A-Rod will undergo surgery to repair labrum tear in left hip

Fan Confidence Poll: December 3rd, 2012
Winter Meetings Day One Open Thread
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It was the right hip in 2009, and now it’s the left. Alex Rodriguez will undergo surgery for a torn labrum, a bone impingement, and the correction of a cyst in his left hip the Yankees have confirmed. Dr. Bryan Kelly from the Hospital for Special Surgery will perform the repair procedure in January. Alex will undergo a 4-6 week “pre-hab” regiment before having the operation. The team announced the recovery time as 4-6 months, meaning he will miss the start of next season.

During a press conference with reporters, Brian Cashman confirmed A-Rod first complained about his right hip after being pinch-hit for in Game Three of the ALDS. He went for tests which confirmed the right hip was fine. It wasn’t until his annual check-up with Dr. Marc Phillippon in Colorado that the injury to his left hip was picked up. The club got three opinions (Phillippon, Kelly, and team doctor Chris Ahmad) and has been informed that Alex will have no restrictions following surgery and rehab.

A-Rod, 37, had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right hip in 2009. Dr. Phillippon performed a hybrid procedure that basically patched the tear with a second, more complete procedure scheduled for the 2009-2010 offseason. The second operation was never performed because the first took so well. Alex missed only two months and one day following that procedure. The surgery required for the new injury is not the same and will require a more extensive work due to the bone impingement.

“My sole interest is improving the club,” said Cashman when asked about finding a replacement or stopgap third baseman. “Right now, time is a problem. We’re going to be missing him for some time. It’s our job to find a way to withstand this. He will be back. We have to plan accordingly … If it’s not practical, we won’t do it.”

The Yankees were already seeking infield help this offseason, but their efforts figure to increase quite a bit now with A-Rod slated to miss a big chunk of the season — Cashman confirmed they’re planning for Alex to miss the full six months. The third base free agent market is very weak and outside of surrendering a top prospect-laden package for Chase Headley, the trade market doesn’t offer many high-end alternatives either. Cashman reiterated he does not view Eduardo Nunez as a third base solution.

Without A-Rod, the Yankees are extremely short on right-handed power. Derek Jeter, who is recovering from a surgery of his own, hits left-handers well enough but will never be confused for a power hitter. The only pop from the right side right now is switch-hitter Mark Teixeira. Given all the quality southpaws in the AL East, finding some right-handed platoon bats (a right-handed hitter who can hit both righties and lefties is obviously preferable) is a necessity for New York this summer.

Fan Confidence Poll: December 3rd, 2012
Winter Meetings Day One Open Thread
  • Matt :: Sec110

    Steroids are bad.

    • Nick

      And you should feel bad

  • BeanTooth

    Quite the off-season the Yanks are having.

  • Rod

    I hope A-Rod feels free to retire any day now.

    • garth asham

      Yea give him bonus tooo

    • hornblower

      This is why there is no chance of Alex playing out the contract. All the hand-wringing about it was just so-much wasted space. Chavez and David Adams may make a good early combination.

      • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

        There is no chance of A-Rod NOT playing out the contract. If he has to become a glorified pinch-hitter that gets 1 AB every two weeks, he’ll sit on the bench to collect the paycheck.

    • Kentucky Bomber

      Amen, brother.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    A hearty chuckle to those folks who have been predicting a bit of a resurgant season for Alex. He’s only gonna continue to get worse if he can even stay on the field.

    Yankees made it to the ALCS in spite of him last year so lets hope they can do the same in 2013.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Actually, if he has another successfull surgery on his hip, it is quite possible that he will come back much stronger than he was last year when he was playing with, ya know, a torn labrum in his hip which no doublt affected his production.

      That being said, I’d have no issue if he decided to call it quits either.

      • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

        Define “quite possible.”

    • Thunder Road Runner

      Amen to that!

  • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

    well, I guess we can cut the “A-Rod says he’s in the best shape of his life this spring” meme early, huh.

  • Logan

    i don’t think dating torrie wilson is helping this condition either

    • Pat D

      In the best way, I’m sure.

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      In other words, the best possible way on earth to ruin your hip.

  • Brazilian Fan

    Isn´t that great news?

    Cashman didn´t want to bring Arod back btw.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    With this news and Jeter’s ankle it might make sense to plan on ARod at DH, Jeter at 3B and Drew at SS.

