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I don’t want to make too much of one game, but that was a really big win this afternoon. The Yankees were staring a one-game division lead in the face as late as the seventh inning, but they rallied late to hand the Orioles their first one-run loss since June 20th. June 20th! That’s insane. Three of Baltimore’s seven one-run losses on the season have come courtesy of New York. Now the Yankees are guaranteed to go into Tampa with at least a two-game lead on Monday, but I would much rather it be four. Let’s worry about that tomorrow and just enjoy the win.

It’s gorgeous outside (in New York, anyway), so I hope you’re out enjoying the evening and the long holiday weekend. If you have some time to kill, use this as your open thread. The Mets are playing the Marlins (Hefner vs. Johnson) and MLB Network will air a game as well. Who you see depends on where you live. I’m sure there’s a bunch of college football on as well. Talk about whatever you like here.

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  1. Fitz says:

    Go Blue! Beat Bama!

  2. draddE says:

    I hope management was taking notes today. The team was lifeless until the kids got here and injected some youthful exuberance into the game. Nunez got the big hit today with RISP when we were waiting these past few games for the veterans to get that big hit. This team needs to get younger. Dickerson, Cervelli, Nunez will be key players down the stretch.

    • Upstate Yanks Fan says:

      Hate to troll this comment but I couldn’t disagree more. Nuney was lucky to bloop that hit today.

      • Mike says:

        So it is better to wait and see if Russell “5-1″ Martin can get a hit or if Granderson who has more strikeouts than hits can get a hit? In fact Granderson and Martin have more K’s than hits, and combined they only have 5 hits more than Jeter.

        I had not seen an everyday catcher as mediocre with the NYY since… well… since Joe Girardi.

      • IPK for Tim Reddings (formerly Brian S.) says:

        That wasn’t luck. Nunez is a proven clutch performer.

    • Bunt Gardner says:

      The key players are going to be the players returning from the DL…hopefully. I’m sure some of the call ups will have their moments, but they won’t be the key.

  3. draddE says:

    And I’ve been saying for weeks now that Derek Jeter is the AL MVP. His at bat today with the bases loaded and the game and possibly division title on the line showed why. He worked the count and that’s what clutch players do. Who else should win it if not Jete? Trout? There’s 4 other teams ahead of his for the expanded playoffs. Miggy? There’s 3 other teams ahead of his for the expanded playoffs. How can an MVP not get his team into an expanded playoff?

    • Pat D says:

      Just stop.

    • DERP says:

      According to everyone here we are going to miss the playoffs as well.

    • Buffalo Bill says:

      Jester worked the count? Strop only threw one pitch in the area code of the strike zone during that at bat (the first, a slider). He couldn’t throw his fastball for a strike or even close to a strike. A rockin chair could have worked the count as well as Jeter did there.

      He deserves a lot of credit for his performance this year. That at bat vs. Strop wasn’t one of his season hilights.

    • Buffalo Bill says:

      Jeter worked the count? Strop only threw one pitch in the area code of the strike zone during that at bat (the first, a slider). He couldn’t throw his fastball for a strike or even close to a strike. A rockin chair could have worked the count as well as Jeter did there.

      He deserves a lot of credit for his performance this year. That at bat vs. Strop wasn’t one of his season hilights.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      If the Trout had played all season, maybe the Angels would be in the playoff spot.

    • Laz says:

      Trout has been the much better player than Jeter this year. Jeter has been good but .320/.362/.447 doesn’t even compare to .335/.399/.580 The Angels would be so far out of it if they had to trot wells out there everyday over Trout.

  4. Big win, hopefully this like a spark under this lifeless team.

    That being said….hopefully Grandy isn’t lost for any time.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t think there are any more sparks left in this team, not after watching the last few JoeG conferences, he repeats time and time again how proud he is of the at bats the guys are having with men on base that end in strikeouts instead of productive outs, when a manager shows that type of complacency… well… ask the bosux what happened to them in last year’s september.

      • Bunt Gardner says:

        What Girardi says in a presser is not going to be what he says to the team. He’s not going to air dirty laundry like the Sox.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Ah, but you don’t see what hapens when the press leaves.

        *Door closes to locker room*


        *Glares at them all for a moment in dead silence*

        *Turns around and walks out. Nobody has moved.*

        -End Scene

  5. IPK for Tim Reddings (formerly Brian S.) says:

    Nunez will be a star. If he is the starting shortstop next year (Jeter DH) I’m thinking ~110 wRC+ with 40 steals. A few more errors but more range (overall better defense then what we are getting.) ~4 WAR.

