Freddy leads Yanks to blowout win over Jays


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I’m hopefully we’ll see a lot more games like this over the next seven weeks. Yeah, it wasn’t a laugher until the late innings, but I’ll take it. I’ve seen enough one-run games to last me a season already. Let’s recap…

  • Early Runs: The Yankees jumped out in front early, scoring two runs in the second and another in the third. There was only one hit in there, a Robinson Cano single, the other two came on an error (Jeff Mathis threw the ball into left field) and a fielder’s choice (Ichiro Suzuki beat out a double play). Diverse and efficient, I approve.
  • Steady Freddy: Freddy Garcia gave the Yankees exactly what they wanted in his latest solid effort, a two-run, six-inning affair. He even had a four-pitch inning to end his night. I thought Joe Girardi pulled him at exactly the right time (despite his 78 pitch count) as well, with Kelly Johnson due up in a one-run game. Johnson had homered and doubled earlier in the game. For the third time in his last four starts, Freddy walked zero batters. Pretty awesome for a fifth starter.
  • Blown Open: I was pretty disappointed that the Yankees only scored three runs in seven innings off the certifiably awful Ricky Romero, but they made up for it with seven runs in the eighth and ninth innings. Mark Teixeira‘s solo homer was the big blow, but there were also run-scoring doubles from Nick Swisher and Ichiro to go along with run-scoring singles from Ichiro and Raul Ibanez. It was nice to have breathing room after an inordinate number of tight games these last few weeks.
  • Leftovers: David Robertson was the only reliever to throw a full inning after Garcia, the rest was split up between Boone Logan (two outs), Joba Chamberlain (one out), Clay Rapada (two outs), and Cody Eppley (one out). Joba and Rapada allowed a run each, but both guys weren’t even on the mound when it happened … every starter had at least one hit aside from Casey McGehee, who did nothing at the plate … the top four hitters went a combined 7-for-14 … Derek Jeter now has many multi-hit games this year (45) as last year … the Yankees drew more than walks (four) than strikeouts (three) for just the second time in the last 66 games. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. Both the Orioles and Rays won, so the lead in the division remains six games over both. Game two of this three-game set will be played Saturday afternoon, when Ivan Nova gets the ball against former teammate Aaron Laffey.

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  1. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    Joba allowed a run too no?

  2. Kiko Jones says:

    Two guys whose glory days were in Seattle came thru for the Yankees in Toronto Friday night: Freddy “El Jefe” Garcia did a nice job, while Ichiro Suzuki plated enough runs to beat the Jays all by himself. Yankees’ 3rd win in a row…how ’bout a winning streak boys?

  3. sangreal says:

    every starter had at least one hit aside from Casey McGehee, who did nothing at the plate

    McGehee had a walk… also surprised no mention of Ichiro’s 5 RBIs night, but most of them were (actual) garbage time

    • Cuso says:

      2 “rbi ” were from a generous scoring decision from a ball in the lights.

    • Kosmo says:

      How would you characterize “garbage time“ ? Yanks were up 6-3 going into the 9th inning, still a relatively close game even for the beatup Jays, blowing the game open allowed Girardi to rest Soriano. That´s a good thing, no ?

      • sangreal says:

        The Yankees were up 8-3 for Ichiro’s last 2 RBI. I’m not even trying to take that away from him, its just my guess as to why it received little acclaim in the recap

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    AARON LAFFEY?!?! Cashman failed.

    In all seriousness, great win. Welcome, if only for a night, old Ichiro. Folks may be underwhelmed by him, but I’m glad I can close my eyes and know that LF (and, sometimes, the rest of the outfielder) is being handled by a consumate pro the rest of the way who still has a couple of bullets left in that bad.

    Don’t look now, but the swag may be coming back. Go for four tomorrow.

    • Kiko Jones says:


    • Fin says:

      Eh, I dont think Ichiro has underwhelmed. I think hes what I expected. Decent outfielder at this point who makes contact but doesnt get on base and has no power. I personally, think Dickerson could be doing just as good of a job if not better and the Yankees would still have DJ. I never saw the need for the trade. 5 Rbi’s isnt going to change my mind.

      Maybe hes getting use to NY and we can look forward to a productive player going forward. I’m not holding my breath though. 258/292/355 has to be as unproductive as it gets for a left fielder on a WS caliber team. Never liked him before he came to the Yankees and he hasnt done anything to change my mind. I certainly dont sleep better with him playing LF.

