Yankees will play one-game exhibition at Nationals Park

Tuesday Night Open Thread
A-Rod will have surgery next week, likely out until All-Star break

The Yankees will end Spring Training with a one-game exhibition against the Nationals in Nationals Park, the team announced. The game will be played on Friday, March 29th at 2pm ET. The regular season begins two days later on April 1st.

These end-of-camp exhibition games are nothing new. The Yankees played a pair of games at the Marlins’ new building last March, and back in 2009 the Cubs came to Yankee Stadium for two games before the season opener. The Yankees swept a three-game series in the nation’s capital last season, and I know a lot of RAB readers were on hand for that one. I don’t know when tickets will be on sale, but it should be pretty soon. I’m sure the Washington faithful will appreciate getting one last chance to say goodbye to Mike Morse, amirite?

Tuesday Night Open Thread
A-Rod will have surgery next week, likely out until All-Star break
  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    Echoing what’s written, hopefully that game marks Morse’s return to DC. I worry that a lefty+Warren may not be enough to entice the Nats though. It’s possible that other suggestions have been made since I last saw, but the Nats have said that they don’t feel they have to trade Morse so it may take more than we think.

    • Havok9120

      There’s not a lot more I’m willing to part with for the guy. They want a piece of organizational fodder with some leftover prospect shine to them? Fine. But that+Logan+Warren is about as high as I go.

      Mike Morse would look great on the Yanks, but I’m not willing to give up a bunch of long term potential or cost effectiveness for a rental player that almost certainly isn’t going to be a game changer.

  • Pineda’s Colada

    Is he worth us sending booney and Nova?

  • Cris Pengiucci

    I’ll be in DC for work the week before. Too bad, I’d have loved to have gone to that game.

  • Laz

    Hmm this interests me, we will see. They won’t be here any other time this year.