Must-Click Link: Mark Prior’s quest to get back to MLB

Snowmageddon Open Thread Part II
Snowmageddon Open Thread Part III

Mark Prior wasn’t a Yankee very long. More than a decade after drafting him with the 43rd pick in 1998 and failing to sign him, the Yankees inked the right-hander to a minor league contract prior to 2011. He pitched well in Spring Training and was sent to Triple-A for more work, but oblique and groin strains limited him to just eleven appearances. New York let him go after the season.

In a feature for, Doug Miller profiled Prior and his quest to get back to the big leagues. Injuries continue to hamper his comeback attempts, but he keeps trying because his three young children all want to see him pitch. It’s a long read but a very good one, perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Check it out.

Snowmageddon Open Thread Part II
Snowmageddon Open Thread Part III
  • pabla de humungus

    Best shape of his life. I luv it.

    • Jersey Joe

      Is it just me, or is every washed up player in the best shape of his life?

      • trr

        I tell people the same thing about myself

  • jjyank

    Such a shame. He was poised to be a very fun pitcher to watch. Go back and check out his stats from his 2003 season. 18-6, 211.1 IP, 2.43 ERA backed up by a 2.47 FIP, and and a ridiculous 10.43 K/9. Would have been good for baseball to have had him enjoy a long career.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    He may have to settle for letting his kids kick Dusty Baker in the nuts repeatedly.

    • Laz

      I’m surprised that guy still has a job

  • Manny’s BanWagon (formerly Andy Pettitte’s Fibula)

    Poor Cubs fans. With a rotation of Wood, Prior, Zambrano and Clement plus a solid pen and Sosa, they must have thought that team was gonna end their WS drought. That window closed awfully fast.

    • Nathan

      Indeed. I have a buddy who was born and raised in Chicago and a huge Cubs fan. He was on top of the world with Wood & Prior and while pissed about the whole Bartman thing, thought they were a lock for a mini dynasty run.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Still makes me mad the Prior didn’t win the Cy Young in ’03. Instead the award went to one of the biggest steroid-aided fluke seasons of all time for Eric Gagne.