Start Your Trade Engines: D’Backs could deal Justin Upton


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Diamondbacks will consider trade offers for Justin Upton should they fall further out of contention in the coming weeks. Arizona is 40-43 at the moment, six games back in the NL West and five back of a wildcard spot.

Upton, still only 24, is having a down year (92 wRC+) after placing fourth in the MVP voting last season. He’s battled thumb issues over the last few weeks but was not placed on the DL. I think it goes without saying that if Upton ever truly becomes available, the Yankees have to get involved. He’s so young and dynamic, capable of doing just about anything on the field. You’ll get speed, on-base ability, hard-to-find right-handed power, and a guy under contract through 2015 for just over $40M. No one in the farm system should be untouchable for a guy like Upton.

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  1. dean says:

    if you can get him then back the truck up and do it.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      Do they have a big enough truck? What types of pieces will the D-Backs be looking for?

    • G says:

      I wouldn’t agree just yet. Just go with what we’ve got for now, reevaluate the market in the offseason. If Swish won’t go cheap enough, ask the Rockies about Cuddyer. No star but he’s reasonably priced and his contract makes him the perfect stopgap for Mason and Austin.

      I’d love Upton, but I don’t see it happening. Nor do I think it’s prudent to dump the farm on one guy.

  2. blake says:


    what would it take and do the Yankees even have enough? Gotta think Banuelos and at least a couple from that group in A ball if not more…..the Dbacks need position players which kinda makes it a tough match for the Yanks.

  3. blake says:

    The Dbacks have a lot of young pitching so while you can always you more I would think they would want a nice package of position players with upside in return for Upton.

    • Kosmo says:

      Arizona has highly rated position players in their farm system:

      Matt Davidson-3B
      Chris Owings SS
      AJ Pollock OF
      Borchering OF
      Eaton OF

      IMO they don´t need what NY has to offer.

  4. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Banuelos, Sanchez, Nova and Austin. Who hang up first?

    • blake says:

      I think that’s in the ballpark….that’s a lot to give up though.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      Maybe Nova, Gardner, Banuelos, Sanchez would be better (for both teams.)

      • Kosmo says:

        Giving up Sanchez is about the dumbest idea I´ve yet heard. They don´t need Banuelos because they have Bauer, Skaggs and Bradley who are arguably all better pitching prospects . Who the hell replaces Nova ?

        • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

          I was talking pricetag, not how smart the move would be.

          • viridiana says:

            Not a smart move to trade those four for one guy who right now would have the seventh (eighth?) most HRs in Yankee lineup. Opens holes now and in future. New CBA has changed everything. No way Yanks can go four for one when they will have trouble repolacing hi quality young talent in future.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              How are the Yankees having trouble? They signed two of BAs top 4 IFAs and had a pretty typical Yankees draft. I wouldn’t trade 4 prospects of that caliber for one up-and-down hitter, but it has nothing to do with the new CBA.

    • MUIDATS EEKNAY says:

      Nova? Sure, this team definitely has too much pitching and not enough offense right now.

      • MUIDATS EEKNAY says:

        And by not enough offense, I meant not enough offense that’s been worse than Raul Ibanez this season.

        • Look At Me says:

          but if gardner was healthy then it wouldn’t be a problem. I honestly don’t think upton would be the upgrade to be worth the prospects. Gardner has more speed and still gets on base the same amount. The only thing he doesn’t have is the power, but the yankees have enough power, they don’t need another 25-30 hr guy if it will cost the farm. You already got Teix, Cano, Arod, Granderson, Swish with that type of power. There would be nonone on base for them to hit in.

    • rogue says:

      I wouldn’t trade Nova.

    • Tim K says:

      Nova? who are you going to pitch in his place? Freddy Garcia is already slotted in Andy’s spot.

    • SMK says:

      Nova’s too important a piece to include in any trade unless it nets a front-end starter, imho.

  5. 28 this year says:

    Melky + IPK. Get it done Cash!

    • Typical MIT Nerd says:


      Crazy that IPK was a top 5 CY guy last year and Melky would be a top 5 MVP right now.

      • Kosmo says:

        Amen brother plus Ajax is blossoming into an excellent all around player at the ripe old age of 25.

        • Typical MIT Nerd says:

          Crazy that AJax (13 bWAR) has been worth more over the last 2.5 years than Justin Upton (7.9 bWAR) even if we’re just looking at oWAR (8.4 oWAR for AJax vs. 6.1 oWAR for Upton) .

