Game 143: Win or and go home


(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

The Yankees have won four of nine games on this ten-game road trip through the AL East, so they have a chance to pull even tonight before heading home for a big weekend series with the Rays. Derek Jeter (ankle) is hobbled and the bullpen is worn out, so it would be nice if the offense scored a ton of runs early and Phil Hughes pitched deep into the night. Here’s the lineup…

DH Derek Jeter
RF Nick Swisher
3B Alex Rodriguez
2B Robinson Cano
Russell Martin
LF Andruw Jones
CF Curtis Granderson
1B Steve Pearce
SS Eduardo Nunez

RHP Phil Hughes

The Orioles beat the Rays in a marathon this afternoon, so the Yankees have to win tonight to avoid falling out of first place for the first time in half-a-season. Tonight’s game is scheduled to start at 7:10pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.

Minor League Update
Sorry folks, but no Down on the Farm post tonight simply because no one is playing. Double-A Trenton is off for travel and will resume their best-of-five Championship Series with Akron tomorrow night. The Aeros lead that series two games to none. All of the other affiliates have either been eliminated from the postseason or did not quality.

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  1. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Phil Hughes at Fenway will make for a great night.

  2. EDDARD says:

    This is a must win but they can’t seem to put two wins together anymore. At least Nunie is playing today. Should be fun to watch.

  3. RetroRob says:

    Great clip of Mike Francesa falling asleep while Sweeney Murti does his regular call in. Francesa denies it, but he totally nodded out. His reaction is even better when he wakes up. Has no idea where he is.

    • Pat D says:

      I can’t blame him too much. It can be really boring to sit in one place for several consecutive hours with headphones on listening to people constantly yammering on about anything and everything.

      It pretty much sums up my job for the last 6 1/2 years.

      • RetroRob says:

        That’s why he needs the MadDog. It’ll keep him awake!

        I think he also has a fairly young child, like under three, so maybe the kid kept him up all night. Or maybe he just gets bored when he’s not listening to the sound of his own voice. Yeah, the last one’s probably it!

    • HAHAHAHA His face when he comes to is just PRICELESS the where the fuck am I look!!! I love it.

      • jjyank says:

        Priceless indeed. I love how when he finally talks it’s “We just talked to Sweeny, obviously…” Almost like he was reminding himself what he was (supposed to be) doing.

  4. Mikhel says:

    I wonder in what inning will Núñez make his first error of the night… I say 5th inning.

  5. IWannaBeAHirokstar says:

    Why not Ichiro and Nix instead of Jones and Noonie

  6. Roadgeek Adam says:

    Jeter is at 3,282 hits. Can pass Mays for 10th tonight.

  7. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    Well, my wife gave birth to our first child two days ago, and we just arrived home so my daughter can watch her first Yankees game. I watched most of the first two games of the series in the hospital, but now that we’re home we can properly plant ourselves on the coach, plop a Yankee cap on her, and watch a good old-fashioned Yankees-Red Sox game.

    Go Hughes.

  8. Jesus Christ. It’s 7:10 can we get first pitch already?! I’m sick of listen to Suzyn just babble about nothing for the past 5 or 6 minutes.

  9. Hummingbird S. says:

    swung at ball 4

  10. Hummingbird S. says:

    very nice AB by Alex

  11. Joe Girardi: “He’s a lefty? START ALL THE RIGHTIES!!!”
    Coaching staff: “But Joe, he’s a fastball/change up guy.”
    Joe: “ALL THE RIGHTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  12. Chilango says:

    Just got here. How did Jeter look? Did Swisher strike out?

  13. Nice Scheister says:

    Worst strike call I’ve ever seen for strike two on Robbie. Nice frame job but WTF?!

  14. stuart a says:

    robinson the great under 300. may get 85 rbi’s this year. he is on the slow decent. going to be 30 next year, is already slow and lazy…

    sign him long term at your peril…

  15. mt says:

    Cano really struggles against Doubront – he probably will see that inside curve again -

    MLBN just posted a graphic that Cano is 2 for 20 in his last 20 at bats with RISP over last 29 games. Has 6 HRs and 11 RBI – that’s almost 20% of the season – yeesh!

  16. jjyank says:

    …..Aaaaaand breathe.

  17. Hummingbird S. says:

    hey, nunez with a nice play

  18. EDDARD says:

    You see, nothing wrong with Nunie at SS. Great throw.

    • jjyank says:

      One play?

    • Mikhel says:

      He has a nice strong throw, but sometimes you’ll need a Teixeira-like firstbaseman to get his ‘wild’ throws.

      Has good range but it seems like he wants to throw before he catches the ball in the easiest plays, ending up making ‘childish errors’.

  19. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Nice catch, Grandyman.

  20. YanksFanInBeantown says:


  21. Hummingbird S. says:

    they came out playing some D tonight

  22. Nunie and Grandy made nice plays?! Providence is on our side.

  23. EDDARD says:

    Just keep inducing those fly balls to center, Phil. This park will hold them for you.

  24. I Collect Brett Gardner Cards says:

    i tell you, if hughes finishes this season up nicely, he’ll end up with in sub 4 e.r.a. and possibly lead the team in wins.

    hughes a seems lot of the time to be doing worse then the numbers actually show.

    there’s been a lot of ugly this year, but all told it can look really good.

  25. Chilango says:

    Nice D this inning. Flying balls Phil is going to need it.

  26. Tom says:

    ePHicient inning for Phil with some help from his PHriends.

    Good to see a bunch of lefties and switch hitters in the lineup against him. The fewer righties the better for him.

  27. So including this series and the upcoming home stand, I personally think if everything goes right we can look back at this 12 game stretch and go at least 7-5 if not 8-4.

  28. Professor Longnose says:

    Will 12-8 get them in the playoffs?

  29. Kramerica Industries says:

    Have a chance to be four up on the Rays heading into the weekend.

    Gotta do it. Gotta.

  30. Hummingbird S. says:

    pretty straight FB, one of the easiest pitches to hit but Granderson Ks. No surprises there.

  31. Pat D says:

    I gotta admit, I really hate the discrepancy between the stats MLB uses, which come from Elias, and what Baseball Reference shows.

    Jeter will pass Willie Mays for 10th all time in hits only because MLB doesn’t acknowledge anything that happened before 1876, so Cap Anson loses about 400 hits.

  32. Hummingbird S. says:

    What has Steve Pearce done in his career to warrant Girardi’s love?

  33. EDDARD says:

    You can’t throw it to 1st any more accurate than that. Nunie is fixed.