    • Buhner’s barber

      I’ve always liked that plan, helps the defense, and I think drew could really mash in ys3.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I was hoping for .275, 20 Hrs., 85 RBI’s and about 125 games from Arod. It looks as thou our attempt at the 2014 cap will be severely tested. Unfortunately many folks will look toward Arod as a player damaged by the steroid usage which is not unwarranted.

    With Jeter limping around South Beach a bit plump and now the Arod report. The Yankees will really get an idea on how good of a GM Brian Cashman can be.

    I don’t believe waiting around to bottom feed is the best process with this latest bit of news.

    • LarryM., Fl.

      On another note maybe this is why the Yanks did not sign Martin with a little knowledge prior to the report of Arod.

  • mt

    The only thing I can think about this right now is how utterly predictable this is.

    We might be lucky if he can DH.

  • Mr. December

    Cashman does 2 things well. He spends the Steinbrenner’s money and bottom feeds. What he hasn’t done well is build a young, solid MLB team filled with players who get it done 155-162 times a year. Less superstar and more everyday players who play their positions well, hit for average, and get on base. Think 1998!

    Right now we are high payroll and low return on that investment. We have very few options given the contractual obligations. Very troublesome times ahead.

    • CP

      Right now we are high payroll and low return on that investment.

      2012: Best record in the AL
      2011: Best record in the AL
      2010: 2nd best record in the AL
      2009: Best record in the AL

      That’s actually a pretty darn good return on investment.

      • voIII

        George M. Steinbrenner III would have disagreed with you…

        • Robinson Tilapia

          That’s a better track record than a whole lot of stretches when papa bear was alive, son.

          • Pat D

            You know better than to try and destroy the “George wouldn’t have stood for this!” meme.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Papa bear went 18 years without winning a championship.

              “He wouldn’t have stood for this” would have meant yelling at the players, making statements to the Post, and replacing the manager eight times….and the team still would have done the same.

              Still love you, GS3.

              • Preston

                When did we start calling GS3 Papa Bear? I like it.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  That’s what my son calls his grandpa, so it rolls off my tongue quite often.

            • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

              I agree that there’s some revisionist history in regard to how wonderful Steinbrenner was running the Yankees but let’s also not go too far the other way either.

              The Yankees did win 6 WS under him (I’m excluding 2009 because I don’t think he really had any significant input into running the team at that time) and went from a horribly mismanaged team worth a few million to a multi-billion dollar juggernaut. And before someone brings up the Yankee dynasty was built when he was banned from running the Yankees in the early 90s, I highly doubt he was as “hands off” as what everyone was led to believe.

              He made tons of mistakes and often handled things very poorly but I really wouldn’t have traded him for any other owner because for better or worse, he was totally committed to winning at any cost and that may not be the case anymore with him out of the picture.

              • Pat D

                I’m not disputing all of the good things he did, but let’s not kid ourselves that he did a ton of foolish things in the 80’s and the 00’s.

                • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                  As I said he made TONS of bad moves but if you look at the bottom line, I think you’d have to conclude that overall, his reign was a success.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    I have no qualms with the Boss. I do think we’re scapegoating the sons way too much here, though, when we go on these “the boss would have….” rants.

                    The sons are doing a good job. This franchise was going to run into trouble in the middle part of this decade no matter who was in charge.

                    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                      Valid points.

                      I hate the meme that “none of this shit would have gone on if George were still around” but I equally hate the meme that “the only reason the Yankees became a dynasty in the mid 90s was because George was banned 90-93”

              • Mike HC

                I agree he didn’t have input in 2009 that he had in earlier years, but there was definitely a palpable energy to do whatever we can to win a championship before he passed away. So I give him half credit for being the motivation.

                It is obvious that the drive to win a championship “at all costs” are gone. Our goal now is to be in the mix “at reasonable costs.”

                • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                  I’d like to wait to see what the Yankees do in 2015 before making that judgement.

                  If $189 is a one year deal to free the team up financially for the next 4-5, then I wouldn’t say their goal is to just “be in the mix at reasonable costs.”

                  • Mike HC

                    True. I was just talking about now. Can’t predict the future, but I doubt they they ever outspend the league like they did in George’s time.

              • BeanTooth

                Speculate all you want, but the Yanks did build the dynasty when he was banned. This is fact and can’t be denied. In the years prior to that, when he had complete control of the team, they were mediocre at best. And the George at the helm of the Yanks of the aughts was far more hands-off and increasingly unable to get involved.

                • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                  ” And the George at the helm of the Yanks of the aughts was far more hands-off and increasingly unable to get involved.”

                  Not sure what this means but I highly doubt he was completely hands off from 90-93. I’d bet he was about as “hands off” as a manager who has been ejected from a game is. Something like that seems to be pretty much unenforceable to me. Could have been he just learned from his mistakes as through the mid 90’s and for the next 10 years, he never went back to his petulant ways.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    I mean……the team was run differently with Neiderlander (that was his name, right?) as managing partner or whatnot. There were little attempts at quick fixes, overpaying .500 pitchers, etc., which was the kind of stuff that even a pre-teen me would yell about. Perhaps he had a say, but I’d say there was a tangible difference to the naked eye.

                    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                      Definitely things changed but even when he came back, he never again operated like he did in the 80s.

                • Mike HC

                  To me it was not about how great George was at evaluating talent, but about the win at all cost atmosphere he created, and the money put behind it.

                  His kids are simply not willing to outspend the rest of league by leaps and bounds as their father was.

                  Of course, there are other factors that go into this like revenue sharing, tv deals, CBA’s, so it is tough to make a side by side comparison of different eras.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    EIGHTEEN years without a championship on his watch. Atmosphere my ass.

                    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

                      You should try being a Knicks fan for a day if you’re complaining about 18 years.

                    • Robinson Tilapia

                      Now you know my answer to that…

              • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

                If you’re “excluding” 2009, then the total would be 5.

                • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

                  Check that. I forgot that other things happened besides me being born in ’77. 6, it is.

      • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

        That is going to end very soon. IMO, the team should be looking toward 2015.

      • Mr. December

        Best record in the AL. All that makes you is the best “regular season” team with a World Series payroll.

    • Pat D

      Nobody on the 1998 team played 155 games. 5 of the 9 regulars played between 149 and 152 games. That’s a good number to be sure, but, come on, your expectation of an entire team playing 155 games is not very plausible.

      • Mr. December

        Not a huge difference between 149-152 vs. 155-162. Either your nitpicking or missed the point entirely.

  • Bronx Bomber

    Wishful thinking, but what a Xmas present to have A-Rod use this as the way to retire and free up all that money Levine and Hank wasted on him.

  • AdamC6

    I would assume the Yankees have an insurance policy on ARod’s contract, so if he cannot play at all, then it’s as good as retiring…..

    …well, I’m not a pro on how “insuring players/contracts” goes, but it would makes sense that if he cannot play AT ALL, insurance would kick in.

    Still doesn’t help with the cap though.

  • mt

    I do not see Arod retiring unless he physically cannot walk. He has dealt with this hip issue since 2009 and I am sure he feels he can manage it, especially since he keeps the rest of his body in shape. I am not sure he retires just because he is diminished.

    $114 million is a lot to walk away from (plus those HR bonuses).

    (When Arod hits 660 HRs and he gets his first $6 million bonus, I can see just a boatload of negative coverage about steroids, his remaining enormous contract and how the mighty AROD has fallen off from his “best player in baseball” days. I can’t see there being a lot of warm feelings or celebration. Not what Hank thought would happen when he gave those bonuses away in the original contract.)

    • Bronx Bomber

      Very true mt – but you figure the hips are important in batting as well as fielding – if this is that serious, perhaps he doesn’t want to go out there and embarrass himself.

      • mt

        Good point – it does depend on level of his injuty (Cashman quote tries to downplay the “injury” as part of his normal struggles with a bad hip) and ultimately on his level of embarassment.

        He still has the option of getting another surgery, I would imagine, since he avoided the second surgery in 2009 – and if he does get it, he continues to get paid and there is still stated “hope” he can recover after the surgery.

        That being said, I do see a potential retirement or buyout further down the road but I cannot imagine it happening the next couple of years.

    • Kentucky Bomber

      Just wait till he gets his 3000th hit and/or 2000th RBI to the sound of crickets chirping.

    • toad

      I doubt he’ll hit 714.

  • Brazilian Fan

    Everyone keeps saying that the 189 plan is absurd, but we are in this situation because of Arod´s contract. That money could bring us 2-3 very good players in return. So with 189 million, well used, we could have a better team playing.
    I can´t believe an organization like the Yankees, gave that contract.
    It was so dumb everyone knew it was going to bite us in the ass.

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      two corrections for you:

      1. you could use A-Rods contract for 2-3 really good players, if A-Rod would in fact actually leave. Would you walk away from $25M a year in the recovery ward? Nah, me neither… so its nothing but fodder for the imagination.