          Who here would trade the farm for Austin Jackson? Yet it’s looking like he’s a far better player – offensively and defensively.

  6. Typical MIT Nerd says:

    A 114 career OPS+ ain’t nothing special. Like BJ Upton, these guys have the tools without the box. Recall at age 22, BJ broke out for a .300/.386/.508 line. Since? .248/.334/.403

    I rather give Melky $30M through his next three years and give up no prospects than unload the farm for a guy like one of the Uptons.

    It would be different, if either learned to play SS. But they didn’t and defensively they’re both below average in the OF.


    • blake says:

      Melky will cost more than 3/30 and Upton has legit top 5 player upside and he’s only 24….you’d be gambling that you can get that out of him but he’s still 3 years away from his prime. Those are the gambles I like to take…..

      • Typical MIT Nerd says:

        People used to say BJ was only 23…24…25…etc. Some guys never put their tools together. Sure, if Justin Upton were a free agent, it would be a solid pickup. But I don’t see the point in trading the farm for him. He’s average, at best, defensively, and has only shown his offense in spurts.


        As for Melky, I have a hard time seeing him getting better than the Cuddyer deal. He’s peaking now, but the track record is thinner.

        • Through age 24 (which is an incomplete season for Justin), BJ’s line was:

          .266/.352/.410/.762, 101 OPS+, 162 game average of 16 HR.

          Justin’s line, thus far, is:

          .276/.356/.475/.832, 116 OPS+, 162 game average of 24 HR.

          Justin’s been better, if only slightly, and still has a lot more room to grow.

  7. Kosmo says:

    I like Upton on the offensive side. At this time he´s a below average defensive RF. The owner called him out recently for his on the field nonchalance. He´s all of 24 and could just be tapping into his potential in the coming years. He´s a little bit of a risk because of his lack of motivation.

    • Typical MIT Nerd says:

      Exactly and in NYC they eat that sheet alive. Hell, Henderson was run out of town at his peak whereas a guy like Swisher is loved. To replace him with Upton, and while trading the farm, would be a disaster when Upton slumps. No matter how cheap he comes, the press will be all over his attitude.

      Look at what they did to Pineda not two weeks into his tenure.

    • FWIW, all the advanced metrics like Upton in right. B.J. gets the same label for this “non-chalance” crap, yet hauls in just about every damn ball hit his way.


    As someone who’s carried this guy on my fantasy team for no good reason all season, I have to say… meh.

  9. Rich in NJ says:

    They are probably going to want ML ready prospects or cost-controlled veterans. Apart from Nova, we don’t have any.

  10. crawdaddie says:

    True, no way Arizona trades Upton in which the best players coming back are in A Ball.

  11. blake says:

    very true….other teams with better postion players in the upper levels would make it difficult….too bad there is no longer the Montero card to play.

    • crawdaddie says:

      Montero wouldn’t have much value with Arizona as they have their own Montero at catcher. Furthermore, the way Montero moves, I seriously doubt he’s an option at 1st base either. His position will be DH for most of his career.

    • Rich in NJ says:

      The best chance would be to wait until the offseason and then trade Granderson for younger, cheaper players, and then send them to AZ.

      Montero could have been used in a similar way.

      • Look At Me says:

        Thats a bad idea, trade grandy for prospects to get upton. Granderson is way more valuable to the team than upton would be, and has much more power.

  12. your mom says:

    He’d be a perfect fit in Boston. He’d tear shit up at Fenway.

  13. forensic says:

    I think Upton’s been pretty overrated his whole career, based on what people thought he’d become vs. what he currently it.

    That being said, given his age and contract status along with the Yankees organizational needs in the OF, I would deal nearly anything from the minors for him, but it’d be tough to include Major League talent like Nova in a deal. As such, I don’t see them making the deal based largely on some A-ball rolls of the dice, even with Banuelos included.

    • Typical MIT Nerd says:

      Ooof, where logic doesn’t add up. The Yankee outfield is fine right now. Granderson is beastly. They’re holding down LF just fine and Swisher could be swapped out for Melky and they’re in the same place next year.

      • Cris Pengiucci says:

        They won’t be able to afford Melky next yer. He ain’t comin’ back.

        I do see this as a tough trade for the Yankees to pull off, though, as the pieces they have to offer (as well as what the D-Backs will most likely want) probably don’t align.

      • forensic says:

        They surviving in LF, but not doing well. I believe as of about a week or so ago they had the worst production out of LF of any team in baseball (or at least the AL). I still don’t believe Gardner will be back until August, if even then based on his multiple setbacks already. If he does get back, they can figure out some sort of rotation for a month or so.