  34. Chilango says:

    Stonehands Nuñez, so far so good. two flawless chances.

  35. Nice Scheister says:

    On pace for a 65 pitch CGSHO.

  36. jjyank says:

    Nice inning there, Phil.

  37. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Not gonna earn more PT with AB’s like that, Nunee.

  38. Hummingbird S. says:

    I wonder when they will start hitting Doubront like the 84 ERA+ pitcher he is. Probably not anytime soon.

  39. Pat D says:

    I know they’ve hit a few homers off him, but it seems like they just can’t hit Doubront. That’s annoying.

  40. Kramerica Industries says:

    Would be nice to start hitting Doubront one of these days.

  41. jjyank says:

    Sit down, Ciriaco.

  42. Chilango says:

    Noonie 3 for 3.

  43. jjyank says:

    Philthy Phil! Looking good.

  44. So my friend’s boyfriend’s dad is good friends with somebody in the Dodgers front office. I might be sitting in the visiting owners or GM suite for LA @ NY next season. I’m so pumped. I hope they’re still together come next season lol.

  45. Tom says:

    Hughes is hitting his spots with pretty much all his pitches tonight. Even though he’s not exactly facing Murderer’s Row, he’s been sharp.

  46. your mom says:

    Why can’t we hit this douche named Doubront???

  47. Nice Scheister says:

    This is the best Hughes has looked YTD.

  48. Tom says:

    Another nice AB by ARod.

    Surprised to see him getting fastballs 3-2, but please keep throwing him fastballs.

  49. Ugh…what was robby swinging at 1-0?!

  50. If they bunt Martin to get to Jones, I might cry.

  51. Kramerica Industries says:

    I anticipate another excellent RISPFAIL here.

  52. flamingo says:

    Gameday’s showing these pitches to Russell as strikes… how’s the strike zone tonight, for those of you watching?

  53. EDDARD says:

    They might be able to walk a run in at this rate. Get some runners on for Pearce and he’ll come through.

  54. Tom says:

    Martin’s got to sit on a specific pitch and a specific location here. Take a marginal pitch even if it’s a strike

  55. Kramerica Industries says:

    Now I really wonder how they fuck this up.

  56. VT Yankee Fan says:

    Uh-oh now we’re in trouble.

  57. Anthony says:

    Yanks are really making Doubront work. Great. I’m sure this came up already, but the Markakis-less Orioles swept the Rays. In the polls Mike has had it seems like most people believe the Rays are the bigger threat. Very interesting… I’m not even sure myself at this point.

  58. Part of me thinks K, K, pop up. Another part of me has no idea what’s going to happen.

  59. Nice Scheister says:

    1-25 w/ RISP this series, how is it even possible to be so fucken awful. Disgusting!!

  60. EDDARD says:

    Make him throw a strike. A big inning here will end it.

  61. Get Phelps Up says:

    Sac fly…I’ll take that.

  62. Kramerica Industries says:

    I did not think Jones got that deep enough.

  63. oldmanalex says:

    A-rod…. lighting fire on the basepaths. where is this team coming to..

  64. Hummingbird S. says:

    can they get a big hit? just one?

  65. Tom says:

    Doubront doing his best to pick of the slack of Beckett and Lackey.

    These pitches are balls. Deal with it.

  66. Hummingbird S. says:

    2-0, FB count, he gets the FB in the zone but can’t put in play. Comon Grandy!

  67. The Real Greg says:

    Bad luck.

  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow are you kidding me? 1 run….

  69. Anthony says:

    I am thoroughly amazed right now.

  70. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Just can’t make this shit up.

  71. Kramerica Industries says:

    And sometimes RISPFAIL also comes about with some shitty luck.

  72. asdfghkl;asldfjas;dlfaks;dfja;sdf

    That is how that play made me feel.

  73. EDDARD says:

    Unbelievable. Guy couldn’t throw a strike and we only got 1.

  74. WhittakerWalt says:

    That’s just bum luck. Nothing you can do.

  75. Hummingbird S. says:

    that wasn’t all that hard to begin with.. 2 straight FB in FB counts and he can’t do shit

    • DT says:

      He hit a line drive that was caught…what else do you want him to do?

    • The Real Greg says:

      Wrong. The second ball was hit right at somebody. This Yankee team has had crappy luck with RISP in addition to failing.

      Nothing you can do.

      • Mikhel says:

        Knowing that Kurtis is a walking strikeout, they could try a squeeze play just to put pressure in the sox defense.

        The manager could also change the approach his players have, and instead of whacking to try and get a homerun, they could choke the bat and try to get slap hits.

        Today, the Orioles had a tough time scoring runs, so they asked Machado and Reynolds to bunt.

        Machado bunted with men on first and no out, the defense made an error because they were not expecting it.

        The next batter, Mark Reynolds, squared and bunted a ball but it was foul, the defense was brought in for the next pitch, anticipating the bunt, but Reynolds swung at it and it barely fell out of reach of the infielder behind second base…. bases loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the 13th.

        The Orioles couldn’t score because the next batter whacked at it and ended up grounding (out and home) and the next to also tried to hit it out of the park and ended up striking out.

        So, yeah, crappy luck after forcing errors from the defense in plays they were not expecting, they put pressure on them and the Rays cracked… the Orioles ended up winning with slap-hits in the 14th.

  76. The Real Greg says:

    They didn’t fuck it up though by definition.

    Plus their Babip with RISP has been awful all year

  77. stuart a says:

    RISP fail not even worth commenting on…………..

    unbeleivable. 1 for 28 in the series

  78. Jonathan says:

    3 rockets and 2 walks= 1 run….. unreal

  79. DT says:

    That was some shitty luck. Two line drives with bases loaded = 3 outs.

  80. WhittakerWalt says:

    Bases loaded, no one out, scoring one run? That actually feels like an improvement for these Yanks. I mean at least they got the one.

  81. oldmanalex says:

    COOL STORY FOR EVERYONE: Last night, I went to a bar in downtown Chicago called Hackney’s Printers Row. As I was ordering my beer, I was also watching curtis granderson hit his first HR of the game on the screen. The bartender comes up to me he and he says “so you like curtis huh?” anyways long story short.. curtis and the bartender were roomates in college. The bartender was a really genuine guy he showed me a few candid pics of him and curtis. There were a few more patrons that dormed in the same building and were honest enough to tell me “look you want to know about curtis ask that man (pointing to the bartender”. It was a great experience and I think what made my night was the fact that there was a unanimous feeling of respect towards not Curtis as a ball player, but Curtis as a person. Everyone kept saying that he’s been the same since he was in college. As a matter of fact the bartender says he still gets a few texts here and there when the yankees are in town. He showed me pics of Granderson taking him and his wife out to games/taking pics etc… Another cool thing was, the bartender walked me over to the bakery that granderson loves to eat at lol. Anyways it was a great night, the sad part is I forgot the name of the bartender. Im planning to go back and talk to him again.

