Update: A-Rod rep may have purchased documents from Biogenesis

Game Nine: Back to the Bronx
Update: Nunez day-to-day with right wrist contusion

7:46pm: Mike Fish and T.J. Quinn say MLB has no physical evidence connecting A-Rod to payments for Biogenesis documents, so … what the hell is going on exactly?

5:31pm: Via Michael Schmidt: MLB may have evidence that a representative of Alex Rodriguez purchased documents from the Anthony Bosch-led clinic Biogenesis for the purpose of having them destroyed. Unsurprisingly, A-Rod’s camp has flatly denied the allegations. MLB has purchased documents from a former employee of the clinic to help further their investigation into players who may have received performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch and Biogenesis, and the league recently filed a lawsuit against numerous parties involved (no players) as well.

Game Nine: Back to the Bronx
Update: Nunez day-to-day with right wrist contusion
  • Massparking

    Lucky for MLB that it was able to find a law-abiding, reliable ex-employee of Biogenesis with well-kept “records” who was willing to provide those “records” in exchange for only money.

    • Midnight Rider

      Right at all costs defend the admitted cheat. It is nothing an upstanding character guy like Rodriguez would do. Well said.

      • flamingo

        I understand your perspective, but I hate that this has become a moral issue. Wanting to win baseball games isn’t a something that should call into question the person’s character; wanting to win against the rules obviously isn’t very smart, but it’s not, say, endangering other people the way DUIs and domestic abuse are.

        And I think it’s fair to be critical of the way MLB is handling this; it’s like they’re determined to continue their witch hunt until they find someone they can use as a scapegoat.

        • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

          I think they’ve already identified the scape goat. Now they’re simply going to any length to get their man.

      • Havok9120

        Nothing he said was “defending” ARod. He may have meant it that way, but neither of us know that.

        Whatever his (or your) opinion on ARod may be, would you honestly say that the “investigation” currently going on isn’t, at the very least, sketchy?

        • LazzeriScooter

          opinion? Alex is a proven liar, cheat and jerk. All self- avowed by the man himself. Wake up from your delusions portrayed by this blog which has is attempting to make him a “victim or scapegoat”.

          Absolutely pathetic all the the never-ending hand wringing by this blog, led by Mr. Axisa, of the poor victimized Rodriguez. All this misery has been brought by himself Mike. I beg you to wake up from your personal crusade of defending this self-avowed bad guy.

          • Havok9120

            Aside from you being a twit reading into the writings of the blog what you seem to want to see (and also apparently assuming anyone who disagrees with you is a lemming, so thanks for that), that has virtually nothing to do with either of the the two points I made in my post.

            • Robbie

              “twit” was not needed. no need for hatred, he was just stating his opinion. which is just that, an opinion

              • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

                His comment didn’t make any sense as a response.

                It’s like me responding to this comment with, “Well you know what, I don’t even really like tuna!”

                • Now Batting

                  Well he obviously took offense to the “opinion” part of the comment in the first paragraph.

                • FrankeeYankee

                  Tuna salad is really good. Try adding a a teaspoon of dijon to the mayo. If you’re referring to Ahi, perhaps you’re overcooking it.

    • Kiko Jones


  • MB923


  • Murderers’s Row Boat

    At least now we’ll never have to endure an “A-Rod Day” at the Stadium.

  • mike

    im sure the same guy who signed the agreement to give alex the originals and not tell anyone about it does not have duplicates in his mothers basement.

    Good idea Tiger…er, Alex…try to buy silence when this is just another straw on the camel’s back.

    Must be something in the water in south florida

  • jsbrendog

    so nowwwwwwwwwwwww can they void his contract? if this sticks?

    • The Real Me

      I tend to doubt it and am torn as to if I’d even want that. I’m no A-Rod fanboy, but I think I’d prefer to have him and have him produce well on the field. However, if he’s going to suck going forward (or be only average, which would suck in terms of what we expect of A-Rod), then I guess I’d like to see an opportunity for his contract to be voided. I just don’t see that happening though.