      2. This team did not give Alex that contract, Hal did. Alone, without input from anyone else (maybe from George in his senility)

      • Rob H.

        Correction, Hank did. Not Hal.

      • JAG

        I think Brazilian got that the money can’t be used with A-Rod on the team. His point was that the contract is hamstringing the Yankees because if they didn’t have to pay A-Rod they could bring in multiple good players to replace him.

        I’m not so sure you could bring in 2-3 players for a total of $25MM/year that would amount to what A-Rod was expected to provide (rather than what he will likely actually provide), but the sentiment is sound.

  • Coolerking101

    I never know what to believe when we hear A-Rod reports. He could legitimately be hurt or this could just be his PR machine making excuses. Who knows.

    All we know for sure is, the guy is in the middle of a noticeable decline. 2 years from now, barring A-Rod’s discovery of the fountain of youth, the off season conversation will be about whether it makes sense to cut him Jason Bay style.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      When has A-Rod ever made excuses?

      • TomH

        The A+ response to some of these grotesque comments.

      • Coolerking101

        If memory serves, he gave a bunch of BS excuses regarding his steroid use.

        I’m not a doctor. I have no idea how badly A-Rod is hurting, nor do I know how much his injuries are really affecting his performance. However, I do know that with each year of declining performance, there have been reports excusing his poor performance b/c of injury.

      • OMG! Bagels!

        THANK YOU.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Drew

    (Sound of Eric Chavez starting to stretch)

    • Reggie C.

      Sounds painful.. for Chavez. Physically that man is put together by duct-tape.

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      I never heard stretching sound like breaking glass.

  • Preston

    What people seem to forget is that A-Rod had a stop-gap procedure so that he could return in 2009 and you know, carry us to a WS victory, he probably should have just had the more invasive operation, ended his season and come back in 2010. But then he’d still be unclutch, oh but he’s unclutch anyways, because 2009 doesn’t count, because it was just one Post Season. He’s one of the greatest players ever, but people will always hate him because of steroids, except they love Andy Pettitte. Because he’s a vain womanizer, except they love Captain Gift Basket. Oh right it’s because he’s the highest paid players ever, because he should have turned down the money, like most people do when their boss offers them a raise.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      Thank you.

      This thread is undoubtedly going to get very ugly today.


    • Captain

      this is my favorite comment ever on this page.

    • jjyank


    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      Dear Preston: you did it. you broke the Internets with logic. You addressed alot of narratives here, and you are likely on an #EddardWorld or stuart a burn list somewhere. well done…

      Roughly about 100% of what you said here is spot on. Thank you.

    • Jedua

      A-Rod it’s like The Boss, he wants to be the best and he makes sure its in every way That’s why the people hate him

    • TomH


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  • Pat D

    Is it really terrible that a part of me does hope this forces him to retire at some point before his contract ends?*

    *This would only hold true if the Yankees would actually be off the hook for his contract. If not, he might as well keep playing.

  • Grover

    Texas might pay most of Michael Young’s deal and he is expiring.

    • Pat D

      Fuck no. He is terrible.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      Actually, he expired last year.

  • Pat D

    Oh, great, a re-tear. Yea, he really just needs to have it fixed. If it knocks him out for the year, so be it.

  • Leg-End

    Well damn.

  • TheManchine

    A-Rod needs to be the full-time DH just so he has a better chance of staying healthy. Keppinger at 3B would be awesome since I SERIOUSLY doubt Jeter would slide to 3B and allow Drew to come in and play SS.

  • JD

    This waits till Dec to expose itself? Yuchh

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      too bust concentrating on pitching to address?

      • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

        Paging Dr Freud… busy, not bust

  • saucY

    Hate A-Rod and his contract all you want, but gloating about this news makes you a terrible fan……

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


  • Travis L.

    Bring up Brandon Lai….oh wait, nevermind! Seriously though…what about Mustalier? Could he play 3B for a while?

    • Steve (different one)

      Right, Laird would have saved the day. Great burn!!

      • John

        what about adams? i know the yankees are wary of starting rookies early but i think he can do ok .. no? get him a platoon guy

  • Brooklyn Ed

    hmm would it be bad to actually pay Keppinger his starter money that he wanted?? Keppinger could be the everyday 3b… just saying! Or, actually give Adams a chance to win the job.

