Yanks drop another one-run game in Oakland


Source: FanGraphs

Three games, three one-run losses. It is the Yankees’ first three-game losing streak since mid-June, when they lost two straight to the Braves at home then one on the road at CitiField. Let’s recap…

  • Philbert: Phil Hughes pitched very well, but he made two mistakes and they both went for solo homers. That was enough to cost him the game on this night. Pretty ridiculous. Phil allowed just two hits through seven innings before Brandon Inge blasted a solo homer to kickoff the eighth. Yoenis Cespedes launched a dinger in the fourth. I thought Hughes actually had a pretty good changeup too, particularly the one he threw to strike out Josh Reddick in a 3-2 count with two outs and the go-ahead run on second and Cespedes on deck in the sixth. Hughes did his part, he was pretty awesome.
  • No Runs: The Yankees have done nothing to dispel the myth that they can’t hit rookie pitches in this series even though they came into it with a 26-11 record against pitchers they’ve never before since 2010. Alex Rodriguez was the only consistent offense, reaching base and coming around to score the only run before leading off the ninth with a single and stealing second to put the tying run in scoring position. He also laced a first inning line drive that Jemile Weeks grabbed at the apex of his leap. Raul Ibanez plated the only run with a hard-hit ground ball back up the middle.
  • Leftovers: Robinson Cano‘s hitting streak came to an end at 23 games :( … Curtis Granderson drew a walk, the team’s first of the series … six of the New York’s first 23 plate appearances lasted just one pitch, which is terrible … the bottom five hitters in the lineup saw a total of 51 pitches in 16 plate appearances, which is also terrible … seemingly the entire infield botched a routine rundown in the eighth, but Coco Crisp bailed them out by getting picked off again a few batters later.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs a bunch of other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Orioles and Blue Jays won, the Red Sox and Rays lost. The lead in the division shrunk to seven games over Baltimore but is at least nine games over everyone else. CC Sabathia will look to salvage the series against former teammate Bartolo Colon on Sunday afternoon.

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  • forensic

    Have you guys ever done an article on duration of games vs. Yankees record? I’d love to see if my instinct is correct that they’re much worse in games around the 2:30-2:45 length than say the 3:15-3:30 length, basically saying they’re not doing their thing of working pitchers, taking walks, and creating offense. I don’t know if any site keeps track of the length of games.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      B-Ref has length of games, if you want to do the research work.


      • forensic

        Yeah, I know the box scores and BR list them all, I was more looking for a site that did the legwork for me. :-) I guess sorting on BR is just going to be the best to work with though.

        • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

          If my Excel skills are working (a big if at this time of night/ state of inebriation), they are averaging 5.23 R/g in games at least 3 hours in length (52 games), 4.36 R/g in games less than 3 hours (42 games)

          • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

            And giving up 4.88 r/g in the over 3 hour games, only 2.95 r/g in the under 3 hour games. Seems like the shortness of the games has a little more to do with the Yankees pitching than their offense.

            • forensic

              Thanks for being the site that did the legwork for me. :-)

              And yeah, does look like it affects the Yanks more than opponents. The starter pitches well and Girardi theoretically has less opportunity to mix and match with his 700 OOGY’s, which certainly shortens things too.

              • Laz

                I don’t think it is just the time. I think that it is due to the fact that the yankees are simply a run scoring team. When they get shut down on offense then the game will be quicker.

    • Ralph

      MLB.com box scores keep the game time near the bottom clumped together with wind and attendance.

    • Get Phelps Up

      by my unofficial count, the Yankees are actually 15-7 in games under 2:45.

      • forensic

        Yeah, I was looking at that and was surprised. Prior to tonight (which is tied for their 2nd shortest of the season), they were 4-0 in their 4 shortest and 9-1 in their 10 shortest (also 6-0 in their 6 longest).

        In other words, I was almost completely wrong…

        • Laz

          Baseball plays so many games, so what may seem like alot especially if you only watch some of the games, turns out to be different.

          • forensic

            So, positing a theory that happened to turn out wrong means I don’t watch enough games??? Good luck with that.

  • Ralph

    Another day, another painful one run loss. This one hurts much more than the other two with Inge of all people delivering the coup de grace. So glad I’m not a Jays fan.

  • Yankee Fan 1

    Blame Reggie.

  • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

    Hughes has now given up 2 runs or fewer in 19 out of 30 starts since returning from the DL last year. He’s still a bit prone to the occasional shellacking, and I’m still a bit uneasy about his starts, but that’s pretty damn good, especially for a 4th/5th starter.