  82. Erica says:

    DAMMIT I want one of those Ty Beanie Buddies.

  83. WhittakerWalt says:

    I get nervous any time something’s hit towards Andruw.

  84. Hummingbird S. says:

    second time through the order, Hughes is falling apart. I think I’ve seem this movie before/

  85. Erica says:

    Cody Ross is annoying.

  86. Cy Pettitte says:

    can we get a mother fucking shut down inning please

  87. Chilango says:

    Let’s go Phil get out of it

  88. Get Phelps Up says:

    Shut down inning achieved.

  89. The Real Greg says:

    What has happened to Felix Hernandez?

    16 ER in his last 2.5 starts

  90. Kramerica Industries says:

    I always have to give Varitek credit for that brawl.

    There really is nothing more manly than keeping your own gear on, and attacking someone with no gear. Bravo, ‘Tek.

    • Mikhel says:

      How about Youk throwing the helmet to Porcello, just to be bitch slapped by the kid who knows martial arts? LMAO.

      The fight I have liked the most was when Paul O’Neill punched a catcher when the Yankees were playing Seattle (i think)… 1993, 1994 or 1995, something like that. The other one was not so much of a fight when Ventura got punched by Nolan Ryan.

  91. Hummingbird S. says:

    can this motherfucker even hit a ball hard?

  92. Get Phelps Up says:


  93. Hummingbird S. says:

    Nice Nunez, VERY NICE!

  94. Chilango says:


  95. Tom says:

    Disappointing that Nunez’s helmet did not come off.

    Clearly he was not hustling! ;-)

  96. WhittakerWalt says:

    Last 2 at-bats for Jeter have been shit.

  97. Seriously, either I’m blanking out at points or the radio is dropping out…Pearce made out just now and I have no memory of it. The first thing I remember about this inning is Noonie’s double.

    • jjyank says:

      Maybe stop using your stores products? :P

      • Funny, but do to a series of unfortunate circumstances, involving my own introversion and lack of money, I haven’t smoked since Labor day, and don’t remember the time before that.

        • jjyank says:

          Just passed my 2 year anniversary last week. Oh, how time flies.

          • Congrats I guess, question though: When it becomes federally legal, do you think you’d start again, or have you just officially moved on from it.

            • jjyank says:

              Oh, I’d absolutely go back. I always liked it more than drinking. I’d never take another sip of alcohol again if it was legalized. Way healthier for you too.

              • It’s not a matter of “If” dude. Our generation is going to be in charge of things soon, and this is going to sound very big headed but we’ve got a much better outlook of it’s existence. I firmly believe it will be completely street legal and sold/taxed in a way very similar to a combination of liquor and tobacco in our lifetime (taxed like Tobacco, sold with the same restricions of alcohol.)

                • YanksFanInBeantown says:

                  If they let farmers grow it they would be able to sell it at like $10/gram with heavy taxes. It would destroy the black market.

                • jjyank says:

                  I hope your right, but our parents’ generation probably thought the same thing.

                  I agree with you though. You wanna solve the country’s financial problems? Boom. Cut money to the miserable failure that is the “war on drugs”, cut the amount of cash diverted to the insanely high amount of inmates imprisoned for mere possession, generate jobs through farmers, distribution, and retail for a completely untapped market.

                  • Our parent’s generation has done a lot though, it’s gone from a taboo thing to generally considered to have medicinal benefits in the scientific community and is slowly gaining acceptance in the political world as well.

                    • jjyank says:

                      True, but it’s not nearly where they thought it would be at the time. But I do agree that it will be legal in our lifetime. And thankfully, I will always have a hookup, due to my parents and my little brother :P

                      My parents held strong!

                    • Lucky, sadly for me my dad quit when he met my mom and my mom has never been a huge fan. She’s come around a bit in recent years, but she’ll never be okay with it, she’s told me “even if it’s legal, I still wouldn’t be happy about you smoking, I wouldn’t try stopping you anymore than I try now (she’ll ask me to stop a lot) but I also still wouldn’t approve.”

                    • jjyank says:

                      My parents smoke almost every day, and my brother is well on his was to eclipsing the frequency of my glory days. I keep trying to convince my parents to grow in the basement. We have 2 acres of property, so no neighbors close enough to smell anything. They’re empty nesters now with me in DC and my brother in college. And yet, they still buy bush weed from their old college buddy in Staten Island. I used to bring them back good stuff from Vermont when I was home on breaks, and my brother does the same now, but that’s still only a couple times a year.

                      If they had just 1 or 2 plants, they could save a lifetime supply with just a couple years of growing. Store the excess in the safe they keep in the basement. But they’re too paranoid about it. For shame.

                    • YanksFanInBeantown says:

                      Good for them! My parents freaked out when they found papers in my sock drawer.

  98. WhittakerWalt says:

    “One thing about Nunez, he can REALLY hit.”

    John Sterling, who doesn’t understand what a .700 OPS means.

    • Isn’t a .700OPS average? Like dead average?

    • YanksFanInBeantown says:

      Maybe he’s referring to his .333 wOBA (107 wRC+), compared to the average wOBA of .298 (85 wRC+) for shortstops around the league.

    • Mikhel says:

      Do you understand that there are players with no power, high AVG who don’t get on base with lots of walks?

      Ichiro used to have seasons above 0.310 but since his slugging and walk total was low, his On-base percentage was a bit higher than his batting average, and his OPS barely cracked 0.800 or was mid 0.700′s.

      In the end, OPS only tells you the type of hitter somebody is.

      Núñez has a 0.300 AVG, 0.350 OBP and 0.700 OPS.

      A mid to high OBP and 0.700 OPS(for me between 0.350 and 0.380, while high OBP = 0.380 to 0.400+) means that he doesn’t hit power.

      His 0.300 AVG and 0.350 OBP means his OBP is affected more by his hits, meaning he doesn’t have a high walk count.

      A mid to high OBP of 0.350 and good AVG of 0.300+ can only get better when he gets more doubles due to his speed, and cracks a few homeruns at Yankee Stadium, so, there is room to grow.

