Teixeira given the okay to remove wrist brace

Opening Day Spillover Thread
Monday Night Open Thread

Mark Teixeira was given the okay to lose his wrist brace today, and said the doctors are “very happy with the progress” following this morning’s checkup. He’s still a ways off from resuming baseball activity and returning the team, but any progress is good. Teixeira has been fielding ground balls, running the bases, and swinging a bat one-handed as he waits for the tendon sheath in his right wrist to heal.

Opening Day Spillover Thread
Monday Night Open Thread
  • King George

    Well, we have this going for us.

  • Eddard

    Well that’s good because we need him. Frankie Cervelli can’t be the only offense every night. Other hitters besides Frankie are going to have to step up.

    • TomH

      For some of those guys, their “stepping up” days are probably behind them. “Stepping up” must surely have been the most popular March expression of Yankee broadcasters–unless it was, “Well, the Yankees aren’t going to hit as many hr’s this year.” I’ll say.

      Without Teixeira and the others, this is a last place club.

    • hogsmog

      LIKE NUNEZ!!!

  • ajra21

    Not expecting him to contribute in any meaningful way this year.

    • Barry

      Funny, my expectation for you is the same.


  • Barry

    Excellent news!

  • Pasta

    Nix ..bench player back up
    Nunez back up bench
    Wells back up bench player
    Gardner 4th outfielder
    Ichiro cooked
    Cano overated
    Hal steinbrenner will run this team into the ground
    Please sell the team

    • jjyank

      I’ll just highlight where I disagree.

      Gadner: not a 4th OF, and an amazing defender
      Cano: Best second baseman on planet Earth

      Hal selling the team doesn’t mean shit. You know that, right? A new owner does not mean a good team.

      • King George

        Dude. You’re either delusional or full of shit. I’m not saying owners play because they don’t but to insinuate it doesn’t mean shit is illogical and really dumb to say. Any owner (or corporation) willing to pony up more and not adhere to the austerity plan would immediately help this ball club. In some cases, yes, actually a new owner does mean a good team. I have a hard time believing Rupert Murdoch would stick to an austerity plan. A few stories have circulated since last year that the Steinbrenners are gearing up to sell and the $189m plan is a way for them to show a clean balance sheet to perspective owners. I know your point may be that the owners don’t play, but it’s disingenuous to say that they don’t “mean a good team” when often times they can provide just that.

  • bozo the clown

    What a fucking disgraceful performance I mean what kind of shit was that? I think management owes the yankee fans an aplology for that garbage. We could have had melky now we have a calvacade of no talents.