Opening Day Spillover Thread


A new thread for luck. They need it.

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  1. dkidd says:

    come on youk

  2. jjyank says:


  3. JLC 776 says:

    1st and 2nd, nobody out.




    Just like old times!

    • lightSABR says:

      But we got rid of those power hitters so we could get some hits with runners in scoring position!


      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Nunez sucks at everything so he isn’t the best example to use. The original argument is that the high home run and low OBP hitters like Tex and Granderson aren’t elite as made out to be. Not that Nunez is better.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I was told getting shitty hitters would fix that.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        Yeah people are missing Martin and Swisher now.

        • jtb102381 says:

          What we are missing is a REAL GM with GM skills not an overated ballboy who couldn’t spot talent if it was handed to him on a silver platter. There is NOT a GM in the leageue who does less with more than Cashman. What a clown. This team is average WITHOUT the injuries. The do-nothing Yankees is like being a Steeler fan in the off-season. Boring. When they do make trades or sign players your left scratching your head and when they don’t your left scratchign your head. Cashman’s only goal in 15 years is to sign a bunch of .250 hitters who do ONE of four things every time at bat, they either hit a HR, hit into a DP, SO or pop-out. Small ball isnt in Cashman’s vocabulary, then again, neitehr is defense or good pitching.

      • LK says:

        C’mon, Mike, you should know that shitty hitters are only the key to victory in the playoffs.

      • Yankee Space Parader says:

        I was told bloggers really do know how to build a ML ballclub ‘cuz they do stats and stuff.

        As a side note, it must feel great to have the last, right word on everything Yankees, from constructing a roster to long term financial planning for the franchise to the right strategy on ticket selling to, oh, for good measure how Derek Jeter should address the media about his ankle.

      • trr says:

        No, but getting better hitters, whether they be power hitters or not, might….

    • JLC 776 says:

      I thought shitty hitters were supposed to be scrappy and fun!

  4. forensic says:

    That was extremely disappointing, especially given that it puts them through the middle of the order with only 2 innings to go.

    Not looking good at all.

  5. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    You know, Kevin Youkilis is just not a very good looking man.

  6. DC says:

    But Eddard promised me Nunez would get a hit because he doesn’t try to hit homeruns.

  7. Mike N says:


  8. Mark L. says:

    A lot of teams will make the Yankees look pathetic this season, it just sucks that it has to start with the Red Sox in New York on Opening Day.

    So much for Girardi’s scrappy small ball, three guys came up looking for the 3-run HR, neither baserunner moved an inch.

  9. Pete says:

    Futility with men on base you say? Well yeah, why break such a long standing tradition

  10. JMK says:

    Guys, it’s one game. And it isn’t even over.

  11. Mike N says:

    Kelly sure looked good there!

  12. Big Member says:

    wells hits a grand slam. calling it

    • Winter says:

      Wells hits a grand slam which, on video review, is found to have actually been a groundout to second base.

  13. ClayDavis says:


  14. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

    This has been a really, really boring game.

  15. Athenian says:

    The only concern that should exist is that this version of the Yankees looks the same way last year’s version did – sloppy play, poor AB’s – generally not a good formula for winning games.

    as a side note, this might be the most pathetic Yankee crowd ever. Opening day and they just sit there sipping Chardonnay. Excellent! Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

      So, the only concern is that this Yankee team looks like the team from last year that won 95 games?


      Also, I’d be pathetic in this crowd too with the way this game has gone.

      • Athenian says:

        Ok, so you found a loophole and pull 95 games which only bought them an ass kicking by the Tigers. So ya, win 95, get asses handed to them in a 4-0 sweep. There is comfort in that they made the playoffs.

        But more to the point, the lack of effort, the lack of fundamentals, and just really ugly baseball, was the reference.

        • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

          This comment is all sorts of stupid. Quoting the number of games they won is now a “loophole”. Okay.

          • Athenian says:

            if you say so boss. Although those 95 wins provided excellent benefit, so I see your point.

            • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

              So, the only good teams are the World Series winners. Got it. I’ll keep this in mind when I want to say stupid shit.

        • Buddy says:

          This person knows nothing about baseball.

