Report: Kuroda deciding between Yankees and Japan for 2013

Rothschild discusses lightening CC's workload
Sanchez homers in winter ball debut

Via David Lennon: Hiroki Kuroda “has told friends” that he’ll pitch for either the Yankees or the Hiroshima Carp next season, but he hasn’t made a decision yet. New York did make the right-hander a qualifying offer, but they would not get draft pick compensation if he signed in Japan.

Kuroda, 37, spent eleven years with the Carp before coming over to MLB in 2008. He’s reportedly cool with signing another one-year deal in part because it affords him the flexibility to return to Japan at some point. These reports that cite “friends” are always sketchy though, so take this with a huge grain of salt. If Kuroda decides not to re-sign with the Yankees and instead returns to the Carp, it won’t be for money reasons. That much is certain.

Rothschild discusses lightening CC's workload
Sanchez homers in winter ball debut
  • Alex’s Rod

    is anyone else here playing mlbtraderumor’s free agent game?

    • vicki

      heh. cap tip to your sn.

  • GoNavy-BeatArmy

    If true, this is better for the Yanks than fighting with the Dodgers. They seem to be going nuts right now and they probably would have offered him at least a 2-yr deal despite him being 37. Hopefully money can persuade him to stay stateside.

    • vicki

      those spray-tanned new-money whores won’t be outbid. they’re george steinbrenner on a monster coke binge. good news is they’re gonna steal greinkles from cousin anaheim.

  • pat

    Sounds like a good negotiation tactic.

    • Slappy McWaterbug

      Nah, this is good for the Yanks. If he signs for Hiroshima I would think that there was nothing the Yankees could do to keep him, he just wants to go home. He’s going to make more money in NY.

      • Gonzo

        I’m not sure if he meant this, but he could mean it’s a negotiating tactic against the Dodgers.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        If he signs with the Carp, the Yanks don’t get a draft pick. Other than brownie points, how is that good for the Yankees?

        • Ed

          It’s good for the Yanks because it means the decision isn’t about money and he’s probably not going to shop around for better offers.

  • Neil

    Is Anibal Sanchez a replacement for Kuroda? I like him more than Haren and I don’t think we’ll bid for Greinke

    • vicki

      i like anibal’s mom more than haren.

  • kenthadley

    I think he signs with NYY. He enjoyed his year with them, has the same coaches and players coming back for the most part, has been shown respect (very important) with a 30% raise, and knows that once he goes back to Japan he can’t come back to the states (age), but if he plays another year in NY, he can then still go back to Japan next year. I bet we hear by next Friday that he accepts.

    • Steve D Fl

      I like that logic, hope your right

  • Chuck

    I think he goes home

  • Jonathan

    “Regarding Mets trade Dickey to Padres for C Austin Hedges and RP Gregorson..Wright and Bay to Red Soxs for Middlebrooks Jacobs Lackey and Webster …Red Soxs should def then do Ellsbury for Andrus and sign Grady Sizemore to play CF”

    Actual MLBTR comment..also surprisingly the Red Sox fan base things Ellsbury has more trade value than David Wright since there are 10 stud 3B on the market and no OFers available and Wright can’t stay healthy or consistent…oh wait.

    Also, I want to personally thank Raul Ibanez for being my greatest weapon for irrational Dodgers fans. Every Dodgers fan thinks Ethier is worth $100MM and is a good defender and puts up good stats. Of course when you show them that he’s basically an AWFUL defender, should be platooned strictly and is a huge injury risk year in and year out they pull out the magical, “BUT HE’S CLUTCH!” card. Now all I have to say is, well you must think Raul Ibanez is worth a $100MM+ extension since he’s an awful defender, platoon bat and injury risk with a few clutch hits right? Raul Ibanez…the gift that keeps on giving.

    • vicki

      you got gps? do you know your phone number?

  • http://none the mick

    offer him a private jet and the part of the wall that kevin brown punched before surrendering to the bosox

  • ultimate913

    Fuck it. If he signs with Hiroshima Carp, I want their draft pick.

  • http://nydailynews falstaff2

    I hope the Yankees re-sign Kiroda. He was one of the reliable ones and seems to like playing in New York.

  • Mike

    I think he’s going to Los Angeles. He proved that he’s good enough to play in the MLB. I wouldn’t want a good pitcher like that to leave while he’s still effective.