  • j

    Why not give David Adams a shot? We could use this opportunity to see if he could be a replacement for Cano.

    • Jersey Joe

      I would like to have Stephen Drew along with David Adams and maybe Chavez on left side of the IF.

  • Matty Ice

    Soo…Mark Reynolds?

    • TheManchine

      You mean the guy Buck moved to 1B because of his (lack of) D?

      • Matty Ice

        Yeah, there’s this spot called DH. I heard you can put a power hitter there from time to time.

        • TheManchine

          And I heard we’d still need someone to man the 5spot on the infield.

          • Matty Ice

            So you sign someone like Drew or a defensive minded third baseman, and sign Reynolds to replace the power. Unless of course you’d like Ibanez back at DH.

      • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

        yeah, he went from a great hitting/poor fielding 3B to an average hitting/great fielding 1B this season.

        With a-rod OUT, we would need someone better than someone who can fake a position…

    • Brooklyn Ed

      Reynolds will have to buy Tex something valuable because Tex will have a field day with Reynolds manning 3b.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Honestly, they could do Reynolds AND Chavez until Alex comes back.

        • Mister D

          I bet a lot of balls would still get through.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            …..but enough about their personal life. *snare*

    • MB923

      I prefer they go after Keppinger.

  • Billy Madison

    Why is this just coming to light in December? Season ended in mid-October…wish it was checked and operated on then instead of six weeks after the season.

    • FachoinaNYY

      This, seriously this.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    aaaaaaaaaand ARod needs surgery.

  • Chris

    5 more years! 5 more years! 5 more years!

    It’s amazing the number of long term contracts handed out considering A-Rod’s example as a cautionary tale. Perhaps GMs don’t care since they probably won’t be around to see the end of the deal and just want to win now?

    • TheManchine


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Risk vs. reward. GMs will still feel like the reward is enough.

  • Robert

    AROD’s contract is guarenteed, Yanks have to pay every Penny although he probably will never hit those bonus pay outs…..

    • Kentucky Bomber

      Not guaranteed if he retires, which he won’t. But the Yanks could at least recoup insurance money if they just put him on the 60 day every Opening Day for the next 5 years. And ain’t that wonderful.

    • Thunder Road Runner

      Let’s face the real possibility he may never play again.

  • Mr. Pappageorgio

    Well, any dreams of an A-rod trade just died.

    Maybe this is laying the groundwork for A-rod going to DH full time. If his small sample at DH is any indication, it’s the best place for him.

    A-rod to DH
    Trade for Chase Headley
    Sign Nate Schierholtz to platoon with _______?

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      “Well, any dreams of an A-rod trade just died 2 months ago when everyone decided they didnt want him.


  • hogsmog

    Wait why did they wait an extra month to get this checked out and done? If he “was playing with,” I’m surprised they didn’t know about it before now… I feel like if he’s not going to miss all of next season, they would want to move as fast as possible, right?

  • Cano fan #1

    Why surgery in January? Why not tomorrow? Or last mont?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Word on recovery time should be interesting.

  • SamVa

    Prediction (although a wild one)

    We see a huge trade involving Choo/Cabrera being brought to the Yankees. Don’t ask me how it gets done, but it would solve a lot of problems. You then get the Captain to do his captainly duty and slide to 3rd.

    Go ahead and say I’m dreaming because I know I am, but how insane would that be if Ca$hninja pulled that off somehow.

    • Reggie C.

      Would prefer Carlos Santana over either of those two. Santana’s bat would mitigate offensive concerns that have certainly built with news of Arod’s hip injury.

      • Kosmo

        I like Santana but who on the current Indian roster replaces him ? Indians wouldn´t trade Santana unless they have a viable option.

        • Jack P

          Well we could trade them Jose Monter…. Oh wait no we already did that :/

  • Juke Early

    Yeah, this week is starting great – my expensive 4G going on & off like a Dollar Store Santa on a trailer. A defective Netflix disk. ARod’s degraded skel. First World problems. SFW. It’s all a crap shoot, win or lose. Just seems a lot more crap to shoot at now.BUT somebody needs to get a new straw to stir the drink ladies.

    Meanwhile, Cash signing all those xlnt 40+ SP. I’m working on my EEphus pitch. . ..

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    I wonder if the Yankees have insurance on Arod’s contract should be retire due to injury and if he should retire, would his contract stay on the books for the Yankees in regard to the payroll tax.

    I could be wrong but I believe in the NBA, if that happened, the team would get salary cap relief.