          • Athenian says:

            Wow Buddy. I would expect more of an insult than taking the easy way out. Your better than that. Don’t be the person who only eats the center of the oreo and throws away that chocolaty goodness.

        • JMK says:

          You know there’s only one team that wins the World Series, right? The Tigers got their asses handed to them, too. (I don’t disagree that they were an abomination in the playoffs last year.)

    • forensic says:

      They’ve cheered when there’s been a chance to cheer. But, there haven’t been that many chances to really cheer in reality. Similar to ST, score in one inning, mostly give up runs in one inning, don’t do too much of anything else in others, completely disappear in others.

    • JLC 776 says:

      Roll call was loud.

  16. Adam says:

    Good stuff from Kelley.

  17. The Doctor says:

    Well if nothing else Shawn looked pretty impressive. Freezing cold out here but still having some fun.

  18. Stratman9652 says:

    That Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial that was just on ESPN is probably one of the best commercials I have ever seen. Great concept.

  19. forensic says:

    Nice Hafner.

    Just three more straight hits and you might be able to beat the throw home…

  20. Mike N says:


  21. JMK says:

    I almost wish Victorino threw Hafner out at first, if only to briefly relive baseball videogames from the late 1990s.

  22. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

    Wow. I knew our lineup was bad, but…seriously, we’re really bad.

    Come back soon, good hitters.

    (Cue trolls talking about how they’re not actually good hitters either)

    • trr says:

      I gotta say, honest/fair criticism is not necessarily troll behaviour…

      • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

        The “good hitters” I’m referring to are the injured ones.

        • trr says:

          I know Improb, I guess I’m just a little suprised how people are over-reacting to one game (OK, one BAD game) Is the line-up weak now? Yes. Will it get better? Yes. Is it time for despair? No!

  23. ClayDavis says:

    Two runs. Both from a Cervelli single. Depressing Opening Day.

    • Athenian says:

      Even more depressing, according to all the off season threads, Cervelli sucks and if it weren’t for some work sharing program between with the Yankees, Cervelli would not even be in the majors.

      So kudos to the Yankees for giving a peasant a chance.

  24. 1stbase says:

    lot less depressing than last year though

  25. Jay says:

    How come Joba is allowed to have a moustache? SHAVE!

  26. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Joba’s mustache:

    Oh God.

  27. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (Formerly RRR) says:

    Mike, I give you a lot of credit. If I was running a blog I would just ban the obvious trolls as soon as they started saying dumb shit.

  28. forensic says:

    Walking Saltalamacchia 3 times is unacceptable for a little league pitching staff.

    I don’t even know what word it is for the Yankees…

    • forensic says:

      And walking Bradley Jr. 3 times in the same game…

      And giving up 3 hits to Iglesias in the same game…

  29. Evan says:

    Not watching the game but wondering if the ump is calling a tight strike zone. Gameday has so many of these balls in the zone, just wondering if gameday or a tight zone.

  30. Mike N says:

    I’m no super pitching expert, but it seems like Chamberlain gets up there for every at-bat thinking he has to strike out the batter. That is obviously a recipe for disaster.

  31. JMK says:

    Well, at least we finally got out Jose Tulowitzki.

  32. Daiello18 says:

    Not a fan of the Joba Mustache at all. So far though no quality ABs with RISP except for Cervi. We need to just have better ABs and stop watching third strikes. And is just me or do we seem like we are walking a lot of people? I think it’s 8 or 9?

    On the positive side it’s only one game. Hopefully things will turn around.

    Sorry if this seems random, just new here and im going to actually try to be a regular here. Love reading the stuff minus the trolls but never had time to comment. So lets see what happens.

  33. forensic says:

    I see the Yankees have decided to get inside out of the wind, cold, and rain already…

  34. Mike N says:

    Oh, for fuck’s sake.

  35. Big Member says:

    when did cashman sign david wells?

  36. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Ahhh, the old 2-run grounder to second….smdh.

  37. Mike N says:

    Man, this is feeble.

  38. RayBFree says:

    I hate these early season games against the Red Sox. They seem to always dominate the Yankees. Living in Boston doesn’t help since everyone freaks out and acts like they won the damn world series.

  39. Daiello18 says:

    Well that escalated quickly..

