Andruw Jones not on ALDS roster

LDS Game Thread/Saturday Night Open Thread
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Andruw Jones told reporters this afternoon that he is not on the ALDS roster. “I don’t deserve to be on it,” he said, telling us what we already knew. The roster is not due until 10am ET tomorrow and the Yankees have yet to official release it.

LDS Game Thread/Saturday Night Open Thread
ALDS Ticket Price Deals via RAB Tickets
  • Winter

    It’s gotta be Nix for the last spot now, right? I mean, who else is there?

    • BJ

      Agreed, it’s got to be Nix.

    • Greg

      cervelli 3 catcher flexibility?

      • Laz

        Really don’t see a need for more than 2 catchers over 5 games. Especially since martin has had several days off now to rest. It is more important to have nix as the backup infielder, especially if nunez is the pinch runner.

  • Muccini


    • RetroRob

      Dickerson said earlier that he is not on the roster. I’m guessing that means Gardner did make it. Casey McGehee also confirmed he wasn’t on the roster, which is why Nix seems likely to make the team.

      Curious who gets dropped from the pitching staff. Nova I’m guessing will be in the pen, but wonder if Garcia makes it and perhaps Eppley doesn’t.

      • JonS

        Nova will NOT be in the pen. He made 0 tune up appearances out of the pen and no way they go with him unproven out of the pen.

        • Ted Nelson

          If Nova doesn’t make it I doubt the transition to the pen has anything to do with it. He’s struggled a lot, so I think that would be the reason. You go with the best talent. Nova has really strong make-up and would be a long-man anyway. Unfortunately I’m not sure it’s clear the performance will be there at the moment.

      • Winter

        Garcia won’t make it and neither will Eppley (or at least he shouldn’t)

        Pen should look like:

        Lowe (or maybe Eppley…)

      • Laz

        Really would leave Nova off. Keep him ready if we need a starter for later rounds, but he has been terrible.

  • ArchStanton

    “I don’t deserve to be on it,” he said, telling us what we already knew.

    Cold-blooded Mike, but true!

    • vicki

      he’s not a bad person; he just can’t play the game anymore. it’s gotta suck.

    • The Lodge

      Charlie Murphy!

  • Joe F

    My Dicks over Nix campaign ended quite abruptly.

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      Granderson can bring the same game as Dickerson – maybe a little less power, but with Chavez and Ibanez around, who needs lefty bench power?

      • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

        Mean Dickerson

  • forensic

    Completely agree with the decision and am very happy with it.

    But, I’m absolutely shocked that they actually left him off. It’s just not a Yankees-style move.

    • Captain Crunch Sabthia


    • Joe F

      If mean you question why they left an experienced veteran off the roster, then it’s because we have enough to go around. That’s my opinion.

      • Joe Girardi

        Jonesy’s been scuffling a bit lately, and I like the way Nunie’s been swinging the bat. Nixie’s been solid wherever we’ve played him so we’ll see how he feels tomorrow. I asked Gardy and he’ll be a player for us.

        • Greg

          and thats the bottom line…..

        • Laz

          Jones has been barely better than Ichiro vs lefties, and that is the only reason he is on the roster. Ichiro’s defense more than makes up for that. Nunez dh vs lhp. They will probably struggle vs lefties, but jones isn’t solving that the way he has been.

    • RBC

      I’m not surprised Jones didn’t make it. Although he is a veteran, the Yanks have so many options on the bench that they didn’t need him.

    • Ted Nelson

      I think it’s very Yankee style. They go with proven vets so much because those guys give them the best chances to win. People whine endlessly that they use mediocre vets over craP AAAA players, but there’s a reason almost none of those guys resurface again: they just aren’t very good. Almost all the young kids who earn a chance get it.

  • Sally

    Everyone is making a big deal over the roster as if they are gonna play some scrub or they are gonna throw out Don Mattingly. They have what they have their main players and a few bench guys that’s it. What’s the big deal over this roster stuff? Jones not on the roster wow like they are gonna play him or Nix or Cervilli, or Gardner? They have their set lineup that’s it and if a main guys goes down because of an injury they are dead in the water anyway. Take extra pitchers that’s it what’s so hard?

