Heyman: Yankees believed to have interest in Shane Victorino


Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees are one of seven teams “believed” to have interest in free agent outfielder Shane Victorino. I wrote a Scouting The Market piece on the Flyin’ Hawaiian last week, so check that out. Heyman says several clubs are prepared to offer Victorino a three-year contract, and if that’s true you can forget about him replacing Nick Swisher in right field. No way the Yankees will offer that.

In other hot stove news, Jeff Keppinger recently suffered a broken leg during a fall in his home according to Heyman. It’s a small crack in his right fibula near his calf, and he’s expected to be ready in plenty of time for Spring Training following surgery. The Yankees have interest in the infielder, and coincidentally enough, their attempt to acquire him from the Astros two years ago was interrupted by another injury, that one a foot problem requiring surgery.

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  1. mrdbag says:

    This guy sucks I’d rather have Hamilton

  2. Agreed, Victorino 1 year only.

    As for Kepp, hope this brings his price down.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      Hope he’ll take a 1 year to rebuild his value. This wouldn’t be a bad choice.

      Also agree on Keppinger. While he should be ready for ST, maybe the injury makes him available as well.

  3. Preston says:

    Victorino didn’t have a particularly good season a year ago, maybe he’s looking for a one year rehab deal? He’s probably a slightly better option than Ichiro, he walks more, hits for more power, and at this point is probably the better fielder/base-runner. But he’s probably not that much better.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      But I do suspect there will be a fairly significant cost difference between he and Ichiro. Given the choice, I’d take Victorino if hell agree to a reasonable contract.

      • Preston says:

        A one year deal would be great, and the costdifference between him and Ichiro doesn’t matter as long as Hal signs off on it. If he repeated his 2011 season we might even risk a QO and get a pick out of it.

  4. vin says:

    Victorino would be great in a platoon role. However, I don’t see his price matching that role.

  5. The Moral Majority is Neither says:


  6. Sam says:

    Let’s trade granderson sign victorino to play left field ichiro in right Scott Hairston as a platoon or backup corner outfielder and sign Jeff keppinger to be an everyday utility player.

  7. Ted Nelson says:

    I think he’s probably more valuable to some other team as a CF than to the Yankees as a corner guy.

  8. Grover says:

    Though some owner will probably pay Hamilton his market rate, I do not expect Cashman to fill right field until he is signed. As for Victorino and the other big ticket outfielders, I’d rather sign Ichiro for one year and spend the savings on the bench and a couple of pitchers to stash on the farm.

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