  6. Thank god that first comment is gone. Anyway, say what you will, but regardless of how good Jeter’s AB was, depending on how the rest of the season goes, it might have been the most important moment of the season.

  7. IPK for Tim Reddings (formerly Brian S.) says:

    Chase Whitley has thrown 4 scoreless innings. I’m just sayin.

  8. Drew says:

    Empire Strikes back on tv right now, my favorite of all the Star Wars.

  9. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    I am ridiculously relieved we won stole this game. The O’s win this game almost every time. Pure dumb luck played a HUGE factor in this one.

    After all of this it would be fantastic to scratch out a series win.

    • DM says:

      Yep — but the bullpen did the job, and the team was due for one of those we-easily-coulda-shoulda-lost-this-one-but-we-didn’t wins.

  10. jjyank says:


    Saw your lamenting of the absence of some of us regulars in the game threat when I read it over. Sorry bro! I’m on vacation this week. Not a real vacation, mind you, just the coming week off. I was driving home to Jersey to chill with the family for a few days. Jetting up to Boston to get drunk with some old college buddies the second half of the week.

    • Pat D says:

      I’ve been too lazy to watch most of the games for the last two weeks. I was focused on the Penn State game today, too.

      So just to give you that advance warning, I won’t be around during Wednesday’s game since the Giants will be playing the Cowgirls.

  11. Electic nunez says:

    Does everyone agree Martin needs at least three days off to work on his hitting. Could Cervelli be any worse than the black hole martin is in the line up?

  12. Kramerica Industries says:

    So the Rays did to the Jays today, what the Jays did to the Rays yesterday.

    Only in baseball.;c_id=mlb

    (Oh, and take the arrow act and shove it up your ass, Rodney. You didn’t earn that save.)

  13. Electric nunez says:

    Harold and kumar xmas worth seeing , the wafflebot rocks.

  14. jake says:

    tyler austin promoted to AA trenton via josh norris

  15. Ricky says:

    Eduardo Nunez = poor mans Starling Castro

  16. Ricky says:

    Eduardo Nunez equals poor mans Starling Castro

  17. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Bout fucking time they pull a win off. I still can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about this team’s chances. What half the starting line up is injured and they’re counting on a 40 year old as the savior?

  18. Tom says:

    Al Aceves on in relief in the 9th 4th inning tonight – he’s got to be pretty happy about that.

    Especially after the Red Sox made him pay for his own plane ticket to the West Coast (no this isn’t a joke) after he was suspended for 3 days for apparently going off about Andrew Bailey being used in the 9th inning when he was available.

    At least after clearing out the malcontents, things are firmly under control.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      All kinds of interesting things happening in that game. Aceves calls off Salty on a pop up only to drop it. Then he gets in a heated argument with the umpire over not replacing a ball that was fouled off quick enough. Then after the inning Aceves got in a heated argument with lil’ Pedey about pickoff plays at second. When Bobby V came over to put a stop to it, it looked like Ace just told him to go away.

      I’m guessing Aceves will not be on the Red Sox next season.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Like I said last night – Bobby V is going to destroy his arm out of spite.

      He’s pitching multiple innings every night right now. Unreal.

      • Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

        Holy crap, Aceves the last 5 nights:

        24 pitches
        33 pitches
        23 pitches
        57 pitches (and counting)

        • Laz says:

          Wow….. I’m surprised that he has stayed healthy this year. he threw 114 innings last year out of the pen.

          In other news: the Yankees have resigned Scott Proctor

          • Tom says:

            I’m all for sending a message but that is irresponsible and might be MLBPA grievance worthy…. 143 pitches in 5 days? And the rosters expanded today; so it’s not like Bobby V could use the “someone had to take one for the team” logic.

            The other interesting thing is each successive appearance has been earlier in the game – 8th, 7th, 5th, 4th. Anyone think that is just a random coincidence and not Bobby V sticking it to him?

            • Deep Thoughts says:

              “”I’m not sure it was a big flare up,” Valentine said. “It was just about positioning. Dustin told him he moves when he gets the sign. [Aceves] wanted to kind of move him on his own. It’s Alfredo being Alfredo and Dustin being a baseball player.”

              Pedroia and Aceves both declined to elaborate on any specifics of their conversation.

              “It was something that we have to communicate on, between us, but that’s us. That stays with us,” Aceves said. “That’s part of the game. Whatever happens in the game stays in the game.” “

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