      • Fin says:

        Incase anyone missed my point…no matter how you slice it, Ichiro is who he was with Seattle and that is a shitty fucking player for a corner outfielder or a catcher or a short stop. I never even understood why Gardner had to be replaced with an inferior product in the first place. Gardner is a nice player, but hes just above a platoon player and the team didnt miss him as proved by their performance without him. I’m not so sure its arod missing or having another Stewart in the lineup every day that is really killing the Yankees.

        • Bunt Gardner says:

          Gardner had a 7 bWAR in 2010 and 3.7 bWAR in 2011. Pretty good numbers for a “just above platoon player”.

          • Fin says:

            Yea, you have to trust D metrics to believe in that War which I dont. THe way Joe D. uses him is also between a platoon and a full time player, which was more my point. Either way, I’m a fan of Gardners and think hes a very useful player. I was hoping he would take that next step and be something special, but he hasnt yet. In my opinion Garderner’s WAR is the biggest comdenmation of the validity of WAR that ther is.

            • Brian S. says:

              Or yet another example of a person that doesn’t understand defensive value and so writes it off in their own ignorance.

            • Tremont says:

              If metrics were used to confirm our preconceived notions, they would be useless. Gardner is as good as it gets in left field. My eyes and the stats tell me that. I can’t speak to the specifics of his value added as a defensive player, but I do believe it’s significant.

      • Kosmo says:

        defensively Ichiro is still at 38 yrs old a better OF at ALL 3 OF positions than anyone on the current team. Dickerson is an OK OF.
        I´d take Ichiro over Dickerson in all facets of the game even at this late stage in his career.

        • Fin says:

          You an I disagree then. I see nothing he does better than Cdick. Not to mention, do you still take him, when the Yankees gave up a legit starting prospect to get him? I dont think anyone think DJ would be an ace, but he can pitch and had value. They got a less than replacement level player in LF for him.

          • Brian S. says:

            Yup. The Cock would have been more than serviceable, and it’s not like Dewayne Wise was doing bad either. Maybe Ichiro will have a Posada-2011 like postseason since it will be his last shot at a ring.

            • Fin says:

              Damn, I flat out forgot who he replaced. Hes falling far short from what Wise had done in limited time. I mean really, I dont understand giving up Mitchel for him.

              Not to mention I dont understand the Yankees need to replace Gardner, hes been between a platoon player and an every day player. Why replace a guy who was clearly not integral to the team, as the Yankees had the best record in baseball, with an inferior version of that player?

          • vicki says:

            take it easy with the legit starting pitcher prospect talk.

    • jim p says:

      It’s always been said Ichiro had a great eye. I’d be so happy if he decided at this stage he’d be more valuable to a contender if he took walks, got that OBP up to a nice number. So if he got more selective with his swings…

  5. CUYanks says:

    Just an interesting observation. The Angels have a run differential of +47. The Orioles have a run differential of -47. Take a guess at which has a better record.

    Also, for all the worry, Yankees have the best record in the A.L. once again.

    • vicki says:

      the o’s are keeping bill james up at night.

    • Fin says:

      I’ll take Showalter, and the top square for the win. I know its hard to believe but there may be more to the game than RAB and fangraphs know. Seems to me Showalter does some special shit with teams and Tony L. wins some world series.

  6. BGrider85 says:

    Fin is either a moron or a troll I can’t decide which.

    • Fin says:

      Hey big man, because RAB doesnt like Buck or Larussa doest make me a troll. I think both guys are great. Rather than call me a troll, give me some evidence that you arent a moron, just following Mike’s opinion of those 2 managers.

  7. Jimmy says:

    How about DJ tying McCutchen for #2 in hits in MLB last night? Not bad for an old timer. He’s on pace for 200+ hits this season. Who saw that coming?

  8. Arya says:

    Great job again by Freddy. Today is Nova’s last stand. If he can’t equal Freddy against this lineup, he’s gone.

  9. Big will says:

    All the Ichiro hate is moronic. Did u not see ibanez in left in detroit? His D alone has value that they didn’t have. Also, he has hit in every game but one, what do u expect? There is a reason dick is a career quad A player, and DJ Mitchell had no shot! Strike ou less than 4 per 9? Warren is better than mitchell, and we saw how that worked! You can’t have 9 guys with 7+ war…Ichiro is everything the Yankees need, good D, good arm, good speed, and puts ball in play. Dj Mitchell a legit starting pitcher, that’s comical.

    • Brian S. says:

      Strikeouts don’t matter when you get as many groundballs as he does. Mitchell could end up as a back of the rotation starter for the Mariners and I wouldn’t be surprised. The Yankees didn’t get anything of value for him, which is unfortunate considering he actually had some trade value.

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