      • jsbrendog

        arod at $28 million? no effing way. if they even have a remote chance of voiding it they have to try

    • Havok9120

      Nope. Though if this is ever actually proven they can always try and activate the Morality Clause of the standard MLB contract.

      They won’t though. Waaaayyyy too much rocking the boat involved in that.

      • flamingo

        And at some point the players’ union will show up.

        • Havok9120

          Exactly. That’d be the next step.

          For the moment the union is playing it quiet, and they’d be smart to continue to do so until the last possible moment (i.e. when a team starts actively trying to void a contract with an argument that the MLB doesn’t shoot down out of hand).

        • Massparking

          So, just to be clear flamingo, you don’t believe in due process unless it involves you or your family?

          • flamingo


          • Havok9120

            Eh, wot?

            What in God’s name are you talking about?

        • JLC 776

          The Player’s Union will back someone only to a point. If this thing gets really out of hand, and if other players start to turn, then I could see this whole morality clause being successfully invoked.

          But I think a lot needs to happen first.

  • Gonzo

    I can’t wait for the HBO movie retelling this embarrassment.

    Quick, who’ll play Bud, A-Rod, etc…?

    • Slugger27

      hmmm…. the rock?

      not sure about selig. steve martin?

      • Havok9120

        Harrison Ford using the look from “42” would be pretty much perfect.

  • mike

    and i wonder if everyone involved in the purchase, sale and eventual destruction of medical records concerning medical procedures being performed outside the parameters of responsible practice of medicine – perhaps even done illegally – can be charged with obstruction of justice when the Feds/State go after this clinic when the purpose of the purchase is to remove them from the scope of any potential investigation?

    i wonder if MLB – in commencing a lawsuit to subpoena the documents from the clinic – can subpoenas the person(s) who sold the records, who then would name the purchasing party- thus leading to a subpoena of the records?

    i wonder which lackey or attorney of Arod will take the hit as did Greg Anderson and be in contempt/ sit in jail until these documents are produced or the story told??

    • Havok9120

      MLB doesn’t have subpoena power and none of the documents were covered under a subpoena when they were sold (unless there’s a sealed Grand Jury indictment underway that no one’s leaked yet). And getting Obstruction of Justice to stick on it’s own without relying on hearsay is pretty impossible once the physical evidence (which is, itself, highly suspect at this point) has been disappeared.

      And that’s not to mention that you seem to be looking for conspiracies and wrongdoing to suit your own prejudices and preconceived notions based upon a single report that doesn’t even make a definite statement on the matter.

  • http://twitter.com/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    Half of me believes A Rod really was buying steroids from Bio-genesis. The other half believes that MLB is so hellbent on punishing A Rod and Ryan Braun for making them look stupid that I could write “List of guys I sold steroids to” on the back of a Walmart receipt and as long as it had ARod and Braun’s names on it they would run with it.

    • Crespo

      To me, it looks like MLB is walking a fine line ethically thinking that they can purchase purchase evidence

    • Titit

      How about the fact that steroids or not, they are HIS confidential medical records. He won’t be suspended, because none of this can be used in court. They still have no proof, even if true.

      MLB is really embarrassing itself either way, trying to out its own. No other sport does this, because its harmful to the brand as a whole. This whole thing stinks. Whether guilty or not, I feel bad for Arod, this guy cant get a break or has some serious demons. Either way, what a waste of an amazing talent.

      ps. Don’t start with the … oh I can’t feel bad for a guy who makes $400+M.

      • Gonzo

        This isn’t for court. The MLB doesn’t have subpoena power. They aren’t going to court to prove anything. They only sued to get discovery. The Feds don’t care about the case. Also, I’m not sure about medical confidentiality for this case since he wasn’t seen by a doctor or a licensed medical professional.

        P.S. I really don’t care for this case right now. I’m waiting for it to play out. Just my two cents.

        • titit

          This will go to court if the MLB tries to suspend Arod, just like Bountygate in the NFL, you better believe it.

      • LazzeriScooter

        How about not feeling bad about the guy who self proclaims to be a liar, cheater and jerk over the previous years in his initial apology tour?

