Update: Cano suffered hip injury in eighth inning


5:04pm: Cano said he felt a “grab” in his left hip on the eighth inning play, but there was no “pop.” Medical terms, eh? Doesn’t sound like he’ll play tomorrow.

4:25pm: Robinson Cano came up limping after chasing after a ground ball to his left in the eighth inning of this afternoon’s game, and Joe Girardi indicated that the team will know more about the extent of the injury tomorrow.

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  1. EDDARD says:

    LOL, he hurt himself bending over like an old man instead of diving for it like a baseball player. Bench him tomorrow, play Nunez. At least he tries.

  2. Cy Pettitte says:

    he can sit on the bench or stand at 2B every game for the rest of the season, either ways he’s taking the day off.

  3. stuart a says:

    cry me a river. Cano does not give max effort and that is the bottom line.

    yanks knocked the ball around the park for another 5 hits..

    robertson 1 and 5, not doing his job either….

    • Ben says:

      You don’t measure a reliever by wins and losses.

      • stuart a says:

        true to a point. robertson still gives up to many walks and throws to many pitches. he had 2 outs and 9 pitches thrown at 1 point. I was thinking get out of the inning now and he can go another inning because the rest of the pen are clowns and the offense sucks. I was confident with longoria being out of the game also. but orbertson did not do his job bottom line..

        he gets into trouble and uses his strikeout to get out of it all the time, how about not getting in trouble to start…

      • Mike says:

        Yes you can, when he is in to pitch just ONE inning and it is not the closer, and loses the game, it is not a good sign.

  4. Ben says:

    Maybe that is why he didn’t run to first in his AB in the 7th… what a joke…

  5. Kramerica Industries says:

    The fact that he could hurt himself without diving is absolutely fuckin’ comical.

  6. RocketMan86 says:

    Seriously, why didn’t he just dive for the ball?

    Probably could have avoided the injury if he didn’t try to stretch for it. Sometimes Robbie has to understand you can’t outrun every grounder, especially on turf.

    Hope Robbie doesn’t miss too much time. This Yankee fade is excruciating in every way possible from the anemic hitting, the imploding bullpen and the never ending injuries. Truly a sorrowful September impending…

    • stuart a says:

      robbie never dives if you watch the games it is not something he does. diving is overrated but when you need to keep the ball on the infield you have to dive..

      cano is a dope, he has a limited baseball IQ.. Watch him at the plate, he is not a smart hitter. talented but not smart at all…

      he is a overhyped good player but he is hitting 3rd or 4th on a playoff type team and he has come up small most of theseason.

      71 rbi’s is a joke.

      CC, with his favorite line. Just did not make pitches..DUH

      Get your vacation plans ready this team is a joke

      • Mike says:

        Canó is doing exactly the same things he did when Melky was on the team and both got warned about not hustling (with Melky later traded that season after nude pictures of him and a “lady” surfaced).

        Are we sure that Melky has not been partying with Canó now that Cabrera was given “the rest of the year off” by MLB? LOL

  7. Jon G says:

    What a mess – that was just horrible of Cano. Then Granderson comes in and wiffs. Austin Jackson’s OPS in 2012 is 70 points higher (.879) than Granderson’s (.809)…

    Our only hope of not watching an O’s vs. A’s (or Rays) ALCS is if the Yankees repeat this brutal April-May- like run they’ve had over July and Aug with a run like they had in June…

    They need to get injured players like Tex and Pettite back and catch fire, or else they may not even make the playoffs with teams on their heels playing MUCH better baseball.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      Jackson is better than Granderson now.
      That’s not exactly breaking news.

      • Mike says:

        Granderson with the NYY:
        0.249 AVG / 0.340 OBP / 0.845 OPS
        384 hits, 58 doubles, 20 triples, 45 stolen bases

        AJax with Detroit:
        0.281 AVG / 0.346 OBP / 0.762 OPS
        463 hits, 79 doubles, 31 triples, 60 stolen bases

        Sure… until NOW is AJax better than Granderson, and that’s not even counting their defense and throw.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          That’s a Grade-A cherry picking job. Here’s the rest of the picture.

          HR: 99
          K: 444 (24.8%)
          BB: 203 (11.4%)

          HR: 27
          K: 456 (25.2%)
          BB: 160 (8.7%)

          • Joey H. says:

            Aside from the home runs, I’m hardly swept off my feet….

            • Facepalm says:

              Since Grandy got here he’s been much more productive. A-Jax is having a crazy year, and stands a good chance to be worth more in the end, but he might come back down to earth ala Grandy this year. I didn’t see anyone complain about trading A-Jax last year when there was a 226 OPS difference, or a 542 SLG difference.

              • DC says:

                Well, see, these guys have GM degrees with emphasis on hindsight and based on the grass is always greener theory. They always would never/would have made the trade based on their ability to see the past from the future. Strangely, they never have the winning powerball numbers.