      I’d rather have a 0.300 AVG, 0.350 OBP playing instead of a 0.210 AVG, 0.313 OBP player, and both have similar OPS’s a bit above 0.700.

      The second player is Rusell Martin, a 0.700 OPS guy with low AVG and low OBP who relies heavily on his SLG to have that OPS, and his OBP relies heavily on bases on balls.

  99. Erica says:


  100. Kramerica Industries says:

    And that’s two more missed chances with RISP.

  101. Cy Pettitte says:

    I don’t think they’ll ever get another hit with RISP

  102. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    of course

  103. The Real Greg says:

    What is Michael Kay talking about? The Yankees could win 2 of 3 in this series without getting the big hit. Why is he bitching?

  104. Hummingbird S. says:

    yet another FB in the middle of the zone that they can’t hit. I guess asking for a hit with RISP really is too much to ask from this bunch of overpaid chokers.


  106. Hummingbird S. says:

    Sweet play Robbie!

  107. Kramerica Industries says:

    That was a carbon copy of the Ciriaco DP last night.

  108. Cy Pettitte says:

    hooray for Ciriaco GIDPs

  109. RetroRob says:

    It still would have been a double play regardless of runner moving.

  110. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Nice to see Pedro starting to hit like he should be hitting.

  111. Chilango says:

    Phil great through 5.

  112. your mom says:

    Aviles is pretty fucking irritating now. Ciriaco go to hell!

  113. EDDARD says:

    King Phillip is gonna win this 1-0 if he has to and it’s looking like that’s what he’ll have to do. CGSO.

  114. Erica says:

    Is this like, the night where the Red Sox behead Robbie?

  115. Tom says:

    How is Doubront not tossed after that?

    • Chilango says:

      After what?

      • Tom says:

        It looked like he was holding out his hands to show how much of a strike the curve to Cano was. He motioned to the catcher to come out first so maybe the ump didn’t catch it.

        He’s been bitching about the zone all night, but usually when you start gesturing the umps will run you. Maybe he was holding his hands out for some other reason?

    • Hummingbird S. says:

      Umpires are too sensitive. He was simply pointing out that that exact same pitch in the same location was called a strike before but now is a ball. It’s not the pitchers fault that the umps suck.

  116. Nice Scheister says:

    Surprised that inside pitch wasn’t called a strike.

  117. Hummingbird S. says:

    hanging curve, don’t even bother to swing

    • The Real Greg says:

      You obviously don’t understand what’s going on up there. After seeing 3 straight fastballs. Doubront froze him with a curve. Happens all the time in the majors.

      And if he had swung at it, he would have missed.

  118. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Fucking Orioles. How did the Rays not even snatch ONE game from them? WE took two of four from the Os, and we still kind of suck!

    Pisses me off…

  119. The Angry Troll says:

    Hey Greg . . . Where are you?

    Eat me.

  120. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    Hughes is pitching another good game so far. When can we expect a “Trade Hughes while his value is high!” article?

  121. The Angry Troll says:

    So why can’t the Yankees hit Queen Felix?

  122. Bartolo's Colon says:

    tough to watch the yankees lately. does time warner in nyc have the nfl network? i can’t seem to find it.

  123. Hummingbird S. says:

    where’s Hughes’ curveball??

  124. The Real Greg says:

    Does Phil Hughes have a 2 seamer?

  125. Kramerica Industries says:

    Nice cheap-ass hit.

  126. Hummingbird S. says:

    Slow-mo A-Rod. That was very pathetic.

  127. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Danger time.
    Ross scares me here.

  128. Tom says:

    Nice job by Hughes busting it over to 3rd base on that single to cover just in case.

    I know that’s his job, but it’s good to see the little stuff like that

  129. Kramerica Industries says:

    Just spitballing here, but the Yankees have, like, 6 runs in ~24 innings against Doubront. That’s a 2.25 ERA. Wow.

  130. your mom says:

    Please, no obligatory HR.

  131. Get Phelps Up says:

    OK, score like 5 runs now so Phil can pitch a CGSHO.

  132. Hummingbird S. says:

    phew.. nice Phil

  133. King Charles The Great says:

    Off-topic but I just read that those damn O’s have won THIRTEEN(!) straight extra-inning games. Luuuucky bastards!

    On topic: Hughes is dealing. More runs please!

  134. YanksFanInBeantown says:

    Don’t look now, but Hughesie has a sub-4.00 ERA

  135. Tabbert says:

    Girardi’s Logic on playing Jones over and over

    - He has the ability to get really hot and go on a tear like he did in the previous series at Fenway.

    Okay… I get that. But, Doesn’t that logic apply to EVERY player in baseball? Anyone can get hot. At a certain point you have to be demoted for regularly not doing your job. Is there a better option? We don’t know. Why don’t we know? Because Joe refuses to give others a chance to win Jones job.

    He does have the only RBI tonight though!

  136. Bartolo's Colon says:

    honest question, does doubront look good or are the yanks just this bad? i have been watching it off and on, but he seems to be pitching well.

  137. Tom says:

    3-0 greenlight to Pearce?

    Normally a fan of the 3-0 greenlight, but that seems like managing by hope.

  138. Kramerica Industries says:


    A chance for more RISPFAIL!

  139. Joe says:

    Boo stop getting hits we want nix in line up to get those outs.

  140. The Real Greg says:

    What was Bobby waiting for? Jeter isn’t being pinch hit for

  141. DC says:

    Is Tim McCarver the “scout” on Gameday?

    “SCOUT: Doubront may prefer to go after Pearce who has a .716 OPS than face Jeter who has a .813 OPS”

  142. King Charles The Great says:

    Nunie hit tool!

  143. Ugh…I hate having to leave in the middle of a potential rally, but The bus will be here any minute. Later Ladies and Erica.

  144. Bartolo's Colon says:

    all i can think about is the arod walkoff when i see tazawa. that was probably my favorite regular season game from 2009. truly an unbelievable season

  145. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Seriously though, I hate the Orioles.

    Remember when we were talking about teams who “deserved” and “didn’t deserve” the playoffs?

    I still hold that making that argument is horseshit, but if one team really didn’t “deserve” to make the playoffs, it wouldn’t be the Yankees. It would be the O’s.

    I think saying who deserves and doesn’t deserve something is pretty dumb, but FUCK the O’s have to be the luckiest sons of bitches in the world…

    • Mikhel says:

      When was the last time a team with more runs scored against than runs scored by them has won the AL East? NEVER, and it could happen this year (I think they’ll win it), and it will be the “worst” (in terms of runs diferential) team to win the division.