  40. PBFog says:

    Remember how great starting pitching and bullpen would be the best part of this team?

    • JMK says:

      Remember how this game represents less than 1 percent of the season?

      • Daiello18 says:

        Little early for bridge jumping right? I mean one game in? Really?

      • PBFog says:

        No, really?

        • Daiello18 says:

          It’s one game and you act like our entire pitching staff and bullpen suck. I was unaware 1 start means we will go 0-162. Your statement indicated our pitching staff and bullpen suck. Unless of course i’m new to the english language. Either way, it’s one game. If Kuroda comes out and throws a 2 hitter and they roll the Sox on wednesday what are you going to do change the question mark to a period and praise them?

          • PBFog says:

            You guys are too good at taking the bait :-)

            • Daiello18 says:

              Im new here I assume i just got trolled. Well played sir. IMBNH

              • PBFog says:

                “Trolled” is a strong word. More like taken advantage of for personnel amusement. Oh, maybe that’s the definition of the word.

                • Daiello18 says:

                  Lol. Fair enough. Trolled is a strong word. We can call it Rookie Hazing if it makes you feel better.

                  • PBFog says:

                    It’s more proving a point to those that cried about the offense during the off season. You know, before the season even began. However, once a real game happens, we can’t talk about what actually happens. That ruins the narrative after all. Sure, the offense wasn’t great, but The Big Man didnt give them much of a chance. “You know, you just can’t predict baseball”.

                    • Daiello18 says:

                      I agree with you there. I’ve read the site for a while just decided this would be the year to start actively commenting, this being my first set of posts lol. CC killed our chances and as a pitching staff we had I think 9 walks. I thought your original comment was one of those doom and gloom ones .. But yeah you can’t predict it , it’s a long season so who knows what will happen next. Hopefully Hirok rebounds for them.

    • PBFog says:

      Notice how the player mostly everyone loathed plated the only two runs today?

  41. rich says:

    This is super trolling. But I will count the days until Joba, being the fat slob that he is, pitches for another team next year. His last good year was 2008.

  42. Mark L. says:

    In the unlikely event that Hal is watching this debacle, I hope he takes note of the scoreboard and the empty seats. Weather aside, this is what his shitty leadership has produced. A $230 million collection of disinterested veterans, minor league journeymen, and overmatched bench players.

    161 games left…

    • Adam says:

      I am sure he can glean a lot from one game.

      • Mark L. says:

        It is likely to be the only sell-out they have this season, he should remember it well.

        Instead of actually trying to build an austerity team with a little upside, they decided to splurge on a bunch of guys who haven’t been good since the old stadium was still up. Yankee fans are more informed than Levine, Hal, and Cashman seem to give them credit for. They’ve known for months that the ownership is punting on the season, yet they still expect people to pay a premium to watch this incomplete project go through the motions of a 75-win season.

  43. Vern Sneaker says:

    I can’t wait for Opening Day. These ST games with all the substitutes and marginal guys are so depressing.

  44. ClayDavis says:

    It’s one game. But if this turns out to be an early single-double digit win-loss ratio. Could get really ugly at Yankee Stadium. Fast.

  45. Guns says:

    Do they have a rally in their bones!!

    A bloop, and a bloop, and a bloop, and a bloop, and a bloop and a blast.

  46. Hoss says:

    Joba is rocking that Steve Balboni look!

  47. wow says:

    awesome start to an awesome season, that followed an awesome winter.

  48. RayBFree says:

    When it’s all said and done the Yankees are still going to have a better record than the Red Sox.

    • Daiello18 says:

      Agreed. Gloom and doom is crazy this early on.

      • Adam says:

        I wish I could say I was surprised. But sadly, such is the state of a large swathe of supposed Yankee fans at this point.

      • Vern Sneaker says:

        It’s not doom and gloom. They have a weak offense. It’s fantasy to think they will score much.

        • Daiello18 says:

          You don’t need to average 7 runs a game to be successful though. Just need timely hits. The offense is weak. Probably borderline bad even, but the people over-reacting to one bad CC start is the stuff that i consider gloom and doom. I mean he’s usually not good on opening day if memory serves correctly. But his start doesnt mean our staff sucks like some have suggested.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          In April.

