Martino: Yankees hire Pete Mackanin

Heyman: Yankees believed to have interest in Shane Victorino
Open Thread: Marvin Miller

Via Andy Martino: The Yankees have hired former Pirates manager and Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin as a Major League scout. The 61-year-old was at the helm for Pittsburgh briefly in both 2005 and 2007, and he was by Charlie Manuel’s side in Philadelphia for the last four years. I don’t know much about Mackanin outside of the fact that he’s interviewed for a number of managerial openings (Red Sox, Cubs, Rockies) in recent years and is reportedly very highly regarded within the game. Good hire? Sure, why not.

Heyman: Yankees believed to have interest in Shane Victorino
Open Thread: Marvin Miller
  • kenthadley

    Why leave a bench coaching position for a role as a scout?

    • Bob Buttons

      Maybe he doesn’t have to travel as much or maybe less stressing, or he wanted to try something new.

      He’s 61 so all three of those scenarios sound plausible.

      • kenthadley

        All possibilies, but I would think bench coach for a manager who probably only has another year or so in him would be a better path to the next managerial opportunity.

        • RetroRob

          I believe in both cases he managed as a replacement for a manager who was fired during the season, so he’s never quite been able to cross over that divide to become part of the “proven manager” club. At 61, he may have decided that opportunity is just not going to come. He’s probably right. There are plenty of managers in their 60s, but how many get their first real shot in their 60s?

          My guess is he was bench coach hoping that would lead to something more and has now taken himself of that track to do something he baseball he prefers.

          • Anal Hershiser

            Maybe he got tired of putting on the uniform as a grown ass man.

  • Kip

    His contract was not renewed.

  • Brian Cashman is watching

    Is this about average for changes in scouting/development? Gut feeling only, but I feel we are getting more of these stories about changes in scouting/development personnel this year than in years past. Better media coverage of these transitions possibly?

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    Is Gene Michael still in the picture in Yankee major league scouting or is he retired?

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I think he’s still around

  • Sly Robbie

    The Yankees have a long history of bringing in “old-timey” baseball guys to supplement the organization. It has given the Yankees insight and perspective on how other clubs are developing their systems, which obviously adds a wealth of knowledge to the Yankees’ organizational philosophy. Don Zimmer was a perfect example — a manager who led the Red Sox, the Rangers, and the Cubs to exactly zero world titles, but brought a an immeasurable quantum of experience about the nuts and bolts of baseball. Ditto Larry Bowa. You can go back to the managerial hires of guys like Dallas Green, and Billy Martin– whose managerial career started with the Twins, and continued with the Tigers and the Rangers before the call from George came. Let’s not forget about Joe Torre, long associated with the Mets and manager of the Braves and Cardinals before coming to the Bronx. Heck, even a 59-year old journeyman manager named Casey Stengel from outside the Yankee organization got hired by the team in 1949.

    A whole host of coaches, Billy Connors, Nardi Contreras, Jeff Torborg, Frank Howard, Pat Corrales, Joe Altobelli, et. al. brought perspectives from other organizations.

    Executives like Gabe Paul, Clyde King, Bill Bergesch, and Pete Peterson all came from other organizations before joining the Yankee family, to varying degrees of success. Most recently Kevin Towers had a stint with the Yankees, essentially so that Brian Cashman could “pick his brain.”

    Will Pete Mackanin take over as manager or GM? Probably not. But it never hurts to have experienced baseball guys in your corner.


  • Matt DiBari

    I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a bad scouting hire

  • Deep Thoughts

    I assume this is mostly about filling in the details on Victorino, and maybe Hunter Pence.