Dickerson homers again in AAA win

A-Rod took 25-30 swings today
Freddy leads Yanks to blowout win over Jays

First, some notes…

  • The Yankees have released 1B Russell Branyan. He missed a whole bunch of time with back trouble this year but otherwise hit .309/.438/.655 with eleven homers in 137 plate appearances for Triple-A Empire State.
  • The naming contest for next year’s Triple-A Scranton franchise is down to six finalists: Blast, Black Diamond Bears, Fireflies, Porcupines, Rail Riders, and Trolley Frogs. Typical minor league names. You can vote here for another two weeks.
  • RHP Adam Warren earned the tenth spot on this week’s Prospect Hot Sheet while OF Slade Heathcott go some love in the In The Team Photo section.

Second, Friday night bullet points…

  • Triple-A Empire State (win): LF Chris Dickerson continued his hot hitting and was a triple shy of the cycle. 2B Corban Joseph (two), LF Ronnie Mustelier (two), and RF Darnell McDonald (three) all had multiple singles. 3B Brandon Laird and C Frankie Cervelli chipped in doubles. RHP Ramon Ortiz allowed four runs in six innings, but RHP Cory Wade picked him up with two scoreless and hitless frames.
  • Double-A Trenton (loss): Both LF Rob Segedin and 2B Walt Ibarra had a pair of knocks, including a double by Ibarra. CF Adonis Garcia and 3B David Adams also singled. Very slow night with the sticks. LHP Shaeffer Hall allowed five runs in ten hits in 5.2 innings, though LHP Josh Romanski came out of the bullpen to fire 1.2 scoreless.
  • High-A Tampa (loss): Pretty big night for the offense despite the loss. Multiple hits were had by DH Slade Heathcott (two singles), C Gary Sanchez (double and two singles), and 3B Zach Wilson (single and double). CF Ramon Flores drew a walk but did not have a knock. RHP Jose Ramirez recorded just two outs while allowing three unearned runs on three walks. No hits either, so a weird night for him. RHP Sean Black walked four and struck out one while allowing a pair of runs in 1.1 innings of relief.
  • Short Season Staten Island (loss): 1B Matt Snyder had the only extra-base hit of the night, a double. The rest of the offense was singles by DH Ravel Santana (two), C Peter O’Brien, 2B Fu-Lin Kuo (two), RF Exicardo Cayones, and 3B Matt Duran (two). RHP Gabe Encinas got rocked, allowing eight hits on seven hits and four walks in five innings. He struck out one.
  • Rookie GCL Yanks Game One (win): 3B Dalton Smith doubled and singled for his first two pro hits while 2B Jerison Lopez had a two-bagger as well. SS Austin Aune struck out in all four plate appearances. Ouch. LHP Pedro Feliciano made his first rehab outing while RHP Hayden Sharp followed him up with four scoreless innings. He allowed just a single hit. RHP Brady Lail chipped in three scoreless innings as well.
  • Rookie GCL Yanks Game Two (loss): 1B Greg Bird walked twice and got hit by a pitch as he comes back from his back problem. 3B Miguel Andujar doubled and C Chris Breen singled twice to pretty much sum up the offense. RHP Ty Hensley allowed one run in his third professional outing, striking out three and walking two in 2.2 innings. He allowed just one hit.

Low-A Charleston was rained out. They’re going to play a doubleheader tomorrow.

A-Rod took 25-30 swings today
Freddy leads Yanks to blowout win over Jays
  • Brian S.

    “Black Diamond Bears” is racist and “Rail Riders” sounds like a gay bar (not that there is anything wrong with that). The team name should obviously be called the Fireflies.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      Only if their mascot wears a brown coat.

    • Travelbug83

      ” “Rail Riders” sounds like a gay bar ”

      I just died a little. Awesome.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        …….then there’s the Frisco Rough Riders…..

        • Mister D

          The name needs to sound good with Scranton-Wilkes Barre. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Black Diamond Bears is just too damn long. SWB Blast sounds like a breakfast cereal. SWB Porcupines doesn’t roll off the tongue well.

    • RetroRob

      Black Diamond Bears sounds like a fetish of someone going to the Rail Riders bar.

    • your mom

      They should be called the Rail Riding Barflys.

  • Brian S.

