Heyman: Yankees open to two-year deal for Soriano

Pineda continued throwing program following check-up on Monday
Thoughts on a random Tuesday morning

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees are open to re-signing right-hander Rafael Soriano to a two-year contract even though Mariano Rivera will return next season. They haven’t made him an offer (other than the qualifying offer) and don’t appear to be in a rush to do so, however.

The Yankees are said to be fixated on one-year contracts this winter in advance of the 2014 payroll plan, but a two-year pact with Soriano would give them a made-ready replacement for Rivera when he presumably calls it a career after the season. This offseason’s two other elite free agent relievers (Ryan Madson and Joakim Soria) are both coming off Tommy John surgery and there figures to be some hesitation about giving either guy multiple years, especially Soria since it’s his second elbow reconstruction. If Scott Boras can’t get Soriano three years this winter, he never will.

Pineda continued throwing program following check-up on Monday
Thoughts on a random Tuesday morning
  • RetroRob

    Makes no sense, well beyond the obvious of offering protection to Rivera.

    If they’re willing to pay what will probably be $12M+ to have Soriano on the payroll in 2014, then it would make more sense to direct that money to a position player in RF, not a reliever.

    • Monty

      Exactly. Why give Soriano 2 years but no one else…… Especially considering he can’t find another job..

  • Lance

    Eghhhh…could be worse I guess.

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

    They’ll have $20-$25m to spend on the rest of the roster in the 2013-2014 offseason, and they’re going to cut that number in half for Soriano? Sounds to me like Peter Greenberg may be leaking the wrong info.

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

      Err Boras.

      • RetroRob

        Maybe. He leaks two years in order to push interested teams to three years. Of course, maybe the Yankees are interested in two years, but at $5M per!

        No matter. Soriano will get a three-year deal somewhere.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Only CC, Tex, and ARod are committed for 2014 so far. Include Jeter’s option and they still would have about $80M or so to spend on players until they hit $189M.

      But, I agree, if they are going to stick with the $189M plan for 2014, bullpen is one place where they can/should be able to get much cheaper without necessarily sacrificing much performance.

      • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

        Unfortunately, there’s a lot more they’re obligated to pay. Arod is due a bonus, there are quite a few arbitration eligible players, and player benefits to pay as well. RAB wrapped it up with $148.63 million total, and that’s without resigning Robinson Cano, or including Derek Jeter’s possible incentives that will start to kick in with his SS award.

        • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

          Sorry, that’s with Cano. I meant to say Granderson. It also doesn’t include a RF, DH, SP, and a high leverage reliever/SU.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Cano is included in that number.
          Arod will most likely get his first HR bonus in 2013, and likely won’t get to 714 HR’s in 2014, so they should be safe from his milestone bonuses for 2014.
          With what’s definitely committed – ARod 27.5M, Tex 22.5M, and CC 24.4, they would be at $74.4 M.
          Benefits, 40-man costs, etc would add about $15-16M (est. based on prior years).
          Jeter, if he exercises his option, I believe would count for about $15.5M (not 100% sure, CBA luxury tax rules on player options are slightly convoluted), though that could move higher with bonuses.
          All told, that’s about $105-106M with only 4 spots filled, leaving about $80+ for the remaining 21 spots.
          Obviously, some of those spots and some of those dollars will be used for Arb and pre-arb players.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Hopefully Cashman puts Levine on a leash.

    • Rich in NJ

      I hope both would go.

  • Billygoat Gruff


  • Dave

    Agree with Retrorob. He already turned down 13.3. It will take 15 a year to get him back. Money would be better spent in the outfield. Rather have an everyday player then a set up man for Mo.

  • Dave

    Agree with Retrorob. He already turned down 13.3. It will take 15 a year to get him back. Money would be better spent in the outfield.

  • forensic

    He’s a very good reliever, of course they’d take him for two years. Of course the important thing missing is the money. I highly doubt they would go to double digits per year on him, maybe just something smaller in the first year and larger in the second year that maybe totals $15-$20 million or so.

    Either way, I bet this is just some source who was asked about the years if not considering money, which is basically as pointless as the majority of these offseason ‘rumors’ that writers use to pass the time.

    • RetroRob

      I think it’s Cashman just playing with us. He checked in, realized we were bored, and threw this ridiculous story over the fence.

      Thanks, Cash for the entertainment. Now give us something real.

  • Brian S.

    Oh please no.

  • LK

    I would welcome this because it would signal that the $189M cap almost has to be a smokescreen. Pretty sure Soriano’s gone though.

  • endlessjose

    Boras will find a sucker to get Soriano a three contract for $15 million.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Drew

    Is it me or are the reports of the Yankees interests and inquiries the complete opposite of what most Yankee fans expected?

  • gargoyle

    This is really dumb. Let this joker go.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I really want the picks for Soriano and Swisher.

  • uyf1950

    The Giants signed Affeldt for about $18MM over 3 years. The Dodgers re-signed League for 3 years at $22MM. Anyone see the common denominator here? It’s 3 year deals. No way Soriano signs for less then 3 years and at least $30MM. And there will be at least one team will to go that high and probably a little more. You can scratch the Yankees of any list, he’s not going to be a Yankee in 2013.

  • MannyGeee

    We don’t pay players for past performance, unless its a complete luxury player. Like, a guy who at best would be a redundant piece or an “emergency closer”.

    Also, I hate the part where we give players opt out clauses, they exercise those opt out clauses, and we go out and bend over backwards to get them back… wait, wut?

  • Robert

    Outside of Mariano relievers are very inconsistant. Do not sign him besides we need bats that hit to get to the 9th inning

  • mt

    I am maybe Ok for one year deal for 2013 (although prefer money should be spent elsewhere) but I do not want Soriano counting in any way, shape or form against 2014 $189 mm budget. JUST SAY NO!

    Use 3rd year arbitration eligible Robertson as closer in 2014 with Montgomery settling in as 8th inning guy or sign Madson or Soria and use either of them in 2014 as closer on a 2 year low base incentivized contract. Not sure how Yanks get to $189 mm by paying Soriano $10-$14 million in 2014 in 2nd year of a 2 year contract when they will be (over)paying players whose offense they must replace (Arod and Tex) with over players/dollars. Given inflexibilities of rest of roster and Cano/Grandy potentially resigning for bigger bucks, the bullpen is probably one area you can save money without hurting he team materially. Pay one closer $5-7 million (Robertson, Soria or Madson), a set-up man ($1-2 million) or use Montgomery if he really seems ready, and then everybody else in bullpen should be young, hard-throwing guys on minimum contracts or older, veteran guys like an Aardsma type trying to re-establish value for one year or AAA starters that cannot crack ML rotation but are ready for big league bullpen duty (Phelps model from 2012).

    Logan and Robertson may both make over $2 million in arbitration in 2013 and I can see them both being gone in 2014 in their first year of free agency – some other team may pay them $3-5 million in AAV starting in 2014.

    Also if Rivera comes back strong in 2013 are we 100% sure he will want to retire in 2014?

  • Fernando

    NO, NO, NO and NO again to Soriano mutiyear deal. Just take the compensatory pick and the extra draft money. That money is better spent elsewhere.

  • Herby

    I’d rather see what they get in Aardsma, or perhaps some of the other kids…Soriano can go Untuck himself elsewhere…