Yanks, Freddy drop opener in Oakland

Williams continues hot streak with a homer
Mailbag: Draft Picks, Gordon, Girardi, Soriano

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The Yankees lost Thursday night’s game but kept the streak alive — Nick Swisher‘s solo homer with one out in the ninth inning gave them at least three runs for the 43rd consecutive game. That’s the second longest streak of the live ball era and just six away from the record. Sadly, that was the highlight of the night. Let’s recap…

  • No Bueno: The Angels smacked Freddy Garcia around five days ago and another AL West team did the honors on Thursday. The Athletics tagged Freddy for nine hits and four runs in 5.2 innings, including two on a golf shot homer by Yoenis Cespedes in the first. Everything Garcia threw was up, and when he did manage to get the ball down it was out over the plate. His next start will come against the Mariners in Seattle — they have a team 58 wRC+ (!) at Safeco this season — and if he can’t dominate in that environment, it’ll be time to give David Phelps a legit chance in the rotation.
  • West Coast Offense: The Yankees’ bats looked sluggish after the long trip out west, not putting up much of a fight until right-hander A.J. Griffin had visibly tired in the sixth. Mark Teixeira drove in a run with a long sacrifice fly and Swisher plated another with a single. He was their best offensive player on an otherwise forgettable night. No walks, seven singles, and Swisher’s homer. That was it.
  • The Kid: With four strikeouts in 2.1 innings in this game, Phelps has now struck out 35 batters in his last 23.2 innings (13.3 K/9). He retired all seven men he faced and was getting a ton of called strikes with that little two-seamer down and on the outside corner to righties/inside corner to lefties. At some point, likely very soon, the Yankees are just going to have to let him start to see what he can do, Freddy’s feelings be damned.
  • Leftovers: Robinson Cano extended his hitting streak to 22 games and his on-base streak to 25 games with a sixth inning single … Derek Jeter (two singles), Alex Rodriguez (two singles), and Swisher (single and homer) had multiple hits while Cano and Raul Ibanez chipped in singles … Teixeira hit the sac fly to deep center plus another ball to the warning track in left, so he just missed a few that could have gone a long way … the Yankees had won nine straight in Oakland, dating all the way back to the Dallas Braden “get off my mound” game in April 2010.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. Every other AL East team won except for the idle Blue Jays, so New York’s lead in the division is down to (gasp!) nine games over Baltimore and double digits over everyone else. Ivan Nova will look to get the Yankees back in the win column against Tommy Milone in game two of this four-game set on Friday night. That’s another 10pm ET start, unfortunately.

Williams continues hot streak with a homer
Mailbag: Draft Picks, Gordon, Girardi, Soriano
  • S

    It is also worth mentioning that Russell Martin pinch hit for someone. Can’t imagine that will ever yield a positive outcome.

    • Evan3457

      It didn’t work last night, but Chavez hasn’t been allowed to hit against lefties pretty much all season (only 1 for 11 vs. lefties with 6 K and 1 BB), whereas Martin has done pretty well against them this year (SSS warning; .268/.388/.518 in 67 PA before tonight. Martin was only 4 for 28 as a PH before this AB, but that’s an even smaller sample size.)

      • Ted Nelson

        And it was effectively a double switch where Martin replaced Stewart. Stewart is a far worse offensive player. Martin is at a 79 RC+, while Stewart is at a 48. People who still consider BA an accurate proxy for offensive performance will miss this.

        • 7commerce

          Please, Mr. Ted, enough w/ this disparagement of BA…check the TOP 10 career BA guys & dismiss until u check another single–more sexy–NOW stat.

          • Ted Nelson

            Are you serious? Ignore discipline and power?

  • RetroRob

    If they weren’t going to win, I was hoping the streak died too.

  • Kosmo

    Garcia threw 32 pitches in a relief appearance on June 27 followed by a start 5 or so days later in which he threw 74 pitches. Phelps threw 27 pitches tonight no reason Phelps if given the opportunity couldn´t respond in similar fashion in Seattle hopefully with better results.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      Phelps is fully stretched out. If given the opportunity to take Garcia’s next start, he should be good for at least 90+ (probably 100+).

      Unfortunately, I doubt he’ll get that opportunity.

  • Kosmo

    I haven´t seen it posted on RAB but didn´t Montgomery get promoted to Trenton ?

    • Brian S.

      It was mentioned yesterday.

      • Kosmo

        thanks !