  • Neil

    -Convert Nunez to 3B (and play him only at 3B)? And then if he performs well leave him there and have A-Rod DH all season

    -Sign Drew and convince him to play 3B? Then flip him between SS and 3B once A-Rod is back?

    -Sign Keppinger?

    Regardless of the options having Chavez around becomes important.

  • Jersey Joe

    Welcome back Chavy!!! F this season.

  • Adam

    Just adding here…this kind of shows that A-Rod was a gamer during the playoffs, no? There is an argument to be said that he should have sat down if the injury was so bad, but if he was trying to play through a re-tear, I do think some credit should be given…

    • Adam

      And also didn’t use it as an excuse while he struggled.

      • Jedua

        You gotta like the man who takes the heat and doesn’t make excuses

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

        I will agree with you on this point.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      I would argue the opposite. Sure, he played through injury which can be seen as a good quality. But he also sucked royally and continued to suck instead of informing someone of the injury, if, in fact, he was playing through it.

      • Adam

        Agreed, not the smartest thing. But again, I do understand and even in some way admire it.

  • moose

    if the yanks can get an albert belle situation out of this where the yanks are off the hook for a large chunk of dough and insurance picks up the rest, i still don’t see it as a situation where the team is going to suddenly feel like they have money burning through their pockets…..but i’d never expect even this tighter regime to just pocket 30 million in a best case scenario in which he had to literally quit baseball…i always there was a chance he could break down from roids but it never seemed to real until the last year or so

    yanks are scaring me and seem at least at the moment to be primed for a fall like the phillies had last year but as long as we start bringing in some fresh bodies, i think i can live with a raw year or two…. but i think cashman will still suprise us with some left field move this year

    and i agree – no more best shape of his life meme’s or an expectation of .275, 20, 80…..at this point i see that as only a ceiling not something that can be penciled in

  • John

    Keppinger/Chavez (with Keppinger playing against some righties to keep Chavez alive).

    Nunez – plays more SS, defense should improve

    Go with catchers we have

    RF – sign Ichiro and Hairston (with Dickerson)

  • stuart a

    the great aroid contract keeps on giving. cool so he does not completely sucks he just gets injured all the time and only partially sucks.


    this team is ancient….signing chavez is a huge gamble the guy can get hurt walking to the fridge….NO THANKS….

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Know what a great idea for gathering up potential replacements is. That’s right: THROW A PARADE.

  • Harris

    So sick of this pansy. When you’re making upwards of $25M per year, even getting injured is not an excuse. Just release him. It now seems doubtful that we even get a 37 year old version of what Alex Rodriguez used to be.

    • Captain

      someone should create a tumblr with the best comments from this post. i nominate this one.

      • jjyank

        This would be a strong contender, for sure.

        • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

          fo sho’

    • Evan3457


  • Mike

    We need someone tough . .somone like … KEVIN YOUUUUUUUKALIS !!

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      perfect, because Alex needs someone to sit next to him on the infirmary bench, now that Feliciano is gone.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    I remember that the 2009 operation was supposed to be, like, a 1-3 year stopgap, in lieu of the necessary operation that would totally fix the hip, but at the cost of longer rehab.

    It’s been four whole seasons since. This operation is probably overdue.

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      Yeah, speculating here, but the 2009-2010 offseason surgery that was scheduled but never completed because the initial procedure “took so well” was probably a mistake in hindsight.

  • FLYER7

    YOUUUUKKKKKKKKKK for 3B and to back up Tex…Schierholz and a RH bat to platoon…Drew too…go with the kids behind the plate…

    • Mike


  • moose

    anybody but youk

  • moose

    i could seem myself warming up to papi but never youk

  • Matt

    Why is everyone upset about this?

    He was playing through a severe injury in the postseason, and the kind that would sap a lot of bat speed. I’m glad to hear that it is something real and not just an age-related decline in his abilities.

    Remember what A-Rod was like in 2008 when he played through the first labral tear? He couldn’t catch up to a fastball. He would pop out on pitches right down the middle that he would normally hit. Would swing through high fastballs almost all the time. Sound familiar?

    Remember what he was like in 2009 after the surgery? I think this is a blessing in disguise. Not only will he be healthy when he comes back, but he will probably stay healthier by playing in fewer games.