        Melky will be vastly overpaid after this season and that where the organizational need for an OFer comes in as they could easily let Swisher walk rather than overpaying him too into his mid-30′s.

        I don’t have faith in the front office letting all those minor leaguers play in the bigs (if they even make it to the point of deserving it, which I doubt for several of them), and develop into quality players, so if you can trade them for a young major league level player at a position that is and will be a position of organizational need, then I do it.

        I don’t see where the logic doesn’t add up.

  14. kenthadley says:

    No thanks….whatever the price, it will be too high. If he was that good, he wouldn’t be on the market. Right now Nova is moving toward a second 15+ win season for a playoff team. The thought of including him in a package with the top prospects is ludicrous. This isn’t Felix, or even Miguel Cabrera being traded. OF is the easiest position to fill, particularly for a 189M payroll team, regardless of how much paring will go on over the next 2 years. If he was a SS or Catcher, I’d be more willing to get involved.

  15. don says:

    no Williams or Sanchez. Why would a team that competes trade their best player, think about it. Seattle traded a team controlled starter throwing 95, how did that turn out. Teams don’t trade their best players for no reason.

    • G says:

      To get a big haul of prospects back… If Upton clearly won’t help them win right now, they’d rather have 4 players who can help them win in a few years.

  16. BK2ATL says:

    I’d do Phelps/Marshall (SP), Betances/Montgomery (as a RP), Romine (C), Heathcott (OF), and one of Adams/Joseph (IF).

    5 players all above A level (except Montgomery), I’m not sure if that would be enough. It’s gonna take a good package.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      That wouldn’t get it done.

      • BK2ATL says:

        I know.

        They don’t need pitching, which excludes Banuelos, Nova, Hughes, etc.

        Either way, Banuelos is hurt. Romine is hurt. Nunez is hurt. Romine is hurt, but has value as a BUC. Campos is hurt. Betances ineffective. Williams and Austin are too young.

        Maybe we could do a 3 way deal, NYY-DET-ARI style.

  17. Tim K says:

    I don’t see a trade for him happening. The Yankees would be foolish to give up Nova and they just don’t have the prospects the D-Backs are going to want in return for Upton.

  18. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    I can’t see the Yanks trading for him this season. Maybe in the off-season if they can’t resign Swisher to a team-friendly deal. I have a feeling the Yankees will be asking a lot of their players for Miami Heat type deals.

    “Hey guys, would you take less to win championships?”

  19. RI$P FTW says:

    He’ll be a NICE addition to the Yank’s DL.

  20. DM says:

    If they’re selling, ask about Kubel instead.

  21. T roller says:

    I think a package of DJ Mitchell, Anthony Claggett, Humberto Sanchez, and Melky Mesa should be Cashman’s take it or leave it offer, but he might be able to land him for less

  22. space cadet glow says:

    $14.25M due in ’14. That doesn’t really fit into the austerity plan, unless they plan on moving Gardner into CF and letting Granderson walk.

    • Ro says:

      They could do it. I may need correcting on this, but isn’t luxury tax evaluated on AAV which would theoretically reduce that number a bit from $14.25? It maybe more in the area of $10mm or there about if counting towards luxury tax. Furthermore, I want to re-sign Granderson. I think he is a solid fit for the Yanks and a great ambassador for the sport and the Yanks. I also think that people are getting carried away with “how much” he is worth or will be paid. I really honestly don’t see Granderson getting more than a 4 year deal in the range of $60mm-$70mm, which would peg him at about $15mm-$17mm per season. Matt Kemp is not an example and I think they over-paid him. He is an awesome player, but paying any outfielder north of $150mm for that many years is a bad deal. It seems to me outfielders experience a high percentage of injuries throughout their careers (at least present day) and I do find it interesting that you have Bay, Werth, Kemp, Hamilton, Crawford, Ellsbury, and more who are all currently on the DL or experiencing some type of significant injury. Cashman has always done this right and mitigate his exposure with outfielders by not having them tied up for more than 4 years at a time.

  23. T roller says:

    I think a package of DJ Mitchell, Anthony Claggett, Humberto Sanchez, and Melky Mesa should be Cashmans take it or leave it offer, but he might be able to land him for less

  24. Strat says:

    Why would Cashman gut the farm for a guy who is 24 years old, and who AZ apparently doesn’t want to re-build around? What’s missing here?