  146. Hummingbird S. says:

    2 FBs in the middle of the plate… swung through both. They really can’t hit pitches in the middle of the plate.

  147. Chilango says:

    Jeter’s swinging for the fences. WTF. Base hit here Capt

  148. jjyank says:

    Yay BABIP!

  149. Cy Pettitte says:

    Jete! aww yea Cap’n,

  150. Kramerica Industries says:

    A RISPY hit.

    Only the second of the series. And Jeter has both of them.

  151. YanksFanInBeantown says:

    Suck it Willie Mays!

  152. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


    Thanks Cap.

    More please.

  153. Get Phelps Up says:

    Tied with Willie Mays!! Damn impressive.

  154. Hummingbird S. says:

    YES! It was very lucky, but finally! They just doubled the number of hits with RISP in this series.

  155. Chilango says:

    Nice piece of hitting.

  156. EDDARD says:

    What an addition Pearce has been. Worked his way on base and the Captain/MVP drove him in. Now let’s put it away with another RISP hit.

  157. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    When you’re hot, you’re hot.

    I maintain that Jeter totally did that on purpose.

  158. Tom says:

    Oh captain, my captain….

    Is there anyone else you want up in this lineup with men on base (even if he hits into the occasional DP)

    Nice job catching Mays!

  159. Anthony says:

    Whenever I watch a Yankee game, I always feel as though I’m not fully appreciating the fact that I am watching a true legend (Jete) play.

  160. Kramerica Industries says:

    Hard to believe it’s nearly been 300 hits since DJ3K.

  161. Hummingbird S. says:

    pathetic, as usual… Swisher

  162. yanks or death says:

    swisher is soft

  163. The Real Greg says:

    They could go 2-34 with RISP in this series and win 2 of 3 games. Think about that. Makes you wonder how important the RISP stat is

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, it’s not like all the close games thanks to the RISP failures actually has any impact beyond a simple win or loss that night.

      Think. About. That.

      • The Real Greg says:

        All that matters in the end is winning or losing. That’s all that matters at this point in the season.

        If we worried about close games, the O’s be panicking.

  164. Kramerica Industries says:

    Yankees are 0-fer with RISP in this series, aside from Jeter’s two hits.

  165. Chilango says:

    oh for fuck’s sake. Dump these no contact, bloated contract bums.

  166. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Why is Jeter the only fucking person that can hit with RISP? This offense needs to be fucking fixed this offseason.

  167. Nice Scheister says:

    Pitch was low, the umpire has been awful all night, mostly in favor of the Yanks but awful nonetheless.

    • RkyMtnYank says:

      The pitch was close enough. If your paid 30mil/yr … swing the fucking bat!!!

      • Nice Scheister says:

        You’re right, solely based on his salary, he shouldn’t take a single pitch and he should “swing the fucking bat”, even at pitches outside of the zone. You realize you typically get good pitches to hit when you lay off the bad ones, right?

        So you’re advocating the BA/OBP should be the same for all players making 30M or more per year?

        • RkyMtnYank says:

          Wow, you really went off the deep end there. It’s not every single pitch you fool… If you have 2 strikes, even if you are in little league, you swing at close pitches. But if you are in the majors and paid big money to swing the bat, well your paid to swing the bat so you don’t take close 2 strike pitches like that.

          • Nice Scheister says:

            The name calling by this guy. Just hilarious. To the comment, “If your paid 30mil/yr … swing the fucking bat!!!”. It was out of the zone, good hitters should not swing at pitches out of the zone. I would argue that if you’re paid 30M per year you should have a high OBP and not swing at pitches outta the zone. Thanks for the laugh though, I know the air gets thin in the Rocky Mountains but do us all a favor and take a deep breath.

            • RkyMtnYank says:

              No, the pitch was a strike, check the box score. The name Schiester fits you well though. sigh

              • Nice Scheister says:

                I’ve got this glorious ability to rewind and fast-forward, even this amazing ability to even do something called slow motion. Not that I needed it for such a blatantly bad call, but for the sake of arguing. It was a low pitch that was out of this wonderful thing called “the strike zone”, however the umpire made a bad call and called a pitch that was below the aforementioned strike zone, incorrectly a strike, as opposed to the correct call, a ball.

                From the player himself, “You don’t think that was a little low? I watched it real close and the catcher pulled his glove up a little bit. Did you notice that?”.

                So next time you “check the box score”, just remember the robo-umps don’t go into effect until 2026 so until then the box score may reflect some errors by old men called “umpires”.

  168. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Hopefully the longish half inning doesn’t affect Hughes.

  169. oldmanalex says:

    looking into the future: in 2013 any chance AROD not hitting cleanup anymore? if so is he on a leash? perhaps the yankee mgmt write this year off as a freak injury plagued year…

  170. Kramerica Industries says:

    Hopefully no requisite Hughes home runs tonight.

  171. Erica says:

    KEEP SWISH IN 2013

  172. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Bullpen should be up just in case.

  173. Get Phelps Up says:

    Swisher with the unclutch sliding catch.

  174. Nice Scheister says:

    Those two pitches were in the exact same spot, pitch 1 was a ball and número two was a strike. Consistency please.

  175. Chilango says:

    Nice play Nick, But all is not forgiven fuck you

  176. Naved says:

    Is Hughes throwing a slider?

  177. JLC 776 says:


  178. Hummingbird S. says:


  179. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    My newborn baby has developed a severe crush on Phil.

  180. flamingo says:

    Phil is on point. I love it.

  181. Tom says:

    MLBNetwork had the audio on ARod’s discussion with the homeplate ump. It was truly awesome.

    “You don’t think that was a little low? I watched it real close and the catcher pulled his glove up a little bit. Did you notice that?” (or something to that effect)

    It was a completely civil discussion and if you are going to complain that was the perfect way to do it. Not that it will probably help, but at least it doesn’t give the ump a reason to ring him up later in the game out of spite.

  182. Anthony says:

    If you had told me before the game that Phil would go at least 7 innings and not give up a home run… well I wouldn’t have believed you. Way to go Phil.

  183. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    The things I would do to Jon Hamm.

  184. Nice Scheister says:

    Hughes is carving up this AAA team tonight!

  185. Cy Pettitte says:

    that was not gritty at all

  186. CUYanks says:

    A quick eighth inning and can we send Phil Hughes out there for the untuck??!!