          It’s fantasy to think they’ll score much in April.

          When you’re making broad statements, it’s always nice to qualify them so that you don’t look stupid.

  49. stuart a says:

    WOW first game not even over yet and negativity rains.

    only thing i am complaining about is the delusional Arod and his usual deluded comments.

    I love the yankee announcers think Arod is the old arod of say 7 years ago.

    arod is toast, hope he misses the whole year and never plays for the Yanks again..

  50. Hoss says:

    Overbay looks like Opie on steroids.

  51. Timothy says:

    I feel bad for anyone stuck watching the ESPN broadcast by me. I’ve never in my life seen a player get more praise for a few walks and a misplayed ball in LF like Jackie Bradly.

  52. Mike N says:

    Well, it is just one game.

  53. Adam says:

    Oh no! Yankees lost a game! World is ending!

  54. King George says:

    This is not the start that ownership and front office wanted. I know it’s one game and I’m certainly not going to proclaim that the sky is falling, but remember those reports that Hal Steinbrenner was “freaking out” about the reaction to their $189m austerity plan? Well, look at how many seats there were today. By the 5th inning, it was about 80% capacity according to some reporters on Twitter. I wonder how “freaked out” he will be if the Yankees continue this path…

  55. Jimmy McNulty says:


  56. forensic says:

    Disappointed in how they lost, but never expected them to win this game, so it’s not the end of the world. Hopefully they come out and show up a little better on Wednesday.

  57. Mike says:

    Even though they won, I’m still not impressed with the Red Sox prospects. Their still hyped up in my opinion.

  58. Eddard says:

    You don’t win the division in April and you don’t lose it either. CC’s not going to be this bad every game. Cervelli gave us a clutch hit which is just what we want from him. The bats will come to life, Andy and Kuroda are capable of shutting down the Sox to get the series win.

  59. Mark L. says:

    Just wait until Ichiro begins his own Operation Shutdown. He turned 3 weeks of good playoff push baseball into $12 million. Just a matter of weeks until he reverts to being the player we saw in Seattle in 2011 and 2012.

  60. forensic says:

    Did Girardi really just say ‘It’s a school night’ to help explain the emptied out stands near the end of the game???

  61. Big Member says:

    a recap of todays events

    - yanks played a good april fools days prank sending hughes to the mound instead of cc. hughes appears to have gained weight and got a sick tan

    - after signing the 12 year extension cano became lazy once again misfielding balls that adam dunn wold catch at 2b. his lazynes can be attributed to his playing time with the dominican national team.

    - i dunno when cashman signed david wells but boy did he look bad in the 9th.

    - suzuki lost a duel with his former japanese arch rival tazawa and now wears the burden of shame. only a shut out from kuroda will restore suzukis honor

  62. Billy says:

    I think Girardi should explain having Nunez and Francisco batting in front of one of the best hitters ever

  63. forensic says:

    For those wondering and for what it’s worth:

    CC last opening day: 4 seamer at 92.5mph
    CC today: 4 seamer at 89.9mph

    The change and slider were each about 1 mph slower today than last year.

    If you don’t like last year’s opener since it was in a dome, his 2nd start in Baltimore the 4 seamer was at 90.9mph. His 3rd start in NY was 91.7mph.

  64. trr says:

    It’s gonna get mighty lonely in here pretty soon with all the bridge/ledge jumping going on. I’ll still be here though…

    hello Hellooooo, Helloooo (echo, echo, ecHo….

  65. The Tenth Inning Stretch says:

    Trying to settle an argument with a guy I know. He says Bryce Harper is overrated. He’s a big Braves homer, so I used B-Ref to show him how incredibly similar Harper’s rookie year was to Heyward’s. He says he’d take Heyward over Harper “all day.” Thoughts?

  66. trr says:

    Basically, tremendous upside to Harper. No slight to Heyward, would love to have either one of ‘em

  67. LarryM Fl says:

    I was getting so depressed reading the comments after watching the game. So I tried to make light of the loss. This is how I did it. We have played .0061728 of the season. We still have a mathematical chance to turn this season around.

    I hope my analysis helps with those who are making me depressed.

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