    Jose Ramirez isn’t hurt again is he? :(

  • Brian S.

    Brady Lail has been awesome so far.

  • Danny

    Mike, any idea on where Hensley starts next year ?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      I’m not Mike, but I’m guessing extended spring training and then Staten Island with a possible promotion to Low-A. He could go straight to Low-A though. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      • Jake H

        I’m pretty sure they are going to send him to Low A. Usually you don’t hold your first round pick back unless they are really raw like Culver.

  • gagegainstthemachine

    “Fireflies”…only because I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon and “Firefly”, which got cut off by those jerks at Fox after only 1 season. But hey, at least they made “Serenity” to give it a fine send off.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      Damn, I wish I found Serenity a good send off

      • Fin

        Serenity was fucking great, what are you talking about?

  • Andrew 518

    Yeah, I know it’s the minors but why do the names have to be so unbearably bad? A local team represents your region to outsiders, I’ve always felt like it should be a prerequisite that it should have some connection to the local history or identity. I guess I’m just no fun but for all the money and support that any franchise recieves from it’s local tax payers and fans I feel the least they can do is represent them in some sort of way. Not being from Scanton I don’t have much info but I’m sure the Rail Riders or Trolley Frogs are a nod to their histories but really Trolley Frogs? Fireflies sounds like a U-17 girls softball team. Perhaps the Blast is a reference to iron working days? Anybody local with any thoughts.

  • tyrone sharpton

    wondering about Tyler Austin…if the guy had testicular cancer, wouldn’t he have to get a testicle removed (=less testosterone)? what a story, didn’t realize he also has such a crazy backstory…and to perform the way he does? god bless him

    • Bob Buttons the Cat

      Don’t worry about it, Mike Lowell got for testicular cancer in 99 and he produced pretty well for a few years after that.

      • Laz

        Why didn’t you state the most obvious example? Lance Armstrong still was top his game after he lost a ball.

        • Bob Buttons the Cat

          He was an accused PED user, so I’m not sure whether it was an appropriate example.

          • Fin


    • sabes

      Just like Lance Armstrong. He didn’t do much of anything after his testicular cancer.

      • Tyrone Sharpton

        that guy was on shit though…lowell’s a better example

  • Bob Buttons the Cat

    Totally should have gone with/back to Red Barons. Them fools.. Those names make Omaha Storm Chasers sound unique.

  • Knoxvillain

    I’m going to vote for “Trolley Frogs” because that has to be the worst possible name for any team in any sport.

    • Strat

      Worse than Porcupines? Once you get past the “prick” jokes what else do you have?

  • Kel

    Just read a scout’s take on Joey Gallo. He described him as the next Harper/Trout. While not as good a hitter or athlete as those two, he posses a lot more power(80 scale) and has the best arm in the minors. His arm is so good, it could make up for his limitations defenselessly at 3B.

    His one flaw is his high K%.

    • your mom

      Is that the guy from My Cousin Vinny?

      • Danny

        Could I have some of what that scout is smoking ? First off, Trout and Harper are nothing alike. If you wanna compare Gallo and Harper cause they both have 80 power, 80 arms and have similar swings then yea ok, but that’s as far as the comp. goes. Where’d you read this take ? I’d be interested in reading the full article

      • Fin

        ROfl, great call…it had to be the same guy.

      • Strat

        Joey Gallo is dead. It’s Joey Callo!

  • John Y.

    Porcupines all the way. How can you go wrong with that? The Trolley Frogs? Get real…

    • RetroRob

      The Trolley Frogs seems to be the general consensus so far as the worst name. That means we should all get used to hearing the likely winner, the Scranton Trolley Frogs.

  • Jack

    I take it they didn’t like my suggestion to call them the Honey Badgers.

    • pat


    • Fin

      They just dont give a shit!

  • Strat

    I’d like to thank Mrs. Flannigan’s third grade class for this great collection of names to choose from. I want to go create a hundred dummy email accounts so I can spam the vote, but I just can’t decide. This seems like an insignificant thing, but I have to believe this will create more Red Sox fans in Scranton PA.

    • Steve (different one)

      Yes, I am sure that is exactly what will happen.

  • Ben

    Anybody know when and where Omar Luis Rodriguez will debut?