  187. The Real Greg says:

    Pedroia’s baby boy would have been laying out for that.

  188. Karl Krawfid says:

    Three of the longest tenured Yankees.

  189. Nice Scheister says:

    When you hustle outta the box, good things happen. Way to do your best Jeter impression Robbie!

  190. Hummingbird S. says:

    this would be a great time to PH for Granderson.

  191. Cy Pettitte says:

    Kurtis is back

  192. CG says:

    “Hi, I’m Curtis, and I have a strikeout problem.”

  193. Karl Krawfid says:

    Granderson trying to cover all parts of the plate and fails.

  194. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


  195. Hummingbird S. says:

    0-4 with 3 K’s and 5 LOB… what’s the point of having him hit against lefties? he’s back to being a platoon player..

  196. Kramerica Industries says:

    Two more RISP failures.

  197. flamingo says:

    This is getting ridiculous.

  198. Effthisnoise says:

    This line up can make anybody look like cy young. Come on Hughes, one more inning please

  199. The Real Greg says:

    Granderson is one short of his career high in K’s right now.

    Still the trade can’t be judged in hindsight.

  200. Bartolo's Colon says:

    this is sad, i can’t wait to see grandy against price.

  201. Leg-End says:

    Curtis strikes out more than people mention RISP problems.

  202. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, couldn’t get through the night without a requisite Ciriaco hit.

  203. Hummingbird S. says:

    Ciriaco again. What a surprise.

  204. Chilango says:

    Here we go. Grab the barf bag.

  205. Effthisnoise says:

    Take him out now. Don’t wait til he fully implodes

  206. Kramerica Industries says:

    Chris Dickerson had a Johnny Damon esque throw there.

  207. Rich in NJ says:

    A designer PED that only works against the Yankees. I am awestruck.

  208. The Real Greg says:

    And that will be it for Hughes.

  209. Karl Krawfid says:

    Great job Hughes.

    Bad job offense.

  210. jjyank says:

    Well Hughes is pitching an away game. So I will give him a virtual standing ovation here. Well done Phil!


  211. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Man, it’s always a pleasure to watch Babe Ruth Barry Bonds Joe Dimmaggio Pedro Ciriaco do his thing. What a player.

  212. Alkaline says: a beautiful animal! a destroyer of worlds!

    Hughes…is Harry Effing Potter!

  213. Anthony says:

    If this game gets out of hand the blame lies solely with the offense.

  214. EDDARD says:

    Phil pitched his heart out tonight. This is another case of the offense not being able to tack on a couple more runs to make it a safe lead. Now we’ll need our pen to step up and hold it.

  215. Hummingbird S. says:

    bad hook, something to be expected from Girardi.

    • The Real Greg says:

      Meh. That ball was hit solidly. Good hook especially given what happened to him in Baltimore.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        He was pitching one hell of a game, very different from the game in Baltimore. Also, he’s way better against lefties, if you’re going to pull him, pull him against the righties. Joe G. has no idea what he’s doing, the only thing he knows is that a lefty pitcher has to face a lefty batter.

  216. Hummingbird S. says:

    Regardless of Girardi, EXCELLENT GAME FROM PHIL!

  217. bring buck back says:

    sometimes I think JoeG goes home at night and beats off to the thought of batting Andruw Jones against lefties and bringing in LOOGYs even when his starter is still throwing well.

  218. Effthisnoise says:

    I agree with the hook, recent games have shown us that Hughes derails fast and epically

    • The Real Greg says:

      That’s what I’m saying. Girardi’s been burned by the slow hook a couple of times. For example at home against Baltimore he was pitching great through 4 innings and got blasted in the fifth.

  219. Effthisnoise says:

    Ok Robertson, remember, the curveball is your frend

  220. Matt says:

    It might not even matter whether the Yankees make the playoffs or not because of how Girardi is managing these games.

    Robertson threw over 30 extremely high stress pitches on Tuesday and 15 high stress pitches yesterday. Hughes is at 92 pitches to start the inning, yet Robertson is warming up right away, and now coming into the game.

    He is going to burn these guys out to the point where they won’t get very far in the playoffs even if they do get there. Girardi has gotten way too desperate and it is hurting the team (what’s new?).

    • The Real Greg says:


      Were you “expecting” anything?

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Just because you don’t care about winning doesn’t mean we share your half-asses apathetic attitude. Nor does you being apathetic and taking things more “calmly” make you superior. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the team to be in good shape for a playoff run.

        Seriously, I don’t even agree with the post but you’ve got to stop telling us or implying that if we don’t think like you we’re inferior. You look like an asshole.

    • jjyank says:

      What’s new? Girardi is generally well praised for his bullpen management. And so often he is burned for not pulling a starter quick enough. Of course he’s a bit desperate, the Yanks blew a huge lead and are fighting for the season. I would sure as hell hope he’s doing whatever he can.

      Seriously, the guy can never win.

      • Matt says:

        Are you talking about the same Joe Girardi?

        This season was the first time in his entire Yankees career that he trusted his starters to go deeper in games, and it was only because he had no choice because his relievers were injured.

        He just doesn’t get that a tired starter can still be better than a mediocre reliever, especially when he is already locked in and getting guys out.

        He just matched up with a .161 hitter who actually hits RHP better than LHP, with a pitcher who RHB are hitting .278 against this year. He has gone completely off the deep end.

        We talk about how the players are mentally pressing and how it hurts their performance. Well the manager is pressing, and it’s hurting his team.

        • The Real Greg says:

          Didn’t a manager with the Yankees win 4 world series and have a reputation for burning out his bullpen?

          • Matt says:

            That doesn’t matter and you know it. Torre had incredible teams playing for him, which would have probably won with most managers.

            Also, Torre typically had a much deeper bullpen to call on than Girardi has right now. You can’t keep applying the same tactics when the personnel have changed so drastically.

            When Torre had only 3 reliable relievers in 2004, he burnt them out so badly in the regular season that they were a shell of themselves in the playoffs and blew crucial games. Remember Quan/Gor/Mo? They were completely ineffective in the ALCS.

        • Get Phelps Up says:

          Well, it worked.

          • Matt says:

            Irrelevant. But it may matter tomorrow if he is unavailable, or if he is ineffective in future games stemming from the decline in velocity that has accompanied this overuse.

            • Dude, we’re in the thick of a pennant race. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Win today.

              • Matt says:

                There is no guarantee that you win today either if you bring in a tired reliever who is throwing in his 3rd game in a row.