    • Kosmo

      Hughes has pitched great baseball in 7 of his last 10 starts. That´s damn good.

  • Kevin

    Bound to happen sooner or later. Better now while most of our rivals are losing then when we face them.
    And yes the A’s are how right now..let’s see how they do once they get on the road and out of that sorry excuse for a park.

  • Dino Velvet

    interesting splits for ARod:

    3rd base: .241/.332/.409/.794

    DH: .351/.407/.515/.923

    Maybe it’s time to make him a full time DH

    • Rich in NJ

      SSS at his point, imo.

    • Laz

      Yea but who plays 3b every day? Is it really worth it if Nix is playing 3b everyday. Chavez is too injury prone to be a regular. If nunez was up I think that he would be able to handle third, i think his problems stem from the fact that he isn’t a utility player, give him a position and he should do alright.

  • Brian S.

    Better hope we don’t play on the West Coast at all in the playoffs. The ball doesn’t carry there.

    • Brian S.

      Or I should say ‘here’ since I live in California.

  • Rich in NJ

    They have been vulnerable to changeups, which makes sense given the all or nothing approach of so many of their hitters. They need an OF who hits for AVG.

  • stuart a

    have a parade the singles hitter called arod got on base twice. still knocking in runs at a pace of a 8th place hitter, give him a raise…..

    yanks when they are not hitting homers look like a bunch of slow old men.

    can granderson go a game without striking out??????ajax is turning into a better player and is 8 years younger…….

    • forensic

      Uh oh, looks like there’s a second guy in the cross-hairs now (though sadly there isn’t much argument with that one).

    • Laz

      you talk about grandy striking out and then saying they should have kept ajax? They both strike out a ton.

      Arod still has a .350 obp and 14 hr.

      The yankees are built on the hr. Since Hr hitters tend to be bigger that is the reason they are slower. Most players are either speed or power.

      • Kosmo

        in fairness to Ajax he´s cut down on K´s and is on pace for 120-130 Ks for 2012 while granderson on the other hand is on pace to eclipse his 2011 record for most K´s in a season by a NYY.

      • Kosmo

        except for many HOFers like Aaron, Mays and Mantle who were not big men. I could easily name 100 ballplayers who don´t fit your mold of what ballplayers should look like and what their capabilities are.

    • Bunt Gardner

      Soft kitty, 
      Warm kitty, 
      Little ball of fur.
      Happy kitty, 
      Sleepy kitty, 
      Purr Purr Purr

      • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)


      • Anthony


  • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

    grumble mumble ARod mumble mumble RBIs grumble mumble cAPitalizaTIon mumble grumble Ike Davis mumble grumble pun?tu.atio!n mumble grumble punch and judy mumble grumble give hIM a raise mumble grumble GET OFF MY LAWN mumble grumble

  • stuart a

    penis. its what’s for dinner.

    • Dela G

      What this guy said.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I think the batters just weren’t patient enough. Parker’s walking guys like it’s no one’s business, so with a bit of patience Parker could’ve beaten himself.

    • Kosmo

      FWIW Parker´s BB have been trending downwards for 2 months. Give credit to Parker a talented up and coming SP.

      • Bavarian Yankee

        that’s true. Oakland has done great trades when it comes to pitching recently, they got Parker and their closer Cook for Cahill; Milone and their catcher Norris for Gio. You could argue that Parker is already a better pitcher than Cahill and the Gio trade really worked for both teams.

        You have to give Oakland credit when it comes to pitching, their pitching staffs have always been in the top 10 during the past years.

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    If Oakland wins one of the WC and we have to go there for the first two games it will be a challenge indeed.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Their pitchers are still young and mistake-prone. Just because you’ve pretty much seen a worst-case scenario against them these first three games doesn’t mean it will continue.

  • ahinds

    in regards to yankees and rookie pitching. i was listing to baseball today and k-law was talking about some young hitter and he referenced how younger hitters dont usually go up to the plate with “game plan” kinda its more see the ball hit the ball. while more experienced hitters rely more on previous experiences.

    hello comment section. lemmie just say i dig this comment section its pretty awesome.


    The thing i find funny is just the other day, people are talking about us resting guys because of our lead in the East and yada yada yada.. I was very surprised and stressed playing every game like its ur last, as theres still plenty of season left, and u don’t want to stumble into the playoffs anyways, and make things closer then they need to be..

    And less then a week later, Baltimore is within 7games..lol Far from a impossible lead to overcome in the east, especially with many head t heads down the line..

    • Evan3457

      The Orioles are not the threat.

      • Kevin

        The way they’re playing,Boston isn’t either.