    • Sally

      P.S Is there some invisible guy we are not seeing? Is Mark Grace hiding some place we don’t see? What’s there that’s not there already?

      • RetroRob

        Your mind?

    • Jerry


      Yeah, the bench is the bench. But there was some very reasonable worry that Joe was going to continue being Joe, and use Jones some (as DH or PH) against lefties because he hit a home run a few weeks ago, “he’s been here before”, “he knows how to play in the playoffs”, etc. It was only in the last two weeks of the season that Joe accepted what had been obvious to everyone else since the all-star break — Jones is a black hole in the batting order. That Joe chose not to do this is a relief, and worth reporting on.

      Will it matter all that much? Probably not. But it does mean we’ll see Nunez or Gardner where we would have otherwise seen Jones. On the basepaths and (in Gardner’s case) in the field, that could mean a 1-run difference, which could mean a game.

      • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

        Jerry, they need a partial lineup against lefties. Ibanez sits, Nix plays 3B and Rodriguez goes to DH.

        That is a a better lineup than sticking Andruw Jones at DH, keeping Rodriguez at 3B and running an outfield of Ichiro, Granderson and Swisher.

        The other alternative against a lefty would have been Ichiro sits, Andruw Jones plays LF, Rodriguez and Nix play DH and 3B respectively.

        The decision had to be made whether there was any chance of Jones turning it around. It would be nice to send up the Andruw JOnes of 2011 down a run in the 9th.

        It all matters.

      • Ted Nelson

        Disagree about Girardi playing Jones. It was the right move. It had been like 100 PA. You don’t bench a proven performer every time they slump. That would be an awful way to manage. Think of some of the slumps guys like Jeter, Swisher, Gardner, Martin, Granderson, etc. have endure the last few months. Longer than 100 PA. Yet Girardi stuck with them because they had the best shot to produce. Every single one of them truned it around. The way Jones has hit LHP the last two years… Girardi was absolutely right to give him more rope until he hung himself. That you think he was playig him because of a HR two weeks ago means you don’t understand why he was playing him. Not that Girardi was wrong.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Disagree. This isn’t the NBA, where the end of your bench basically does nothing in the playoffs. There’s a lot more matchup considerations, a lot more pinch-running, etc. Remember….this team made the calculated decision to carry Freddy Guzman on its post-season roster not long ago. That last bench spot absolutely matters.

      • nsalem

        If we are fortunate to make it to the World Series we will have 4 games sans DH. At that point the 25th man selection becomes even of more importance.

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    The best part of Andruw Jones’s game in 2012 is bp. He hits a ton of monster shots out to left.

    Then the game starts….

  • Buck you

    Stewart chavez nix nunez gardner
    Jeter granderson cano arod tex swisher ibanez martin ichiro
    Cc pettitte kuroda hughes
    Sori drob joba logan rapada phelps lowe

    • Yankee in CT

      Buck you got it exactly right.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    They’ve been keeping Melvin Crousett hidden for this very moment.

  • Rich in NJ

    Kontos looked good.

  • fin

    We all know the players that are going to play. The only reason we will see Gardner is to pinch run if Nunez is already in the game. We wont see Nix at all, it would be shocking if he gets one AB.

    I really want to know how they are going to use Chavez, hes the perfect pinch hitter for Arod, but that will never happen. He probably wont get any DH ab’s because of the clutch hits Ibanez has, but hes most certainly a better hitter than Ibanez. Maybe 3 at bats for Chavez per series pinch hitting for Martin or Nunez?

    • Evan3457

      Gardner will be used in left for defense late in the game if the Yanks are ahead, with Ichiro moving to right, and Swisher coming out.

  • fin

    I’ll also say if CC can dominate in the postseason and lead the Yankees to another WS title, it wont matter what he does for the rest of his contract, he will have earned every penny the Yankees pay him.