                I have no problem with bringing in Robertson normally, but you are going to kill the guy if you keep pitching him like this. You may win today but lose many other games if he is burnt out.

                You only needed 3 more outs to get to Soriano, and your starter has been cruising. You didn’t need him there, and you certainly could have left Logan in to face Lavarnway and Loney.

                • I’m a Huge Hughes fan, but He’s very Homer Prone. If we’re talking about Kuroda or Sabathia I’d probably agree with you. However with Hughes’ history of being cruising along before giving up a homer then settling down again, I’m completely okay with the hook and going for the win.

            • Get Phelps Up says:

              They may not even need him tomorrow. Do all you can to win the game at hand.

              • Matt says:

                That doesn’t matter. He may be “available” but that doesn’t mean that he will be effective. He is tired and his velocity is down. At 90 mph, his pitches are hittable, as we saw the other night.

                The cumulative effect of this could reduce his effectiveness for the rest of the season. There are other relief pitchers who can get 2 or 3 outs in that situation. He could have left Logan in or used a relatively rested Soriano for 4 or 5 outs instead of 3.

                What Girardi is doing to him is like what Torre did to guys like Ron Villone, Tom Gordon, Tanyon Sturtze, etc. Some guys can survive it, but not all. You’re playing with the rest of the season, and the guy’s career, when you use him like this.

        • jjyank says:

          I never said anything about batters.

          Like I’ve said elsewhere in this thread, in the position the team is in, you go for the kill on a game to game basis. Hughes has generally been pretty good after April, but not good enough to give him a huge leash.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          “who actually hits RHP better than LHP”

          Based on what – 139 MLB PA?

          Lavarnway in AAA this year – 1.021 OPS vs. LHP, .748 OPS v. RHP.

          • Matt says:

            Says the guy who thinks Eric Chavez can’t hit lefties even though has had no more than 31 AB against them in any season since 2007.

            I don’t know why you are quoting that line anyway. It was only a minor point of the argument just to add emphasis. As in, “not only is everything else stacked against this, but…”

            Righties hit .278 against Robertson this year. This guy has shown no ability to handle any kind of Major League pitching in his brief career.

            Instead of looking to pick a fight, I suggest you try contributing something. Your posts are so nuts that nobody takes you seriously anymore.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Yeah, I have to agree with you.

      • The Real Greg says:

        I know.

      • OMG! Bagels! says:

        I’m a Girardi fan and I agree that sometimes he can’t win but I think he hooked him too early and I said that BEFORE the hook. Had the game gotten out of hand, I’d be wrong, of course. But sometimes he leaves him in too long. Yes, it’s a judgment call.

        I like Girardi’s managing even when he overmanages. He’s intense and not asleep. He’s too binder reliant but we know he’s not changing that.

        Managing the Yankees is a big job for anyone and he did a fine job with all the injuries. It caught up to them and now he’s fighting fires. I get that. I can still say he hooked him too early.

        • Mikhel says:

          I don’t think it caught up to them due to injuries, this team has been average or a bit above average month to month except for an extraordinary June which alone gave them 13 games above 0.500, the rest of the year they’ve played 9 games above 0.500.

    • Matt says:

      Robertson’s FB velocity has been down to 89-90 mph lately because of how hard he’s being worked. Earth to Girardi?

  221. The Real Greg says:

    Got to go to the books.

    Last time the Yankees shut the Red Sox out in Fenway.

  222. Kramerica Industries says:

    And Greg, this is where RISPFAIL comes into play, even if the Yankees do win this game.

    DRob has pitched three straight games. Soriano will have pitched in back-to-back games. Easily, the two best RP in the Yankees ‘pen, and one will likely be unavailable, and the other probably a bit fatigued, at the start of a CRUCIAL series against the Rays tomorrow.

    God forbid, Yankees are playing a close game tomorrow, and some of the lesser guys can’t hold it. That sure would suck, wouldn’t it?

    • The Real Greg says:

      But again, if the number of close games really mattered, the Orioles should be worried.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        The O’s have more than 2 capable pitchers in their pen. That’s why they are better in close games. Don’t be a moron.

    • jjyank says:

      Of course it would suck, but I feel like at this point in the season, the Yankees need to do whatever they can to win each game as it comes. I find it hard to justify “saving” bullpen arms for a potential appearance in the future. If they were 5+ games up, sure. But they’re in danger of missing out right now, so go for the kill whenever you can.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Absolutely. I said nothing of Girardi there – putting DRob and Soriano in these games is nothing more than doing his job.

        It’s just a reason why these abysmal showings with RISP can impact the team, even if it doesn’t cost them an individual game. The O’s game on Sunday was the first “easy” win the Yankees had in, like, a month. And certainly a part of the BP’s ineffectiveness comes from being overworked. Isn’t Boone still near the top of the league in appearances?

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Yeah, exactly.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      You gotta go for it tonight. CC is pitching tomorrow, Robertson only threw 3 pitches and Girardi has shown willingness to use Soriano for 3 days in a row.

  223. Anthony says:

    Candidate for most boring game of the year? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the win, but man, I am fighting to stay awake. Against the Sox of all teams.

  224. Just got home, was listening on the MLB At Bat app, Right after Ciriaco’s double I was calling for Girardi to pull Hughes. The reasoning is simple, Tying run at the plate, a homer prone pitcher on the mound. No matter how good Phil is, and was tonight, his biggest problem is the home run ball. If he (Girardi) had left Phil in to face LHH and gave up a game tying homer all of you saying there was a quick hook would be screaming for Joe not going to the pen earlier.

  225. The Real Greg says:

    Besides number of appearances is a bit overrated as a stat because the length of the appearance differs from point to point.

    For example, Boone Logan has appeared in 70 games, but he has only thrown a grand total of 49 innings.

    • OMG! Bagels! says:

      Yeah Boone Logan is like Waldo. Put up a photo of all the Yankees in a game and find Logan. He’s in there somewhere. But but up minutes and he’s not there at all.

    • Matt says:

      Except he has warmed up to appear in 70 games still, plus many others in which he was not used. That has a lot of impact.

      • The Real Greg says:

        But at what velocity is he warming up? And to what stress is he pitching.

        By the way in contrast, in 2008 Boone threw a total of 42.1 innings, about 6.2 innings less than this year.

        But, in terms of appearances, he appeared in 55 games. 15 less than this year.

        The numbers don’t correlate.

        • Mikhel says:

          They begin just tossing the ball, and end up throwing 80-90% their full speed if not their full speed.

