Minor League Injury Updates: Banuelos, Campos, Burawa

Joba could be activated before end of July
Yankees have some interest in Rick Ankiel

Via Josh Norris, pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras confirmed that LHP Manny Banuelos (elbow) has been throwing off a mound and recently had a 25-pitch fastball-changeup session. I suppose that means he’s yet to reintroduce the curveball, which makes sense since breaking balls tend to put more stress on the elbow. Contreras indicated that Banuelos is getting close to a return, though “close” is probably a relative term.

Meanwhile, RHP Jose Campos (elbow) is not expected to return this season. Contreras confirmed that there is no structural damage in his elbow. He’s currently on a throwing program but the minor league season ends in about six weeks and he’s unlikely to be ready in time for game action. Campos will instead head to Instructional League in the fall. RHP Dan Burawa (back) has not been cleared by doctors to resume baseball activities and won’t play at all this year. He was impressive in Spring Training and had a chance to sneak into the big league bullpen mix at some point this summer if he stayed healthy. For shame.

Joba could be activated before end of July
Yankees have some interest in Rick Ankiel
  • not that mike

    i wonder if this sudden and rapid improvement of ManBan as well as Joba is meant to help with the trade deadline

    • CP

      I don’t think theres been anything sudden or rapid about their returns (Jobas been rapid, but that’s not a recent change).

    • DM

      I think the Joba info might be. I don’t think they’re rushing him or anything like that — but they might be telegraphing his imminent return to tweak trading partners that they won’t overpay for any reliever they might already be discussing.

  • your mom

    Who would’ve thought that both trade pieces in the Jesus trade would end up missing practically the entire season. For shame.

    • sevrox

      Yeah, and Montero and Noesi have the Mariners in first place by a landslide. I’m excited for what the future holds re: Pineda and Campos.

      • Laz

        If they both can get healthy they could turn out to be pretty good. It is a lost year for both of them, but it feels much better since noesi and montero are struggling. I really didn’t mind giving up noesi, since i didnt view him as anymore than a #5. and if trading a young dh nets You 2 very young pitchers then i am all for it. Pineda is only 23, so he still has a very good chance to get healthy and pitch well.

    • JimmyToucan

      Who would have thought that with Pineda missing the entire season he’d still be posting a higher WAR value than two guys who actually played in the majors this year.

      • Jacob


      • JobaWockeeZ

        Who would have thought that the guy posting a negative WAR could get you guys like Cliff Lee. But no instead the chip has been wasted.

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          Yeah, it’s a good thing that Pineda and Campos have both retired so we can make definitive statements about the outcome of the trade less 6 months later.

  • tom

    You guys can site WAR (which is a counting stat and incomplete at this point for the season)…..but I’ll take the 22 year old hitter that is healthy and going through early career struggles over the pitcher with a torn labrum who may never be the same again.

    • Travis L

      +1 (although I hate you for it)

    • Jacob

      True but I take our veterans taking up DH bats “and doing very well” over a struggling young player that really has no set position because he is not thought to be good enough behind the plate. Rest the regulars.

    • Laz

      It wasn’t that he couldn’t hit. It was that they didn’t buy him as a catcher, neither do the Mariners since he starts less than 1/2.5 games as catcher. There was no need for him as a DH. They will need it to rest too many regulars.