Randy Levine talks to MLB.com’s Barry Bloom

Monday Night Open Thread
Welcoming back Andy Pettitte

Yankees team president Randy Levine recently sat down for a chat with MLB.com’s Barry Bloom, and the two spoke about a wide range of topics. The new playoff system, the club’s injuries, the 2014 payroll plan, the impact of the New Stadium, a potential sale of the team … all of that and more were discussed. I’d provide a recap of the interview, but MLBTR beat me too it. I’ll just point you to that instead. Levine didn’t say anything juicy or controversial, so you’re going to be disappointed if you were looking for someone to call the team out for their recent poor play. Still, check it out though.

Monday Night Open Thread
Welcoming back Andy Pettitte
  • RetroRob

    I thought his comment on where the “Yankees are for sale” story came from was interesting just because I hadn’t heard it before. Other than that, pretty standard. Also, the fact that he has a “good relationship” with Soriano is kind of funny. He should. Soriano should offer to bring him his coffee every morning as probably got double the contract from the Yankees he would have gotten anywhere else.

    • Joe

      We better not bring him back if he options out.

      • mj

        ditto collect the pick instead please

        • Joe

          Compensation pick. No more type A or B, and we have to offer Soriano $13 million to re-sign in order to get it.

          • RetroRob

            Correct. $13.4 million to be exact, although what’s a few extra thousand here or there?!

            I expect Soriano to be closing for the Tigers or Angels next year.

            • Laz

              I doubt it. I keep having a hard time believing that he will turn down all that money. He is going to make $14M, that is an awful lot for other teams to pay for a closer.

              • RetroRob

                He won’t get $14M, but he will get $1.5M from the Yankees once he opts out, which means he needs to sign a contract that will pay him more than $12.5M. He won’t get that either for a single year, but that’s not what he’s shooting for. He’s shooting for a three-year deal where he’s the closer paying $8-10M per, or $24-30M total. Looking at this year’s free agents, that’s entirely possible. That’s anywhere from approximately $12 to $18M more in guaranteed money.

                Or he can pocket the $12.5M (the opt-out money goes away) and pitch for the Yankees and re-enter the market in 2014 as a set-up man and a year older. He risks injury (not uncommon for him) and losing millions of dollars.

                Not really a hard choice. He opts out.

                • MannyGeee

                  This. been great having you around, #unTUCK… send us a postcard from Anaheim.

                  Keep Joba on ice, we’ll need him at full grunting & farting strength come next April.

            • Joe

              Haha I rounded down. Makes a big difference in money, right?

              Should of took the time to learn significant numbers in chemistry.

              • radnom

                Its significant digits (or figures), and it refers to how precise a measurement is. Basically, if your original measurements are only accurate within a certain range, results of calculations involving that measurement should only be reported within that same range.

                • Joe

                  You’re right, I learned figures. I did average in the class. 80.

  • Rich in NJ

    Levine seems to be becoming the face of the Yankees. :eek:

  • LarryM., Fl.

    As much as we believe Levine gets in the way. He did sign Soriano if I am correct. He’s been around baseball for awhile. And he’s no dummy. I believe they have a plan to bite the bullet in 2014 regain some tax money and play some younger guys. If the plan helps with development then OK. All this means is no Swisher. Hang on to Granderson for his option year and 40 HRs.

    I personally have no issue with moving away from the high price older players signed into their unproductive years at top dollar. Watching Nunez and his play is fun but can get be risky on defense.

    I don’t believe that we will get to the bad years in the late 60’s early seventies. Where Ron Bloomberg is our savior.

  • Jack

    I’m sure this was mentioned on a thread somewhere but did anyone else see BA’s MiLB All-Star team? Gary Sanchez was selected at catcher.

  • J.R.

    I love the quote, Levine: “It was a fictional story. The people who wrote it were told it was fictional. We know where it came from. It came from a sleazy investment banker who was trying to gin up business for himself. We let him know that we were not happy about it.”

    Levine didnt mince words with that one.

  • Bobby P

    I’m glad he’s happy with the New Stadium. I guess it’s no surprise that he would rather a county club/shopping mall than a place with any character or fan noise. I’d love to see him explain how they were able to “maintain this building in the great tradition of Yankee Stadium” while putting in Legend Suites and “accidentally” having a cheesy bar blocking the view of people in the bleachers. What a joke.