          If velocity was taken into account for all pitchers you’d see managers leaving their pitchers for 130-140 pitches because they threw 40 offspeed pitches and just 90-100 fastballs.

          Unless you’ve pitched you won’t know the strain the arm goes through and the fatigue is there even when they just warm up and are not called in to pitch.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      That’s still at least 70 times he warmed up to pitch.

      Not counting the times he’s warmed up and didn’t come into the game.

      • The Real Greg says:

        But there are many variables concerning that, some of which I have explained in my response to Matt.

        That’s why it’s not really talked about among baseball people.

        • Matt says:

          What are you talking about? It is ALWAYS talked about among baseball people. Girardi even cites the lack of availability of some guys as having been the result of warming him up in games in which he didn’t appear.

          Once you are warmed up, it is not a ton more fatiguing to throw pitches in a live game until you get past 15-20. The part that fatigues a pitcher is going from a state of rest (sitting on the bench) to a state of action (throwing near full speed).

          I doubt you have ever played any form of baseball or softball from the comments you make. Don’t try to be an authority on something that you don’t understand.

  226. Get Phelps Up says:

    I’ll be so happy when Fenway’s “sellout” streak finally ends next year.

    • OMG! Bagels! says:

      Pink hats do not come if you do not win.

    • Mikhel says:

      I don’t think the Bosox owners/front office will allow that, you’ll keep on watching empty seats and their reports will still say it was a sellout.

      I hardly believe that they’re selling all the tickets they are required to have available in the ticket window (is it 15 to 20%?), their stadium looks desolate.

  227. RetroRob says:

    In this setting, Larry David is the enemy. Probably rooting for the Red Sox.

    • OMG! Bagels! says:

      Never. LD is a die-hard Yankee fan and the best George Steinbrenner impersonator on Earth. He got all his angst out about Yankee losses playing the Boss on Seinfeld all those years. We all should be so lucky.

  228. RetroRob says:

    The world’s greatest fielder makes an error.

  229. Peter Gammons says:


  230. Hummingbird S. says:

    Robbie with RISP and a chance to give us some more breathing room. Comon Robbie.

  231. Kramerica Industries says:

    And for good measure, one more failure in that spot.

  232. Hummingbird S. says:

    very predictable.

  233. Hall and Nokes says:

    Well thanks for nothing tonight, offense.

    • jjyank says:

      Thanks for 2 runs? If Soriano finishes it out, they win. So yeah, thanks offense!

      Seriously, they could have scored more, but a win is a win is a win. I’d much rather congratulate the pitching than belittle the offense.

  234. The Real Greg says:

    So 2-40? with RISP in this series. And they could take 2 of 3.

  235. The Real Greg says:

    See Soriano has thrown 58 innings which is way more than Logan. And nobody’s worried about him.

    • Mikhel says:

      And has pitched in 9 games less. And warmed up in at least 20 games less, if not 30 or more. Soriano being a closer only warms when there’s a chance of a save or when tied after the 8th inning. Logan warms at any time, and even multiple times in a day.

  236. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    No drama please MFIKY.

  237. Chilango says:

    No screwing around put these guys away.

  238. Kramerica Industries says:

    Well, would’ve been easier to have just finished it with Nava.

  239. Karl Krawfid says:

    It’s never easy man…

  240. God damnit MFIKY. I wanted simple, easy, 1-2-3 inning so I can go back to Game of Thrones. You are no longer a Dothraki Kahl in my head.

  241. VT Yankee Fan says:

    If the Sawks lose here their elimination number is 2.

  242. JLC 776 says:

    Lock this shit down, MFIKY

  243. Kramerica Industries says:

    And, untuck.

  244. JLC 776 says:


  245. Anthony says:


  246. Hummingbird S. says:

    nice, very good game from PHIL!!!!

  247. Get Phelps Up says:

    Un. Fucking. Tuck.

    Also 7-2 at Fenway this year!!

  248. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


    And please leave the RISPFAIL in Boston.


  249. Rocky Road Redemption says:



  250. EDDARD says:

    4 up on Tampa. Take 2/3 and put them in a deep hole with time running out. We’ll probably have to win more games like this to do it.

  251. JLC 776 says:

    TWO IN A ROW!!!!!!

  252. OMG! Bagels! says:



  253. JonS says:

    That was the first shutout since Aug 14 against Texas.

  254. RetroRob says:

    Good win. Nice game by Phil.

    Three of the last four. Let’s hope it’s a trend.

  255. Chilango says:

    Phil stepped up BIG win. NO HRs. Very unexpected.

  256. Hall and Nokes says:

    Phil, Boone, D-Rob, MFIKY: go get some well-deserved sex tonight.

  257. JLC 776 says:

    Bitch about the circumstances all you want, but the Yankees are in an awesome and exhilarating pennant race for the first time in a long time.

  258. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    I can’t say my 2 day old daughter watched the *entire* game, but I’m counting this one as her first official Yankee win.

  259. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    5 wins 3 losses last eight completely arbitrarily chosen games.

    • JLC 776 says:

      Congrats! My wife and I are expecting our second boy on November 8th. I’m trying to sell her on naming him after, God willing, the Yankees’ World Series MVP.

      I’m about as white as they come, so no doubt it’ll be Ichiro or something like that…

      • JLC 776 says:

        And…. somehow I hit ‘reply’ to Rocky instead of Pasta… that’s what drinking through a Yankees game will do to you.

        • Mikhel says:

          HAHAHAHAHA that was some odd reply, but alas, i also replied earlier to a totally non-related post xD.

          And… congratulations on your soon to be born kid.

          How about Thurman? :-P

      • Hall and Nokes says:

        MFIKY would be the best baby name ever.

      • Bo Knows says:

        Congratulations, also why pick one name?

        Give your boy as much greatness as possible with the name

        Derek Curtis Alexander Robinson {insert your last name}

        and if you have a 3rd boy, may I suggest

        Andrew Phillip Carston (insert your last name)

        *note I did not include Ivan or Hiroki because the names don’t flow together with the other names

  260. EDDARD says:

    Big Game Dave last night. King Phillip tonight. CC needs to keep it going tomorrow.

  261. Bartolo's Colon says:

    wow, that was scary, but so nice to take two in a row after dropping the first one. that has got to be some sort of record going 2 for 33 or whatever it was and still take 2 of 3. i hope they are better against tampa, got to take at least 2 and hope the a’s will work the o’s

  262. Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW) says:

    I’m happy phor Phil. Keep up the good work, chap.

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