                • Facepalm says:

                  I can only imagine the screeching during A-Jax’s second year, “Send him down!” “Trade him while he still has value!”. God forbid it went public that they missed Granderson, “Fire cash!’ “lolz ninja!”. The irony is, these people make fun of Kenny Williams, but they are worse GM’s than him.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          Yes until this year. Grandy was much better last year. NOW this year AJax has surpassed him.

  8. your mom says:

    Great. And the injuries keep piling up. As if we weren’t fucked already. Maybe we should just play our AAA players, I’m sure they’ll at least show some signs of life.

  9. frank messer says:

    The only good thing about today’s game is that jones was buried deep on the bench…and what more can we say about I chirps an? He is unbelievably disappointing

  10. stuart a says:

    could be the worse yankee collapse in history. At least since 1960, not sure what happened before.

    they cannot score without homers, cannot win close games, and are terrible late in games. not a formula for success.

  11. Jon G says:

    Maybe Cashman can convince the Marlins to let Arod finish his career in his hometown of Miami, and trades Grandy to re-sign Swish (who plays with the heart the team needs more of), moving Gardner to center. Then who plays left..?

    In all honesty folks, would you rather have a 25 year old Ajax or Granderson right now..?

    • Hoss says:

      Hmmmm… are we questioning the prowess of the great Cashman. Without cash, he wouldn’t be the man…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      I don’t think a single person would answer that question with Granderson. Ajax is clearly better. Nothing can be done about it now, so no sense in constantly rehashing it.

    • DC says:

      Maybe you should travel to the future and tell us what players to draft next year.

  12. stuart a says:

    BobKlap Bigger issue, though, with Cano, who should’ve laid out for Gimenez’ single. Bad game overall. 27 minutes ago · reply · retweet

    Cano is a schmo…

    if they implode like it looks like they need to make drastic moves. drastic.

  13. Hoss says:

    Scott Boras has called Cashman to tell him to rest Cano.

  14. stuart a says:

    swisher sucks also. the guy could not drive in 100 runs if they gave him 15… pass on swisher, he is slow, 31, and unclutch..PASS.

  15. Boss says:

    Time to clean house:

    New faces for 2013:
    GM: Towers
    Mgr: Chambliss
    Hitting Coach: McLendon
    Pitching Coach: Cooper

    • 15 Day DL says:

      I like the lineup. Except, I’d like to see Willie in as Manager

      • Boss says:

        I thought about it. The problem is the NY experience, albeit with the Queens Queens. I wouldn’t mind if he replaced Pena as bench coach, so OK.

    • stuart a says:

      how about the players… the problem is half the crap is unmoveable. this is not a gm or coaching issue. cano has regressed significantly, grandy has regressed but not as much as cano, arod is older and worse, tex refuses to change his approach and therefore is a 250 softball league hitter, swisher is swisher an pretty good player but he should hit 6th or 7th on a really good team, martin has been horrible.gardner got hurt diving and they dicked around with him for 4 months, nunez regressed(the guy cannot field), and I can go on and on. Nova regressed, hughes had a slight improvement over last year, pettitte is 40, cc is down over last year, kuroda has been better then expected, chris stewart is a joke(8 pass balls) , joba still sucks, the middle relief has not coem thru, and that is why the yanks are who they are.

      • Boss says:

        Where do you think these guys come from? Get there approaches from? I am so tired of hearing guys say, “Well, you can’t just fire management… it’s the players.” Who put them there? This train wreck started in 2010. Why did we break up a championship team with ill-advised trades that added nothing to the future? Why is this team doing nothing but swinging and missing? Why are all of these bad decisions being made? Don’t blame the players.

      • Boss says:

        Did it occur to you that AJax and Kennedy did not need to be moved and that Cano could use a good kick in the ass? Who is going to do that, Jeter?

    • stuart a says:

      i will bet you all the money in the world chris chambliss will not be the manager. he has excelled so much as the Mariners hitting coach why would he want this job.

    • DC says:

      Boss ans Stuart….yeah, there are two minds to figure out the Yankees.

  16. 15 Day DL says:

    He certainly didn’t hurt himself hustling.

  17. pat says:

    Lol. This thread is awesome.

  18. Celerino Sanchez says:

    Funny. 7 weeks ago – after the sweep in Oakland – I wrote on this blog that I didn’t think they would make the playoffs. I was called a troll. Was told that I knew nothing about baseball. Was told that I was disloyal to the Yankees and should stop watching. And was told by a couple of “regulars” that they’d bet me any amount of money that the Yankees would definitely make the playoffs.

    Damn…I hate it when I’m right…In a case like this I’d have loved to have been wrong. All the things I was worried about then have come to pass and that wonderful 10 game lead is now only 1. Even the wild card is looking like a long shot now that Oakland actually has a better record than the Yanks.

    Oh well time to root for a better outcome tomorrow.

