Yankees & David Robertson file salary figures for arbitration

Update: A-Rod undergoes hip surgery, expected to miss six months
Friday Night Open Thread

According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees and David Robertson filed salary arbitration figures today. Robertson submitted $3.55M while the team submitted $2.85M. Today was the deadline to file and the two sides can still negotiate (and agree to) a contract of any size at any time prior to an arbitration hearing next month. If they do go to a hearing, the three-person arbitration panel will pick one of those two numbers for Robertson’s salary next season based on the cases made by each team.

The Yankees haven’t been to a hearing since beating Chien-Ming Wang back in 2008. For what it’s worth, MLBTR projected a $2.8M salary for Robertson next season, which might suggest the team has a better chance of winning a potential hearing. Chances are they’ll settle somewhere around the midpoint ($3.2M). Robertson is the team’s only remaining unsigned arbitration-eligible player and he can’t become a free agent until after the 2014 season.

Update: A-Rod undergoes hip surgery, expected to miss six months
Friday Night Open Thread
  • trr

    Who knows? He may be the closer this yearm or certainly by ’14…Mo can’t keep going forever…can he?

    • Ted Nelson

      Do you ever have anything positive to say?

      He certainly can’t go forever, but I would say chances are pretty good he can go for one more year.

  • Ryan

    Robertson has to be the guy, I know he didn’t take to it immediately but he has the stuff: + FB +CB strikeout machine

  • Kevin

    Not that I qualify as anything like an expert on this subject, but I feel like we might lost this. D-Rob has just been so valuable to us these last two years – you’d think he has a great case. And MLTBR has been a little low so far (on Joba and Hughes)

  • Lee

    Not getting how the Yankees are offering Robertson $2.85M after just signing Logan for $3.15M. How is Logan worth $300K more?? Doubt that it will get to arbitration anyway, but if it does Robertson should have a strong case.

    • Blake

      He’s not worth more…. It’s just how the process works. Logan has more service time. I think DRob would win if it goes to arbitration so the Yanks need to try and meet him in the middle

    • Preston

      This is Logan’s third arbitration year. In Robertson’s first year eligible he made 400k more than Logan, and even if the Yankees win and Robertson is paid 2.85 MM then he’ll be making almost 1 million more than Logan did his second time through the process.

  • CS Yankee

    Pay the man.

    This process for baseball is silly, every team has to submit a low ball offer so they have room to move up ibefore the decision. If they don’t, the players has to ride the process as that have nothing to lose.

    Hunter Pence getting a 3M+$ raise for that horrible year he had, while Drob will get less than Boone and isn’t close to his level of value. I don’t know how to fix this process but it needs to be fixed.

    • Ted Nelson

      If the team submits too low an offer, the player has no incentive to agree to a deal because they will just win the decision straight up.