    As long as they sign someone like Chavez or Reynolds to pick up some of the offensive slack, they will be fine. Stephen Drew is the complete wrong way to go here. They are already downgrading in right field and catcher. You can’t go with someone who is all glove in place of A-Rod for 2 months…

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Someone brought this up earlier but if he was playing injured down the stretch, why did he just recently see the surgeon and not 6 weeks ago when their season ended?

    • Captain

      following along the writers on twitter it sounds like the initial MRI found nothing. then a couple of weeks later he felt pain again and thats when they saw the tear. so this isnt something like Arod holding out surgery late like people are going to try to spin it as.

      • Captain

        actually sounds like his initial complains were about his right hip so that might have lead to the delay.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    Cashman has to hate Levine….worst contract in MLB history by a mile. So silly….Now we pay for it…Yanks wont be true contenders for a few years. Its time to build up the farm and come back stronger than ever in 2015!

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

      Hal inked this, not Levine

      • FIPster Doofus

        I thought it was Hank.

        • Evan3457

          It was Halnkine.

  • YanksFanInBeantown


  • Adam

    Supposedly is not the already injured hip, but is the other side.

  • tommy cassella

    good, who the hell needs him.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      The Yankees, for one.

  • Simon

    Well, this sucks….Cashman has a lot of work to do.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Drew
  • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!)

    Does Cano have the arm/range for 3B? I feel like he does. Cano to 3B, Nunez to 2B?

    I hate throwing video game ideas around, but this epiphany hit me whilst in the shower this weekend…

    • Preston

      Cano probably wouldn’t like it, his percieved value would go down considerably if he was at 3b rather than 2b, and he is a FA next year.

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      this is considered an epiphany?

      Most would consider it a brainfart….

  • Kosmo


    if Ny can sign Keppinger and resign Chavez they´ll be OK. Chavez/Keppinger/Adams gives NY alot of IF versatility. Keppinger can play ALL IF positions, Chavez 3B,1B and Adams 3B,2B with Nunez at SS.

  • Gonzo

    Curious to see if he can still play 3rd base this year. Everyone points to his resurgent defense of 2011, but that seems like an anomaly rather than a trend when you look at the surrounding years data.


    • RetroRob

      Can’t imagine yet another hip surgery is going to help his range. This most likely will move A-Rod to full-time DH while serving as the back-up 3B’man.

  • FLYER7

    Not the surgically repaired hip but the other hip (left), if not Youk then Reynolds…

    • MikeD

      How will Joba bean youk if he’s on the yankees?

      • Kentucky Bomber

        Batting practice in Tampa.

  • RetroRob

    Two thoughts on the news. The Yankees really need a RH’d power bat. They let Swisher leave and Martin leave, and A-Rod is now out until June, and while he came back solid after the first surgery, this is a second one and he’s older. In other words, who knows.

    Second, “Marketing Bonus.” Those $6M-a-pop for certain HR milestones. 660 is one and he seemed assured to achieve the first one in 2013. Not so anymore. That means he’ll achieve it in 2014. The Yankees now have to find yet another $6M if they plan to get under $189.

  • Rich in NJ

    At least there is a tangible reason for his playoff ineptitude and a reasonable hope that he can be productive again, at least for some period of time.

    • RetroRob

      Watching MLBN earlier, supposedly the pain was so severe that he was actually hospitalized overnight in between games during the postseason. Kind of amazed that never leaked out.

      So, yeah, it’s always better when there’s an explanation since that leaves some hopes it can be fixed.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    I hate the fact that I have to respect Arod for sucking up the pain and suffering and public humiliation while not saying a word about how much it frickin hurt.


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  • the Other Steve S.

    Barry Bonds sends his condolences.

  • mt

    If healthy, Arod would have probably avoided being paid one of those those annoying $6 million bonuses in 2014. If healthy, he would have hit 660 probably in 2013 and then a long way to 714 which probably would have happened in 2015.

    That now goes up in smoke. Assuming he comes back second half of 2013, 660 HRs (and the $6 million bonus ) will happen in 2014, making $189 milion harder to achieve.

    (I know they probably want to be below $189 million in 2015 as well as 2014 for maximum savings but will not matter if they are not below in 2014 first.)

  • Chris G.

    The thing that frustrates me is that the hip was checked an cleared after the playoffs and now he has to wait another 4-6 weeks to “strengthen” the hip before surgery. I never blame A-Rod for the contract as he could never accept something that was not offered. Yes, he opted out but It was Hank who caved and gave it to him and now cash has to deal with the repercussions. As for replacement? Sign Chavy and let’s start seeing what we have in the minors. I mean come in already? How long do these guys need to mature in the minors? Look at our success with homegrown infield talent. Cano, Jeter and ………. If they never call guys up for extended periods of time we will never see what they can do. This is the perfect opportunity with Jeter and A-Rod out.

