Yankees won’t allow Cano to play winter ball

Fan Confidence Poll: December 24th, 2012
Christmas Open Thread

Via Dan Martin: The Yankees have rejected a request for Robinson Cano to play in the Dominican Winter League playoffs. The more big league service time a player has, the more control their team has over their winter ball usage. Robbie is well beyond the point where the Yankees can prevent him from playing.

Cano, 30, is going to be counted on quite a bit offensively next season given the expected production hit the team will take in right field and behind the plate. Robbie has also played in at least 159 games in six straight years, the third most in MLB, so the extra rest and decreased wear-and-tear won’t be a bad thing. I have no problem with the team holding him out of winter ball to reduce the risk of injury (among other things) prior to 2013. It’s not like he’s a young prospect in need of extra reps.

Fan Confidence Poll: December 24th, 2012
Christmas Open Thread
  • ABC

    Why would cano want to play?

    • Laz

      because it’s fun.

    • MB923

      Because he’s a baseball player and wants to play more baseball?

      Just a guess

    • Cano fan #1

      Because he love this game

    • Rivera Venue Blues

      Yeah, I thought he was lazy??

  • Laz

    Isn’t he going to be in the WBC anyways?

  • thunder rd runner

    slow news day – Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • steves

    This seemingly “slow news day” story has some potentially interesting aspects to it if you take more than a glancing look. Pure conjecture, of course, but it looks like Cano’s local home team is trying to get Cano to play for them in order to win the playoffs (what a concept to play a whole season and then knock on the door of the local superstar to put you over the top!). Unless Cano has been working out in earnest I can’t believe he seriously wants to play some meaningful games at this time (or is in shape to do so) but rather conveniently had the Yankees “refuse” to permit him to play to get the local yokels off his back. This story could use one of those Paul Harvey “story behind the story” treatments. What’s next? Boras claiming the Yanks don’t allow Cano to run hard to first?

  • waneditor

    So, from your first paragraph, looks like Cano can play or not play.

  • http://www.tigerbook.com.do Angel

    Cano is from San Pedro de Macoris, Estrellas are from San Pedro de Macoris, the team las title was in 1967(yes in a 6 teams league), he wants to play to win

  • Hoss

    The team didn’t have the time or resources to consider Cano’s request, as it’s all hands on deck to get Matt Diaz under contract to save the 2013 season.

    • jesse

      Oh, yes, if the Yankees don’t sign Matt Diaz the 2013 season will be over before it starts!

  • endlessjose

    Man the Yankees have become quite the crabby team this offseason.Cano has every right to represent his country.The yankees need to be worry about how to improve this team not if Cano is gonna be in the WBC.

    People like Mantle and Mays played winter ball all the time and yet why can’t Cano play extra games.

    • Now Batting

      This isn’t the WBC.

  • Yankees Insider

    Another reason why he won’t re-sign…..

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Gardner CF
    Ichiro RF
    Jeter SS
    Teixeira 1B
    Rodriguez DH
    Romine C
    Adams 3B
    Joseph 2B
    Mesa/Almonte LF


    Robertson, Montgomery, Cabral…

    These guys will be holding down the fort for Austin, Sanchez, Heathcott, Williams, Banuelos, DePaula, Campos, et al.

    • dan gen

      76 wins

  • diony

    I wonder why Gardner isnt playing Winter Ball.

    • Rivera Venue Blues

      Lazy Grittster.

  • Frank

    I don’t understand all the hoopla about losing Swisher. He had an annoying knack down the strestch of failing to hit when the team needed a hit. He was not the only one, but he surely was the poster child for failure to hit in the clutch. Four year contract at almost 20 million a year with a fifth year option? Good luck Indians. Looks to me like the Steinbrenners are dressing up the income statement for a sale of the club.

    • Kevin Schappert

      Yeah–Indians overpaid insanely–Swish, at 32, not worth much more than 4 for $32 m–overrated offensively and almost zero production in postseason

    • Midland TX

      2012 Swisher:
      RISP: .301/.406/.589
      Late and close: .300/.345/.575
      High leverage: .294/.377/.571
      I guess 14 is “almost” 20.

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    i believe that come july 31 and the yankees are 10 games out,you will see kuroda,cano,granderson,sabathia,joba going to the highest bidder for top prospects.as a matter of fact you can place a bet on which team the yankees trade cano to,or witch team he signs with as a free agent.i really believe that within 2 years the steinbrenner family will sell the yankees.