Feliciano will make next rehab appearance with SI Yanks tomorrow

Thursday Night Open Thread
Maine leads Empire State to division title

Left-hander Pedro Feliciano will make his next minor league rehab appearance with the Short Season Staten Island Yankees tomorrow rather than with Double-A Trenton tonight. It had been rumored that the 36-year-old would wrap up his rehab with the Thunder today before joining the Yankees when the rosters expand on Saturday, but I guess there will be a slight delay before he’s activated.

Feliciano pitched in back-to-back games and entered a game in the middle of an inning earlier this week, both firsts as part of his rehab. It seems like they wanted to give him an extra day of rest before his next outing, and Trenton heads out on the road following tonight’s game while Staten Island will be playing in Brooklyn tomorrow. If they give him a day of rest following Friday’s appearance, Feliciano would join the big league bullpen on Sunday rather than Saturday. Not a huge deal.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Maine leads Empire State to division title
  • forensic

    Can we start guessing the likelihood that feliciano gives up a homer to Carlos Pena at some point in the Tampa series?

    • Nice Scheister

      Better him than Joba.

  • Hoss

    So, Feliciano proves everyone who said he wouldn’t pitch in NY by August wrong. Of course, if you had specified The Bronx instead of SI or Brooklyn, you would have been correct.

  • UpstateYanks

    Hopefully he can have some Marte like performances in the post-season….if we get there.

    • CS Yankee

      If?…you must be thinking of the Angels or Tigers or A’s or O’s or Ray’s or ChiSox, not the NYY.

      Texas is in, we got regular players coming back weekly…6oo ball from here on out should win the divison.

      • Ted Nelson

        .600 ball will win you most divisions… That’s a 97 win pace

  • Mrs. Mattingly

    What’s the cut-off for players to make the post-season roster? Will he be added in time?

    • CS Yankee

      Since he was on the 40 and on the DL, I believe he is good to go.