    • Ron says:

      Ding ding ding. No one knows their players better than the current team. Pineda trade should scare Cashman from ever thinking anyone would give up young all star players.

      • 28 this year says:

        It should make him think twice, not think to never do it. Upton might be a guy to go for but I trust Cashman’s methods. He got guys like Swisher and Granderson and yea, Pineda looks like a mistake but the same logic coudl apply that he had to get rid of Montero because he knew something the Mariners didn’t and tried to cash in. It goes both ways

        • jjyank says:

          I definitely agree with that last part. A guy getting traded doesn’t at all mean that they “know something we don’t”. Maybe it does, but does that mean the Yankees knew something about Montero, IPK, AJax, Vizcaino, etc.? Not necessarily. Maybe Towers simply thinks that the value of getting multiple useful pieces in a trade to fill multiple holes is more than the value Upton provides by himself. I’m not making a statement either way, but after the Pineda stuff, I’m getting tired of the “they knew something and that’s why he was traded” meme.

        • G says:

          I think we are all forgetting that while Pineda has been worth 0 wins being injured and all, Montero has been worth negative wins.

          We win the trade.

      • Rich in NJ says:

        I would amend that to “young all stars for young pitchers.” At least that’s what the lesson should be.

    • blake says:

      I wouldn’t want to totally gut the system for anybody….but people were sayin the same stuff about Kemp a couple of years ago when he had a down there and ownership was on his case….

  25. RetroRob says:

    One word: Overrated.

    That doesn’t mean he’s not good, but in six years the on-field performance has yet to match the tool set.

    Kevin Towers has never been a huge Upton fan and he realizes the dream of Upton is worth more than the reality of Upton. He’s going to want some team to pay dearly for that dream, and that’s my concern.

    I’m not saying the Yankees shouldn’t kick the tires, but stripping the farm system for a guy who may deliver roughly what Nick Swisher has the past few years is an idea that should give pause. Swisher cost Betemit; Upton can cost the farm, or the farm and Nova judging by the trade proposals I’m seeing above.

    2012 is the second out of the last three seasons where he’s being viewed as underperforming. If we want to throw out his first couple of seasons and give him a mulligan on this year (I’m trying to help his case), and take his 2009-2011 seasons, we’re looking at approximtely a 4.5 fWAR, 130 wRC+ and 127 OPS+ player, basically a tick ahead of what Swisher delivered in the same time frame. That’s good. It’s the price to replace that that is concerning.

  26. jjyank says:

    I’m all for it. Justin Upton would be my ideal long term solution in right field, and the kind of guy you could only dream about your prospects turning into, so yeah, nobody is untouchable for him. And as awesome as he is, he’s still a few years away from his prime.

    Towers is familiar with the Yankees’ system, and he and Cash reportedly have a good relationship. If he truly is available, I would hope the Yankees are all over that.

    • jjyank says:

      After reading some of the above comments and taking a closer look at his numbers, I will amend my position to it not being a slam dunk, and I wouldn’t give up Nova or some ridiculous package. I’m not sure the Yankees have the pieces for a deal either.

      But his wRC+ the last 3 years were 132, 110, and 140. The 110 isn’t great, but he’s still very young (that would be his age 22 season there). I think the thumb issue might be part of his down year so far too.

      Everything I’ve read about him suggests he’s the better Upton too, so I don’t really care for the comparisons to BJ.

      • Ro says:

        We’re thinking alike on this.

        I’ll trade some good prospects for sure, but not the “entire farm” as been already said. This is a ver doable trade for a player that is being paid a lot (let’s keep that in mind) and who is being booed out of Arizona.

        • jjyank says:

          Right, I personally don’t think any single player is an “entire farm” sort of trade. But I would be willing to take a significant hit for Upton for sure.

          Also, I was looking at some fielding stuff too. I know UZR is a flawed stat, but he hasn’t graded negatively there since 2008. I haven’t watched him enough personally to make an eye test judgement, but some people above seem to be bashing his defense and that may not be warranted.

  27. Ro says:

    Weird. I mentioned this the other day and was jumped on about it. I guess readers of these blogs can’t suggest these types of things.

    While he was 4th in MVP voting last season, he’s had a rough season this year and his numbers are solid (for his age) years before, but not Trout like. Upton is a huge player with huge potential for sure and in my opinion, a slam dunk perfect fit for the Yanks after the season. It Towers can hang on a bit, this is a very real possibility going into the winter. I do think he is being slightly over-valued. He is being paid a lot of money and there is always risk involved when assuming a larger contract, regardless of age, potential, etc.

