X-rays shows A-Rod’s hand healing well, no longer needs brace


An x-ray performed during a routine check-up showed that the broken bone in Alex Rodriguez‘s hand is healing well. The bone was broken when Felix Hernandez hit him with a pitch a little over three weeks ago. A-Rod will shed the brace he’s been wearing and continue his rehab. He’s been hitting off a tee already, but he’s still not expected to return until early-to-mid-September. Eric Chavez has been amazing at third, but getting Alex back will obviously be huge. Glad to hear he’s healing well.

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  • your mom

    He had problems with hearing too?

    • Rainbow connection


  • Dino Velvet

    XRays show Yankee’s 3rd base healing well, no longer needs ARod.

  • chuck

    why will it be huge to have arod back? stolen bases?

    • Steve (different one)

      If nothing else, isn’t he the best DH on the roster?