  • forensic

    How many career surgeries is this now? I think after he has 10 the 11th is free.

  • Kvothe

    Sigh. This is why you don’t sign players to long long contracts.

  • MikeD

    Damn. I was really hoping cashman could fin a team stupid enough to take arod even if we had to pay almost all of the contract.

  • 5 more years

    Good thing Arod won 2009 all alone. Gives all the homers here a reason to apologize for this pos still now and forever.
    Now the 2013 team is going to get constructed around arods return. The DH and 3b are now high-jacked by this ahole’s yet another hip injury. For $107 million the Yes network should stream a live show amputating his limb from the hip, stamping it with asterisks and sending it to Cooperstown for shts and giggles since the man himself will never get in .

    Looking forward to his “return” and all the lineup shuffle to accommodate his cleanup spot. He still mashes lefties though dude. He is like way above replacement value bro. 2010-2012 is just small sample size bra. He is like, one of the greatest ever man…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Way to argue against a bunch of stuff nobody ever said. Easy to win those arguments, eh?

    • 5 more strawmens

      Just love the way you managed to blame him for getting hurt again. It’s way cool.

  • forensic

    From mlbtr:

    12:31pm: The Yankees have announced in a press release that A-Rod will undergo “a left hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst.” The team pegs Rodriguez’s recovery time at four to six months.

    So, basically he’ll be bionic by the time his contract is up? That’s sounds like it could be fun to watch.

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  • Kentucky Bomber

    This just in…A-Rod has to decide if he’ll play for the USA or Dominican Republic in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

  • Thunder Road Runner

    Let’s face the real possibility he may never play again….

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      That is not a real possibility, only wishful thinking disguised as faux concern.

      There’s $112M out there. He’s playing again…even if it means a plastic hip

  • Pingback: Open Thread: Day One from Nashville | River Avenue Blues

  • toad

    Alex will undergo a 4-6 week “pre-hab” regiment before having the operation in June. The team announced the recovery time as 4-6 months, meaning he will miss the start of next season.

    Is “having the operation in June” correct? That seems to suggest he will be out for the season.

    • RetroRob

      I think he meant January, since that’s been the schedule talked about, with a return in June, if not July.

      • toad

        I think you’re right.

        So he won’t play even 100 games. I make that about $30,000 an inning.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    You know what’s every bit as funny as the “it’s not your money, why do you care?” retort?

    It’s the same people that use this retort that make it out like the Yanks “recouping insurance money” has any effect on the fan base or team constitution whatsoever.

  • Greg Corcoran

    I’m surprised no one has come out and said this already, but damn, can we cut this guy some slack now? It sucks that he’s injured but don’t you think if that was Jeter playing through a torn labrum everyone would be saying what a warrior he is? I have to give the guy credit for playing through what must have been a very painful injury and not bitching about it a single time. He didn’t even so much as tell anyone outside the organization that he was hurt. That would have removed him from all of the criticism he received, yet he still didn’t make any excuses.

    I am not a fan of a-rod by any stretch of the imagination, but shit, he just went up a few notches in my book.

    • bpdelia

      exactly. as for all the “this is BS the hip checked out fine.” my wife is an RN studying to become an NP. the nerves on bilateral joints meet in the back and the brain is funny. its possible Alex felt this weakness and pain. he has had the right hip problem. vsurgery sometimes messes up nerves. in his brain hip pain will immediately be percieved as right hip pain. at the nerve juncture the pain signal is transmitted and the brain interprets. so the right hip checks out fine. but it was the left. the mind was tricked into assuming it was the old injury and interprets this to locate the pain signal on the wrong side. lesson? the brain, mind, and pain response are fascinating poorly, poorly understood things.

      also I’m a guy who pulls for the.underdog and Rodriguez’s treatment has made me pretty angry for years. this guy just got hung out to dry badly.

      I’m going to say this dude is pretty fucking mentally tough and lesser people would have crumbled into a hole by now. or at least put up the “go fuck yourself I don’t give a shit about any of you pricks” defensive wall by now. my respect meter has gone up even higher. I was EXTREMELY. impressed with how he handled this whole post season and this news only increases that respect.

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