Yankees recall David Phelps, send D.J. Mitchell to Triple-A

2013 Draft: Competitive Balance Lottery Results
Thursday Wednesday Night Open Thread

The Yankees recalled David Phelps from Triple-A Empire State following today’s game, the team announced. D.J. Mitchell has been sent down to Triple-A in a corresponding move. Phelps has been dealing of late — 31 strikeouts in his last 21 innings — and was scheduled to start tomorrow, so he’s good for some serious length out of the bullpen. I suppose there’s a chance he’ll start instead of Freddy Garcia tomorrow night, but I wouldn’t count on it.

2013 Draft: Competitive Balance Lottery Results
Thursday Wednesday Night Open Thread
  • J.R.

    They are really jerking Phelps around. That said, I trust him more in the pen than D.J.

    Also, it seems like Giardi is using 5 relievers a night lately.

    • RetroRob

      That’s his role this year. Ride the shuttle. He’s happy to be jerked around than spending the full year in AAA.

  • Rich in NJ

    Unless he is starting, I don’t like this move.

    • Countryclub

      I agree

      • CS Yankee

        +100, or however many pitches he’d been stretched out for.

        Perhaps Freddy was traded to the Nats (6-man Stras rotation) for a certain young outfielder.


        • Rick in Philly

          Roger Bernadina?

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      I agree. Freddie has shown the ability to go back and forth to the bullpen. So maybe Phelps gets the start. He’s more of the future than Garcia. Maybe with the large lead Phelps getting another shot at it.

  • yooboo

    Does it mean Garcia is an half now like sick or hidden injury? It would make sense because Mitchell has not stretched into 70 area for backing Garcia tomorrow.

    That or scouting happens.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Philly’s scouts will be there to watch him start. Phelps for Hamels straight up. Get it done Cash!

      • Lazer Town

        While I would hate to lose phelps, it would be nice to get hamels. Depends upon what the organization currently feels his ceiling is. If it is as a 5th man max then I’d do it, but if he can be a bit higher than for a couple months hamels i think he is more valuable. If they can prove phelps as a solid starter then he is worth way more

        • G

          What the… First off, it was a total joke. Second, you’d be nuts not to do Phelps for Hamels straight up. It’s just not going to happen, nothing even close to that.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          Yeah, actually I’m with you. If the Yankees feel this would get it done with Philly and if they felt they could sign Hamels after the season, I’m all for it. But since there’s no guarantee Hamels would be anything more than a rental, this would be the absolute max I’d want to give up and I’m not quite sure I’d want to give up that much.

        • jon

          this is a joke right?

  • Preston

    I really hope he’s starting.

    • Lazer Town

      Me too, I just think he has way more of a future, and i think that they should give the young guys a shot, he is already 25, and on many teams would be full time by now.

  • Steve S

    I haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on here. This ONLY makes sense if Phelps and Garcia are switching roles.

    What they REALLY should do is have a journeyman with ability to go multiple okay innings, like Ramon Ortiz, move Garcia to a middle relief role, and start Phelps.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah, I agree. Stretch him out, don’t stretch him out, stretch him out. There’s no set plan here, and the need hasn’t really changed.

      I also think Mitchell could just keep on doing the multi-inning thing. We don’t need to add Ramon Ortiz to the 40-man for that. I under Mitchell is young, but he’s already in the role and needs to make an impression somewhere.

      I agree with Rob above that his role is to ride the shuttle this year and that such is life. I also think the slightly smarter choice, as I’ve said before, is to ride Freddy-as-starter into the ground and have Phelps be the alternate.

      Still, I like Phelps, hopes he’s the next overachieving unheralded Yankee pitching star, and am happy to see him.

      • Steve S

        I just want Mitchell getting consistent innings.

  • Jackson

    Phelps is definitely deserving of a start considering how he has performed at both the major and minor leagues in recent weeks. He has shown an ability to get strikeouts but just not enough put away stuff to be effiecient and limit pitch counts. He conceivably has more value to the Yankees beyond this season. I wonder if Mitchell and Phelps might be shuttling back and forth between AAA and NY to cover the long-man position and still stay stretched out. Would it be realistic for Phelps to start in Oakland with Garcia in the pen, be sent down for 10 days with Garcia taking the next turn in the rotation with Mitchell in the pen, and then Phelps returns from AAA to take the next turn with Mitchell in AAA? If for nothing else I can’t imagine why a team like the Padres or Rockies doesn’t in quire about the availability of Mitchell/Warren/Phelps.

  • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Greg Corcoran

    Can you say audition? He’s being dangled in front of someone right now if you ask me. A couple of good starts and they might be able to get a solid left fielder for him, or greatly decrease the package necessary to obtain one of their targets.

    • Lazer Town

      If he can become a solid starter the rest of the season, then they could snag several prospects for him.

  • Strat

    Well if they are going to attempt to showcase him, the next two series are probably as good a time as any. Oakland and Seattle aren’t exactly juggernaut offenses. I can’t imagine they went to the trouble of stretching him back out just to throw him in the pen again, but who knows? I just hope they’re not going to keep treating him like a yo-yo.

  • Tremont

    With this move, the depth argument for keeping Garcia in the rotation is dead. It makes no sense to have finally stretched Phelps back out just to go back into the bullpen.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It could easily be, as we’ve written above, that the team can’t make up its mind as to whether they want Phelps stretched out to start or not. So yes, something that made no sense could have just happened.

      Of course, I’ve been down this road with you before and have zero desire to go down it again.

      • Tremont

        And yet you couldn’t help yourself. We have a new development in the situation. This was not a rehash of an old point.

  • forensic

    A 48 hour bug wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Garcia to get right about now…

  • Anthony

    I am so confused. I thought we were keeping Phelps in AAA to get stretched out.

  • yooboo

    Garcia has 5.22 ERA and Hughes has 6.08 against A’s. Yankees definitely need a true long reliever.

  • Dewayne is Wise

    Phelps for Coco Crisp Billy Beane wants to see him up close.