Stark: Instant replay unlikely to be expanded in 2013

Report: Yankees have insurance for most of A-Rod's deal
Open Thread: Day Two from Nashville

Via Jayson Stark: Instant replay is unlikely to be expanded in time for next season. MLB tested out a new system for fair-or-foul calls at Yankee Stadium and CitiField late last season, but the league can’t decide on a technology or how to employ it. We went through the exact same “MLB is looking into it … lol too bad” song and dance last offseason.

Report: Yankees have insurance for most of A-Rod's deal
Open Thread: Day Two from Nashville
  • JobaTheHeat62

    this is awful news…bud selig is sooooooo bad.

  • vin

    Good. The last thing the sport needs is progress.

    • Drew


      “back in my day we didn’t use these new fangled computers, What are computers anyway? That thing with the really crappy dial up thing thats a pain in the ass! I refuse to let my game get soiled by it. Steroids are okay, instant replay??? no no no.

  • Gonzo

    I think Selig watched Trouble with the Curve right before he made this decision. Maybe T2.

  • Yankeefan

    just use what they use in tennis.

    • Preston

      How sad is that Tennis, one of the stuffiest sports around, is more progressive than baseball.

  • Preston

    Just like with trying to do something about steroids, Ol Bud is going to need public opinion to beat him over the head before he does anything.

  • flamingo

    Apparently people aren’t complaining enough? I wonder if, after every bad loss due to a blown call, everyone emailed MLB a (polite) email complaining about this – maybe we’d get something done then.

    This is ridiculous.

    • Klemy

      Selig hasn’t figured out how to open email with a letter opener yet.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    What’s wrong (and so hard to understand) about the football model?

    The play stands as called unless there is indisputable visual evidence to overturn it.

    Seems kind of easy. Well, maybe not for Selig.

  • Stratman9652

    How hard is it to just have a monitor for reviews in each dugout and when a manager comes out to argue the umps just head to the monitor and check it out. It would take less time than arguing and I can’t imagine and ump would rather get screamed at than get the call right.

  • KeithK

    First do no harm. It may be straightforward to come up with a system whereby officials review calls via replay, either the on-field guys marching into the dugout or a fifth guy in the booth. But coming up with a consistent set of guidelines for what to do if you overturn a call is not at all easy.

    Tennis is trivial. In or out and you award the point appropriately. Football is more complicated but manageable, since the event in question is usually a boundary or occurs at the end of the play. Baseball boundary calls (already in place) are not hard, because it’s either an HR or a ground rule double. But what do you do on a trap ball? Or a ball that was ruled trapped but was caught? How many bases do the runners get? I could come up with lots of different scenarios that need to be covered in rule and guideline. You can’t roll out of system until these are in place.]

    It’s not as easy as just using the cameras.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      Re: Your tennis comment

      Is fair or foul trivial? Fair…or foul.

      Fair/foul and HR/no HRshould be NHL style and go to a ‘war’ room.

    • Preston

      There are far more moving parts in a football game than baseball. Yet it works much better with replay. Is it perfect, no. But it’s a lot better. What you would train umps to do is err on the side of in play. If it looks like a player traps a ball, call it a hit. If you review it and he caught it, easy fix. Hitters out, runners return to your bases. If it’s a close hit down the line call it fair. If it turns out it was foul line them up and do it again. Even when it’s the other way around. In the end, if a fielder traps a ball and the runner at second is only advanced to third when the team thinks they would have scored, do you think that team would rather their hitter be out and the runner still at second?

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Tennis seems to have a system that’s pretty solid for line calls, why can’t something like that be installed?

  • stu phillips

    Why doesnt the bum just retire.

    • Klemy

      Too busy shaping the game the way he wants it.