  • Brian S.

    Hopefully we fare better against Malone tomorrow than we did the first time we saw him. I imagine Nix will play SS or 2B tomorrow.

  • Anthony

    Close game but happy that the streak has been maintained.

  • jim p

    I mind losing less when Boston also loses. Which they didn’t. Baltimore’s win has them breathing down our neck. I prefer, to paraphrase the old quote, to be 10 games up at the start of the second half and then gradually pull away.

    • FIPster Doofus

      You’re really worried about Baltimore? Christ.

      • jim p

        Reply fail. See answer below.

        • Get Phelps Up

          Then why did you say they’re “breathing down our neck?” 9 games is certainly a comfortable lead.

      • Get Phelps Up

        And since when is 9 games back “breathing down our neck?”

    • rek4gehrig

      breathing down our neck? A 9 game lead?

  • FIn

    I know its a small sample size, but man has Phelps looked good. I know it wont happen, but it would really be nice to see him get the start in 5 days instead of Freddy.

  • jim p


  • Nathan

    Was at the game tonight and the offense was pretty lethargic. Aside from the one inning, they didn’t seem to be hitting the ball with any authority and along with Freddy’s sloppy start, it just didn’t feel very good.

    The one positive is that the bullpen didn’t get overworked and should be fairly fresh the next few games.

  • http://thecarsboneblog.tumblr.com Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Missed the game tonight to see the opening of The Dark Knight Rises. I suggest anybody who is a fan of A. Christopher Nolan, B. Batman, C. Christian Bale, or D. Good Movies go see it at your earliest convenience. It was just about perfect.

    • Pat D

      I’m going at noon.

      I’d hate to think that my safety is in jeopardy after what happened in Colorado.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        We’ve had a run of bad luck here this summer. Hope this incident is simply an isolated case that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the country.

  • Jeff B

    Freddy has done a good job for us, filling in when needed, but it’s time to put him back in the bullpen and let Phelps take his turn in the rotation.
    Had a feeling this would happen in the first game. Let’s take the next three and keep our momentum going!

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I would like to see the Yankees give Phelps a prolonged look at the rotation. With the very comfortable lead Phelps could get some very valuable innings. This would go a long way toward decisions on 2013. As far as Freddie if we bring him back for an encore in 2013 than the team has done nothing or unable to improve their starting pitching.

    With the looming 2014 Cap, Phelps is a less expensive option at the back end of the rotation. Who knows if Pineda recovers to his old self.

    Go with the youth Yanks.

  • TopChuckie

    With a big division lead, 6-man rotation?

    • forensic

      Take starts away from good pitchers to make sure bad ones keep starting?

      • TopChuckie

        Save innings pitched for good pitchers because you have a huge lead and need them in October, and take advantage of an opportunity to see if your pitching prospect(s) can make it at the MLB level.


    David Phelps had breezed through the farm system ala David Roberson with nothing but strong results, and in Phelps case, he was known as a savy pitcher who could “pitch” as well as mix in a solid heater and off speed stuff.. Obviously a smart kid as he went to Notre Dame, to me, he was always destined to be a helpful part to the rotation.. Never have i had more debates about a player in the farm then with David Phelps.. So many, had no faith at all in this guy.. I swear if he were taken in the 3rd or 4th rd, it would of been completely diffrent… I just don’t understand what he lacked to make people think he wasen’t gonna be a solid ML pitcher?

    • Ted Nelson

      Who were you arguing with? Phelps was pretty universally considered a SP prospect. Most prospects do fail, though.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Pretty much no compelling reason not to switch Phelps and Freddy but I’d kick the tires on Liriano who’s been on fire lately. If the cost wasn’t prohibitive, he could be lightening in a bottle and at worst, death to any lefty out of the pen in the post season.

    • Ted Nelson

      At worst he could be Francisco Liriano… He’s got some appeal if you need a P, but I wouldn’t give up much to get an 8th SP with as up and down a track record as him. I have to imagine some team that actually needs a starter will give up something of value.

  • Klemy

    “if he can’t dominate in that environment, it’ll be time to give David Phelps a legit chance in the rotation.”

    I wish this were already the case. Freddy doesn’t provide much going forward, other than soaking up some innings. I’d really rather see Phelps with some consistency at this point.