    • Ro says:

      That being said, I’d offer up something like:

      J.R Murphy – Back up for Montero with his new contract
      Brandon Laird – yes, they could use him for a season or two, while their top prospect matures. He’s solid filler to a team that has poor production out of that spot currently.

      I’d be willing to swap out one with Romine, as Towers has already asked for him. I’d even include Austin along with Williams. Betances is also an extra name to use in these talks (regardless of how he is currently doing or where he’ll ultimately wind up – bullpen or starting).

      Only two names off the list should be Banuelos and Sanchez. Shit, I’d even let the D-Backs look at Depaula, who I’m pretty high on. Truth is though, if the Rangers wanted him, they’d have a better chance with Olt (a position the D-Backs would love to fill) and others. He would be a solid replacement for Hamilton if not signed.

      Hopefully Cashman and Towers relationship, including the fact the Towers knows the Yanks farm very well, perhaps better than most teams, could work to the Yanks benefit.

  28. christopher says:

    I’d be really wary of this guy. Sure, look at it, but don’t overpay. People say he’s just 24, but 24 is also a time when if he’s going to be a class player, you sense it without question. There’s a lot of questions here that can go either way. If ever I feel in my gut ‘buyer beware,’ it’s with a player like Upton.

  29. Squints says:

    Gotta stop trading the farm for players. Trading Sanchez would be the stupidest thing the Yankees could do. A good hitting catcher who can actually catch. BJ Upton is ok but like alot of you have said and observed his defense is average and his offensive production comes and goes. Cashman will not deal Sanchez.

    • jjyank says:

      I don’t want to trade the farm either, but if you’re gonna take a big scoop of out it, it’s for a young player.

      And we’re not talking about BJ, not sure why you mentioned him. Justin is, from what I’ve read, always been considered the better Upton.

  30. Squints says:

    Correction Justin Upton

  31. Tom Zig says:

    Do we even have the upper level talent available?

    Sure I mean Warren, DJ Mitchell, Phelps are all good pieces to have but they aren’t centerpieces to a Justin Upton deal. Banuelos who would be a centerpiece is hurt & Betances just got demoted.

    So that leaves Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, Bryan Mitchell, & Brett Marshall. Would some combination of those 4 plus one of the Bs + one of the first group get it done? I have no idea.

  32. Smart Guy says:

    send them cervelli, adam warren, yeicock calderon, bryan mitchell, brett wallace, pat venditte, brandon laird , dj mitchell and ramiro peña

    if they say no to that then add kelvin deleon and eladio moronta

  33. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Manny Banuelos, Gary Sanchez, Brett Gardner, Mason Willaims and Cito Culver’s bat for Upton. Then get the Bernandez guy from Seattle in a sign and trade.

    —–Wait something’s wrong here

  34. Voice of Reason says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and pass on this. He’s not yet 25 (somehow), but his performance has varied wildly from year to year. If he’s traded, the team who gets him is probably going to be paying for 2009 and 2011 Justin Upton, not 2010 and 2012 Justin Upton. Which one is he really and which will be be going forward? You’d have to be a fool to trade basically all of your prospects for the latter. Buster Olney states the obvious: if the Diamondbacks think there’s more where 2011 came from, they wouldn’t be trying to deal him. He’s almost certainly not the lemon Ubaldo Jimenez was, but it’s the same principle – there’s no reason whatsoever to go out of your way to deal a guy like that unless you think he’s being way overvalued. Let somebody else take the plunge.

  35. TheBadOwl says:

    They have already stated interest in Romine. Here’s what I’d offer them:

    Romine, Betances, Nunez, Ramon Flores, Corban Joseph and Bryan Mitchell. Probably wouldn’t get it done, so maybe we swing a three-way trade?

    • G says:

      You can’t avoid our top prospects. You’ve listed a ton of nice secondary pieces that could deal the deal, but no strong core. I say Sanchez is untouchable but other than that open up. I don’t think they’ll have too much of a problem with that either, having Miguel Montero and all. The trade is certainly doable if Towers holds off until the offseason. That’d allow Banuelos time to reestablish value, or time for the Yankees to make Nova expendable. It could also give Romine time to get healthy and make himself a useful piece again. At that point, a package of Banuelos/Nova, Williams, CoJo and Romine could be offered up, and it would certainly have a chance of getting done.

