A-Rod hitless in second minor league rehab game

Saturday Night Open Thread
Trenton clinches division with Garcia's big night

In his second minor league rehab game with High-A Tampa, Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. He flew out to right and grounded out to third as well. A-Rod only had to make one play in the field at third base after serving as the DH on Friday.

Apparently there has been some chatter that Alex could rejoin the Yankees when they arrive in Tampa to play the Rays next week, though that does strike me as a little optimistic after just three or four minor league rehab games. We’ll see. Right now the important thing is that his fractured hand is doing well and he’s getting some reps against live pitching.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Trenton clinches division with Garcia's big night
  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    you’d kind of like to see him get a hit, no?

    • Laz

      Depends. It’s more important to see whether he is seeing the ball good and making solid contact. 2 strikouts vs single A pitcher is not good, and groundout may have been bad. If it was a weak hit to 3rd then not good. If he starts getting some good solid contact then he can come back.

  • draddE

    He’ll fit right in. In an offense where Steve Pearce and Eduardo Nunez had half of your hits, he’ll fit right in. They need him back for Tampa.

    • Ted Nelson

      Eduardo Nunez has shown himself to be a solid MLB hitter. And while Pearce isn’t a good hitter for a 1B, he’s not a terrible hitter overall. If he can’t hold a bat, the Yankees don’t need A-Rod to stand there.

  • Ed

    Optimistic? Sure. But when we’ve got Martin, Pearce, Nix, Nunez, and the shell of Icirho in our lineup, rehab A-Rod might actually be an upgrade.

  • Mick taylor

    If a rod had both hands tied behind his back he would still be better than andruw jones. Dh Nunez, playpierce and dfa jones. The yanks will never win championship with him onthe team.

    • dalelama

      Somehow they have only won one with Old Purple Lips.

    • Ted Nelson

      5th OF usually are the only factor in whether you win a WS. Good point.

  • forensic

    As a fan, I’d love to see him in the MLB lineup as soon as possible, just because of the name value and being a big fan of his.

    Unfortunately, he has a bit of a history of coming back terribly from long absences and I can’t expect him to do much good when he comes back for the last month or so (though obviously I hope I’m extremely wrong).

    Beyond that, it seems to me that it’s weighing the weak production of him against the guy he’s replacing being in the middle of the order instead of the bottom of the order vs. the greater potential of him running into a pitch or two over the guy he’s replacing.

  • http://yes jim

    He’ll fit. Four K’s against ‘A’ ball pitchers. Underachiever. Swish did it in one. But, I think Wizard Girardi should rest him the first game up. I mean, it’s on turf and he’ll have played three games in a row!!!