  19. stuart a says:

    reporters treating Cano like he is Babe Ruth.. Dive moron. He is full of crap. He often does not run hard too first, it is a bad habit.

  20. I Collect Brett Gardner Cards says:

    i guess Nunez gets a start tomorrow at second?

  21. paul a says:

    I was never a big Girardi fan, but he won a world series so I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. But thats now ancient history and hes got to be given at least some of the blame. Injuries aside he his just to covential and lackadasical . The problem is this ownership will not fire him,especially when he has Cash on his side.But whats the point. I don’t see a bright future for this team ,especially since they want to cut payroll. There are no studs in the minor league system, at least not any that are ready for the next year or two. And by the way , isn’t the CAPTAIN of a team responsible for rallying the troops. Derek , hold off on your hot ladies for a while and get on the ass of your old stuffy teammates. And for the record I would have let Russell Martin hit in the ninth, .194 average and all, because Grandy hurt or not has been totally worthless the last two monts.

    • TomH says:

      Jeter should certainly have long ago been after Cano to hustle going down the line.

    • AC says:

      That’s the reason why I wouldn’t resign Grandy. He leads the ML in k’s. Girardi again Pkaying for HR. Dis anyone really feel like Grandy was gonna be clutch right there ? Comon get real. The team doesn’t play small ball at all it plays for the HR that we all love to see but when it doesn’t happen this is the end result. Leaf off man on 7th n 8th WR don’t move him over at all. No steal no hit n run no sac bunt. The rays do this all day long. They have too bc the don’t have 5-6 guys with 20 jacks. This is getting old people. Girardi deserves some of the blame too. Doesn’t seem like guys are hungry. All trying to be confident and say the right things but it’s slipping away.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        The alternatives were Russell Martin, Steve Pearce, Chris Stewart, Andruw Jones, and Francisco Cervelli. Of course Granderson is going to PH. Not just for a HR, because he is by far the best of that group. And the Yankees did steal and hit and run today, if you were paying attention.

  22. paul a says:

    I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but if your the Yankees maybe you should see what you can get for Cano on the trade market this winter. The thought of having to give him a Boras mega contract is sickening. If we can get three really good prospects I’d jump on it.

  23. Andruw's Smile says:

    HOF quality thread boys. Keep it coming.

  24. I am not the droids you're looking for says:

    This thread was bound to be a doozy and here we are!

    • DC says:

      Some of this crap is creeping towards LoHud and NoMass levels.

      • steve s says:

        What in your opinion would bring this to the LoHud/NoMass level? Hypothetically would it be someone suggesting that an ordinary prospect that turned himself into a world class athlete who then hurts his hip at a fairly young age (like his mentor) and whose best friend just got busted for PED’S might be dabbling himself? Just curious. Thanks.

  25. Mattingly Sideburns says:

    Yeah like when I was a kid playing Pop Warner and got hurt on the play after fumbling the ball. Tired of waiting for Cano to be the man and take over this team. It pains me but it’s time it’s time to let easy going Cano just go.

  26. Boss says:

    I’m back.
    Have to admit that the Bosox beat us to the punch on dumping bad contracts. Of course, that is because they had NO product this year, whereas we had problematic product. Here is my take on how to deal with the FAs. More to follow on trades:
    1. Make qualifying (1-year) offer to Swish. He will take it. Trust the Boss;
    2. Tell Boras to piss off and extend 4-year $88 million offer to Cano. Of course, there will be incentives back and forth, but no more than 4 years or $88 million guaranteed. If he doesn’t like it, he can go elsewhere. Even if he stays, he gets boot camp with a coach OTHER THAN HIS FATHER, who can share with him the joys of beating out an infield hit;
    3. Let Granderson walk after next year. Period. He can take Kevin Long as a door prize;
    4. Offer BJ Upton 3 years $40 million + incentives;
    5. Offer Hamilton 1 year at $25 million;
    6. Offer Napoli 2 years at $25 million.
    The Boss

  27. Frank says:

    Cano seems to be getting a lot of the blame for not diving for what turned out to be the game winning hit (I agree he should have dove) while CC once again gets a pass for a mediocre performance.A lot of people will say 7 innings, 3 runs is a good performance, and it is. But this guy needed to pitch like an ace everyone claims he is. And once again, he came up short.

  28. Captain Gift Basket says:

    Time to change the sheets. This team has shit the bed.

  29. Rob says:

    Thats just great! He’s been been playing like a GD bum anyway! I am sick and tired of watching him tank at bats because of one bad call by the ump not hustle(like today in the 7th when he could have easily beaten Longora’s bad throw) and giving a half ass effort going after a very stoppable ground ball letting the winning run score. The Yanks are pathetic now and Canos second half snooze is a big reason why!

  30. Hall and Nokes says:

    Now we can put Johnny Hustleton in there and all will be fixed! Look out #28 is on the way!

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