  36. NYCSPORTZFAN says:

    I’d imagine Nova would be a must.. Nova, Sanchez, Williams, and Eduardo Nunez? I don’t know if i’d do it though.. I love Mason Williams.. I think hes gotta chance to be a 320ba 15hr 80rbi 30sb type guy all by himself…

    • G says:

      I agree that there’s a chance, but while we wait on that lottery ticket, we have pressing budget issues. This would allow us to immediately replace Swisher and, looking into the future, move Gardner to center and replace Granderson. Suddenly the 2014 plan seems much easier to successfully implement.

      I still say we have to hold off until the offseason and check all of our options. Our farm system’s value can only really go up, so there’s little to no harm in waiting. If he gets traded elsewhere in the meantime, so be it. There are other options.

  37. j says:

    Robinson Cano for J-Up + one of their arms. Three and a half years of Upton for one and a half years of Cano. And I think Upton is the better player.

    • NYCSPORTZFAN says:

      hells no! Maybe Miguel Montero and Justin Upton for Cano? Maybe..

    • Steve (different one) says:

      How is Upton the better player?

      • j says:

        Younger and closer to his peak, while Cano is entering his decline years. I would rather have Justin Upton’s 24-27 yo seasons than Cano’s 29-30 yo seasons.

        • j says:

          Hate to say it, but if we take off our Yankee colored glasses Cano/Upton is a fair trade. Even if you value Cano more than Upton, Upton has two extra years of team control, is cheaper, five years younger and has just as much, if not more talent. If anything, the D-Backs would be on the losing end.

          • Preston says:

            That would be a lose lose trade, the Dbacks are trying to get better for the future, the Yankees want to win now. Even though it’s a fair trade in terms of value neither team gets what they want.

  38. NYCSPORTZFAN says:

    There is no way were getting Upton without Nova being part of the deal.. Nova or Robertson.. Maybe a RObertson, Sanchez, Phelps deal? Thats probably not rich enough..

  39. jayd808 says:

    And behind all that is a MTR report that the Rangers are kicking the tires on Cole Hamels. Doesn’t THAT force the Yanks to make a move? I mean, Lordy, imagine the Rangers with Hamels.

    Of course I want both Hamels and Upton and if Nova figured in the mix somewhere, where’s the pain in that?

  40. willbur says:

    Just as I was against the Ubaldo Jimenez trade and most crazy fantasy baseball Yankee fans were calling for Cashman’s resignation for refusing to give up the farm, I am also against the Justin Upton trade for similar and different reasons. Some on here already posted that outfielder’s can be replaced easier than any other position and that is absolutely correct. This is the new age of baseball and youth and pitching will dominate. Having a strong farm is vital and to sacrifice 4 big prospects for one player is now too big a gamble. I know Upton is young but the fact that his defense is avg at times and he is having a down year is a big concern when you talk about trading a Sanchez, Banuelos, Mason Williams type prospect. I say keep the prospects and fill in the outfield position with internal options or short term free agent signings. This kid Mason Williams looks like he has the ability to be a stud and he is ours. So let us not sell our youth in a fantasy baseball type of move and let us build from within with some smart free agent moves and trades that make sense.

  41. willbur says:

    Upton is as good as Cano? On what planet? Spoiled Yankee fan’s. Cano is one of the best hitters in baseball at a premium position and above avg defensively at that. Please with these silly comments!

  42. Ted Nelson says:

    I know trade rumors are good for traffic, but they bring out the most ridiculous comments.

  43. Pochi says:

    Yankees should do a 3 way trade to help them for the future… Trade Swisher to the dodgers Upton to the Yankees n prospects to d-backs from Yankees n dodgers

    • Preston says:

      I think this would be a smart move, I’m not sure the Dodger’s and Dbacks would be willing to work on a trade together. I still think we’d have to gut our system to do it. I think people are right that It would take 4 elite prospects to get the deal done. Swisher would probably only net one such prospect. And of course it wouldn’t greatly improve our team this season.

      • Pochi says:

        Last year when Mets trade Belt ran they got a Pretty high Prospect in Zack Wheeler to me Swisher is a better player at that time last year because he plays in a high level environment with great team chemistry n hitter so Yankees to Dodgers would be at least 2 top prospects from dodgers to dbacks n Phelps n Bentences/Romaine to dbacks

        • Preston says:

          Well the other problem is that the Dodgers only have pitching prospects and the Diamondbacks would rather have a package built around hitters. So even if we got Lee and Eavoldi (I think it’d be hard to get either) I don’t think the Diamondbacks would be overly interested since Bauer and Skaggs are better.

  44. Anthony says:

    Oh no. Defense can’t do this again

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