  • Ro

    Have to admit, it’s definitely time to pencil Phelps in for the start in Seattle. The fact he pitched yesterday sets him up perfectly to make that start and he is already stretched out. As for Freddy, he’s smart enough of a player to realize that they are giving the kid a chance. We’re already nearing the end of July and the final two months of the season. Freddy, should just be happy he’s made it this far with a season of mediocre pithing. There is far more upside for the Yankees as an organization to see what Phelps really has as a starter versus concerning themselves with Freddy’s feelings. He did well as mop up/long man. I’m expecting that Phelps is given the ball for next Tuesday.

  • Ted Nelson

    It has little to do with Freddy’s feelings.

  • Eddard

    Freddy deserves another shot given all he’s done for us. All he’s done is taken the ball when asked and keep us in ballgames. How quickly forget that Freddy shut down the vaunted Red Sox offense and helped us to build up a 10 game lead in the division.

    • roadrider

      Actually, no he doesn’t. He’s getting paid a lot more than he’s worth so he can suck it up in whatever role he’s assigned to. He’s lucky to have a job at this point in his career. He has (or shouldn’t have) any future with the organization (then again, Cashman and Girardi are the tag team that kept bringing Sergio Mitre back) like Phelps might.

      Garcia has had his career. Phelps has also done what was asked of him and it’s wrong and stupid to jerk him around to avoid hurting the feelings of a guy who probably should’ve been DFA’d back in April. What Garcia did against the Red Sox or in a couple of relief outings against weak-hitting teams. is not relevant as it is outweighed by the mediocrity of his stuff and his many other poor performances like the last two.

      Phelps should get the next turn in the rotation.

      • Ro

        Well said and pretty much echoed the point I made. Phelps could be something good for the Yankees future or at a minimum, be very appealing to other teams in the offseason to acquire, if that’s the direction the Yanks want to go with Phelps. Not having him pitch takes away more than Freddy throwing a stinker. And it’s not that Freddy has been that awful. I mean he isn’t giving up 8,9,10 runs nor is he only going an inning or two, it’s just how he labors through his outings that’s cause for concern. When Freddy pitches it’s more about “is the offensive of the opposing team on or off on that particular night.” If they’re off, Freddy could possibly do well throwing his slop. That’s a real gamble in my opinion, however. I like Freddy and he seems to have a nice thing going with his teammates, but we’re at the point where the Yanks needs to really think about the business of this whole thing with the 5th spot and put Phelps in there. Unless of course, the Yanks are treading carefully to preserve Phelps value and maybe Cashman has him in mind for a potential trade in the coming week. It’s really the only thing I can think of if he doesn’t get the start next Tuesday.

      • Ted Nelson

        No one is holding Garcia’s hand. They’re making decisions based on the info available at te time and in the best interedt of the team. You can’t totally reshuffle your roster every time someone has a hot or cold streak. And insinuating that Girardi and Cashman are incompetent for usin Mitre as roster filler shows a lot more about you than them.

    • gc

      The vaunted Red Sox offense of Nava, Ciriaco, Ortiz, Gonzalez, Gomez, Kalish, Aviles, Shoppach and Lillibridge? That vaunted offense?? That’s the lineup Boston rolled out when Freddy faced them. Hardly the vaunted offense you’re thinking of, I’m sure. And hey, Freddy did his job that day, and that’s great. But he has no future on this team. He’s a stop gap, and if you have other options you can explore (and a big lead in the division), why not do so? You get to see if this young guy you’ve invested a lot of time and money into has got anything of value to your future, as either a direct on-field contributor to the team or as trade bait.

    • forensic

      Taking the ball and keeping them in games is what he gets paid for. He doesn’t deserve anything extra for doing minimum that he should to be able to keep his job. And doing that minimum and keeping them in games hasn’t even been done that consistently, despite it being such a low bar to reach.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Is it me or does it feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those stupid, lethargic, nothingness losses? No biggy, let’s get ’em in game two, boys.

  • Wayne

    We are going to ruin phelps arm like we did joba chamberlain. We stretched him out why the hell is he back in the bullpen. Joe girardi has no idea how to handle young starters. How much you wanna bet he ‘s not going to start in 5 days. Girardi is clueless in this situation! Phelps will be getting season ending surgery and he’s older at 25 for a young pitcher!

    • Ted Nelson


    • Bunt Gardner

      Wow…management expert, doctor, and psychic all in one.

  • http://franklance godfather

    phelps has shown the knack, much as robertson did after his first couple go-rounds; a pitcher with some style and knowhow, not the robotic type hughes has remained after all this time