him to an extension, or is this likely to be a pure rental? I’d much prefer a long term fix, even if that just means 2013 control to give us an extra year for a better answer. Victorino’s current contract would be fantastic, but he’s going to ask for years and probably more money than the Yankees are willing to give up. Although the cost is prohibitive, I’d pay crap tons for Upton before paying even one prospect for Victorino if we aren’t planning on keeping him beyond 2012. Upton is on a team friendly contract and has years of control. With Victorino we could give up something for very little, and then have to go out and spend more money or prospects just to find the next replacement.

    That said I’ll trust the front office to make the right move. If they think Victorino is the right choice, then I’ll trust them.

    • Reason

      Rental, most likely, unless he has a great second half for the Yankees. His price will probably be too high, especially considering he’ll be 33 next season.

      The short-term rental cost of Victorino is a lot cheaper than the longer-term cost of Upton. They’re not really related. Different type of deal addressing a different need. One is a fix for this season. The other is a solution for several years.

  • chris

    top players or nothing at all. why are we talking about shane victorino? we’re going to give up prospects for a guy of his caliber. not knocking the guy but sell the farm on top tier players aka Upton

  • 4base

    There isn’t a trade out there that would help right now.
    Wise is legit. He and Jones have been better than expected.
    Gardner is/was the best left fielder in the league. I’d wait and see.
    In the meantime…I wouldn’t change what’s working.

  • Rob

    Speaking of injuries, I have a hard time finding out information about a couple of guys:

    1. Pat Venditte – Last I read he was unsure whether he would need shoulder surgery. Any update on that?

    2. I noticed Russell Branyon hasn’t been in a Empire State Yankee game for quite a while. Is he hurt?

    3. When is Eduardo Nunez due back to Empire State?

  • Cuso

    I’m such a fool for youuuuuuuuuu.

  • your mom

    Reed Johnson anyone???

  • jg233

    It isnt his throwing arm so he needs to suck it up and worry about it after the season…take some advil and play. If his next MRI doesnt find something significantly wrong then I call pussy on this guy.