Update: Kevin Youkilis leaves game with stiff lower back

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Saturday Night Open Thread

3:13pm: Youkilis left the game with tightness in his lower back, the team announced. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and he left the game as a precaution on the turf. The YES cameras did show him sitting in the dugout, so that’s good.

2:42pm: Kevin Youkilis left this afternoon’s game against the Blue Jays for an unknown reason in the sixth inning. He hit a line drive single an inning earlier and looked fine, but Lyle Overbay replaced him at first base to start the bottom of the sixth. Stay tuned for updates.

Game 16: Back For More
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • RetroRob

    He looked fine. I doubt it’s anything major.

    • trr

      hope not. everyone knows his history though

      • RetroRob

        Hard turf in Toronto, day game after a night game. My guess is he felt a twinge and they pulled him. Probably best to rest him for Sunday and get him back in the lineup early next week.

        He is injury prone, so I my guess is they’re just being proactive by pulling him before he is injured.

    • Jake

      I’m just relieved a player is speaking up when they feel a little pain instead of playing through it. Our disabled list shouldn’t be able to field an all-star team.

  • Jersey Joe

    We need Youk. I hope this is nothing.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Youk pooped his pants again.

    • Deen

      You’re thinking of George Brett.

      • Bob Buttons

        Or CHP.

  • PFOJ

    The lineup against lefties would be dire without him.

  • Trent?

    I heard injured back.

    Oy vey

  • Havok9120

    “Tightness in his lower back.”


  • Preston

    Well it’s a good thing we have professional baseball player Jayson Nix to fill in…

  • Eddard

    Give him tomorrow off against Johnson. They were going to have to rotate these guys anyway with 6 straight games on turf. Nix can fill in at 3rd for another game. Yet another series win and now 4 games over .500. Not bad for a team that was supposed to compete for last place.

    • Evan3457

      I agree. Day off tomorrow, and, if needed a day off the 3rd game in Tampa, against the righty Cobb.

  • Mark

    George who???? ya mean the crazy lunatic who hates the Yankees cause he was so over shadowed by them and all he is remembered for is throwing a complete meltdown of insanity when an umpire called him out after he hit a home run against the Yankees for illegally using too much pine tar on his bat!!! LOL what an asshole he was!

  • tommy cassella

    the yanks can’t afford to lose youk. Jason nix, in my opinion ,is not even a minor league player.

  • tommy cassella

    the yankee right handed hitting lineup is terrible. i’am sure this Francisco character will be gone as soon as the players on the d.l. return. to begin with, he is an automatic out. if he gets on base, it would be a miracle.