Cashman reiterates Granderson will return as the center fielder

2013 Draft: Oscar Mercado
Yankees re-sign Clay Rapada to minor league deal

Via Andrew Marchand: Brian Cashman reiterated the team will indeed bring Curtis Granderson back as the center fielder once his fractured right forearm heals up. “I don’t think so,” said the GM when asked if there was a chance of keeping Brett Gardner in center.

I don’t the switch is as cut-and-dry as it seems, especially since there’s at least a small chance it could impact Granderson’s offense. This isn’t as simple as sticking Ichiro Suzuki in left last year because they weren’t putting anything at stake offensively. I definitely think they should reconsider though, because it will be a defensive upgrade (how much exactly? not sure) and the Yankees will need to squeeze every ounce of production from their roster if they plan to contend for a playoff spot.

2013 Draft: Oscar Mercado
Yankees re-sign Clay Rapada to minor league deal
  • Jersey Joe

    :( It’s been so fun to watch Gardner in CF for the last week. It’s a shame that he’s losing production by not taking a risk.

  • Bob Buttons

    As a supporter of status quo, I’m not sure whether to be against changing their position for the past couple of years, or changing the way things are right now.

  • jb

    Gardner is a better center fielder, use Granderson’s time now to get acquainted with running different routes, balls coming off the bat at different angles. Gardner has already helped win games with his defense this year. I hate this cliche but it applies….Think outside the box

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Once again, the Yankee controversy of which I’ve never gotten worked up once over.

  • trr

    Gardner a MUCH better CF, but they did say all along this is what they’d do…still, we’re a better team with Gardner in CF. Period.

  • LK

    I doubt this will make much difference either way, but I don’t think this team is in a position where they can afford to punt an advantage, no matter how small.

  • OldYanksFan

    If the Yanks don’t re-sign Grandy, will they offer him the new-fangled arbitration thingamajiggy? If so, they want his ‘value’ as high as possible so they get their draft pick.

    If they wanted to keep Grandy, you would think getting him into LF ASAP would be smart… although I do understand wanting to make the transition during Spring Training.

  • vicki

    so vernon goes to right? he’s too hot to platoon; may the other shoe never fall.

    flanked by bg and wells grandy shouldn’t be too great a liability out there. the gritty one will return to his rightful position in 2014.

  • Elan

    This is ridiculous! Gardner is the better center fielder! I hate when they act all stubborn and refuse to look at the facts!

  • Vern Sneaker

    I’ve never understood why we wouldn’t leave Gardner in center without a moment’s second thought. Putting him in left upgrades left, but CF is more important. Totally puzzling to me.

  • Luis Castillo (Not the one who dropped the ball)

    Idiotic, many players move around the outfield in-season for games, Trout, Hamilton, and hell even Gardner comes to mind. It’s not like they are asking him to move to shortstop, and it’s not like he is a great centerfielder.

    The guy Hits homers, walks sometimes, and strikes out a lot, what the fuck has that to do with where is he standing on the outfield while on defence?

    The only thing I can think that makes some sense is that Granderson asked to stay in center so his FA value doesn’t drop, and if the yankees agreed to that is moronic.

    Gardner does a grat job in center, much better than Grandy, I don’t want that to change.

    Although there is stuff like this:
    But I don’t care this time, I want Gardner in center and Grandy in left, if anything that should Grandy to stay healty or focus a little more in hitting, idk.

    But what bothers me the most is that Cashman says that he doesn’t think there is a chance to consider Gardner in center. Why the fuck not? Talk about it, put Granderson in left while he is in the minors and see how he does… Fuck.

    End rant.

  • Tom

    The gain might be small but why not do it?

    They were willing to at least entertain doing this after Granderson got all of 1 month of Spring training games? People talk about the transition as if it is some sort of major change.

    There are roughly 50% more balls to CF than to LF, similarly the damage on not making a play is on average greater in CF than in LF. Presumbaly Granderson would play LF and be a downgrade over Gardner being there but you end up netting ~20% of their combined defensive difference (as there are more balls to CF).

    Even if you regress the #’s and see Gardner as a +10 CF and Granderson as a -10 one, that’s about 1/2 a win. If you regress less heavily it could be as mush as a win. Plus, is Granderson really they type of player where you think his offense is going to suffer that much as he carries the weight of this massive transition to the plate?

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Ass backwards thinking for the Yankees who make it seem like moving from center to left is some sort of a major transition. Most center fielders throughout the history of baseball transitioned to LF or RF later in their career if they had any sort of longevity and I can’t recall anyone having any type of major problem. The Yankees have even stuck 2nd basemen like Chuck Knoblauch and Tony Womack in LF without all the BS.

    Gardner seems to transition back and forth between the 2 positions with relative ease.

    What’s the worst case scenario, Granderson is a crappy defensive left fielder. We already know he’s a crappy defensive center fielder.

  • michael


    How would Granderson’s offense take a hit by playing a less demanding position in the field?