Cesar Cabral scheduled to pitch in a game on Friday

Middle relief a real weakness early on
2013 Draft: Oscar Mercado

Via Dan Martin: Left-hander Cesar Cabral pitched in a simulated game yesterday and is scheduled to pitch in an Extended Spring Training game on Friday. I do not believe that will start his 30-day rehab window — pretty sure it has to be with one of the six affiliates to start the clock — but don’t hold me to that.

Cabral, 24, almost made the team out of Spring Training last year before fracturing his elbow late in camp. The Yankees need to keep him on their active 25-man roster for at least 90 days this season to satisfy the Rule 5 Draft rules, but after that they’re free to option him back down to the minor leagues. Given how shaky Boone Logan has looked in the early going and the general sketchiness of the middle relief, Cabral could wind up giving the Yankees a nice lift if gets healthy and returns with stuff similar to what he showed in camp last year.

Middle relief a real weakness early on
2013 Draft: Oscar Mercado
  • John C

    I come to praise Caesar, not to bury him!

  • Rooting for U.S. Steel

    This makes me amazingly happy, if for no other reason than I have an irrational love of the Cesar “Stairs” Cabral posts.

    Oh, uh, and the potential help for the bullpen would be nice.

    • Gonzo

      Love the name. With this and The Bard making an appearance above, RAB might be getting too intellectual for me soon.

  • Ed

    Any idea why it took so long to recover? Supposedly Jered Weaver will miss 4-6 weeks with a broken elbow.

    • Gonzo

      Wasn’t that Weaver’s non-pitching elbow?

      • MannyGeee


        • Ed

          True, that’s a huge difference. Still seems like a long recovery time though. He didn’t need surgery, right? I’d expect a faster recovery than this if it’s not bad enough to require cutting him open.

  • jjyank

    Stairs returns.

    Hide yo wife, hide yo David Robertsons.

  • Jersey Joe

    Sounds good. Like the direction we’re headed in, but not where we are right now. This is encouraging news.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    Muchas gracias.

    Shawn Kelley es un punk bitch. I will cut him.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Not fast enough.

    • Bob Buttons

      Can you do Joba while you’re at it?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The saddest thing that could ever happen this decade is if, after all this, we just wind up returning him to the Sox.


    • Bob Buttons

      He can elect to be a FA, by the virtue of being a two-time rule 5 pick.

      Not sure if this has changed under the new CBA.

  • Joe

    Nova , joba , and overbay to the angels for Trumbo. Yanks then bring nuno up. No brainer get on the phone cash

    • jsbrendog

      there is so much wrong with this.

      go call the fan buddy.

      • Robinson Tilapia


    • jjyank

      A no brainer for who, exactly?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Joe, obviously.

    • Jersey Joe

      OK. Um…no.

    • Havok9120


    • CS Yankee

      Why would you trade 2-1/2 players for a 3/4 of a player?

    • Bob Buttons

      Misusing commas, capitalization and having redundant spaces. Get on the phone with an elementary school teacher!