Yankees re-sign Clay Rapada to minor league deal


The Yankees have re-signed lefty Clay Rapada to a minor league contact, the team announced. “I never wanted to leave (and I’m) pleased it all worked out to return,” said the southpaw to Dan Barbarisi.

Rapada, 32, was released before Opening Day to clear room on the 40-man roster for Lyle Overbay. Because he re-signed with the same team, he can’t return to the big leagues until May 3rd (30 days from the date of his release). Rapada missed the last few weeks of Spring Training because of shoulder bursitis, and I have no idea how his rehab from that is going. He will head to Tampa for now and join Triple-A Scranton at some point.

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  1. trr says:

    now re-sign Aardsma

  2. Havok9120 says:

    So since releasing him was supposedly a clear sign the front office was incompetent/out of touch with the needs of the team, does this mean that they are, in fact, brilliant?

  3. Elan says:

    Soooo… What exactly was the point of releasing him…?

    • Havok9120 says:

      It got him off the 40 man roster and since the Yanks didn’t put Granderson, Jeter, or Tex on the 60-day DL (which means they keep their positions on the 40 man) there was an even bigger roster crunch than usual at the end of Spring Training. All the injuries and late additions meant some guys (like Adams, Rapada, etc) had to be cut with the hope of resigning them to minor league contracts which don’t guarantee them a spot on the 40 man roster.

    • vicki says:

      specifically, loverbay.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      To help us figure out who among us think LOOGYs are national treasures?

    • RetroRob says:

      As noted, they opened up a spot for Overbay, who they need, they still ended up keeping him, and he is off the 40-man. Three good points.

  4. Looper says:

    Rapada is a real left killer, Logan is not. I guess this is reason he was re-signed.

  5. tommy cassella says:

    I wish the yanks would get rid of eppley. just last year he lost two games to the Oakland a’s in walkoff fashion. in the second game of this year, he couldn’t get anybody out and gave up four runs. he is just taking up space on the roster because he is useless. if i’am, the yanks I bring up wang. he can’t do any worse than that bum eppley. who, in my opinion isn’t even a minor leaguerer.

  6. tommy cassella says:

    I just wish the yanks would get rid of eppley. he has ever pitched well since joining the yanks and in my opinion isn’t even a minor league pitcher. he is useless and is only taking up space on the roster.the yanks should bring up up yang.

  7. Flashingredd says:

    Some people forget what Rapada and Eppley did for the Yanks last year. Both were did the job when called upon. Any pitcher can get off to a bad start or suffer an injury. Eppley is now down at Scranton and Rapada will go to Tampa for rehab. When the Yanks need more arms, these two guys will be ready, willing, and able. Smart move by the front office to clear spots without loosing anybody.

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