        This community is absolutely surreal in its defense of a universally known bad guy. How do I know because he already admitted being one for most of his career and he ask for forgiveness.

        We all gave him a chance and he failed us time and time again. Now, you want actual non-partisan baseball fans to take his side. Why?

        Can anyone on this blog accept that Alex Rodriguez is and has always been a selfish, lying cheat? If not, please tell me without this whining witch hunt angle that doesn’t fit with a convicted cheater.

        Just my two cents, liked this blog more than most Yankee blog sites but I’m tiring of this pointless A-Rod defense. I get we all tried to rally around him and protect the guy. He has been unfairly scrutinized in the past but has also proven to have serious immoral tendencies (lying, cheating).

        This is the final straw and no matter what I am done with the guy. And I hope more than anything this Yankee fan can see a time without A-Rod. It will be a most genuine, honorable and fun experience.

        Good Night.

        • titit

          Who cares if he is every single thing you said? He could be the worst “baseball cheat” in the world (if that even is a real thing). It doesn’t matter, because what the MLB is doing is disingenuous and outright wrong. This is an arbitrary witch hunt and nothing more. Singling out a handful of players they have a hard on for.

          This is instead of taking real and necessary steps of figuring out how to take the incentives out of PEDs for players. How to properly “clean up” the game. Working with players, such as Arod, Giambi, Braun, whoever to figure out why they were taking in the first place and what benefits they thought it gave them… (with no punishment looming) Then you take the affirmative step of creating a system that brings no benefit for taking PEDs.

          ps. Arod doesn’t owe you anything. What the hell is wrong with you? Should he bow down and kiss your feet too, maybe that will make up for whatever weird slight you feel. BETRAYAL!

      • Hmelawyer

        MLB is not embarrassing itself by actually trying to investigate and “out its own” as you put it. It is actually trying to clean the game up and enforce its agreement on PEDs. Whether the investigation is done properly or not will be another matter, but there is nothing wrong with trying. Maybe no other sport does it b/c of short term damage, but I think this will be beneficial in the end.
        Remember that as long as investigation is not constitutionally tainted, it does not have to be admissible or even reliable in isolation to be helpful. The key is whether it helps lead to a piece of admissible evidence. This is true in both criminal and civil matters.

        • titit

          There is no positive test, only a name on a file. It is that exact file that is being purchased. There is no way that is admissible, but that’s for trying.

          Furthermore, again, this is not an investigation, this is the singling out of 2 players, instead of trying to effectuate real solutions to an obvious problem. What is the benefit right now of suspending Arod? (Tainting his already stellar reputation?) I don’t think so. This will serve no purpose, at all. 50 games, which he won’t play in anyway? This is insane.

          Clean up the sport fine… everyone wants that. However, let’s not pretend that this is an investigation. It is a past his time commissioner grasping at straws and still trying to cover up the fact that all this happened on his watch, while he didn’t care, because record profits came into the league.

  • https://twitter.com/czm26 Craig

    According to the NYDN:

    “A-Rod allegedly took up the offer, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the scheme, and sent his own intermediary to retrieve the documents. Stories have spread through the league and its players that A-Rod possesses a list of names and documents that he has either leaked to the media to deflect attention from himself or destroyed them before anyone can see them.”

    What a contrast with Mo. That’s really all anyone can say at this point. Good riddance.

    • jjsabe

      “he has either leaked to the media to deflect attention from himself or destroyed them before anyone can see them.”. That’s a pretty big or, kinda makes the story lose credibility.

  • Crespo

    Did MLB get this information from the documents they purchased?

  • jjsabe

    How many documents does one clinic have? If Arod bought them want did MLB just buy?

  • Kiko Jones

    I don’t care about any of this UNTIL Major League Baseball renders the final results of their investigation. In the meantime, this is all just blatant attempts to sell papers/get page views disguised as news.

  • MannyGeee

    So yeah… Any report that claims that A Rod ‘bought’ his incriminating evidence where the source is the MLB ‘buying’ similar evidence seems, how do I hang an air freshened on this…… Like Keystone fucking Cops.

    Dear MLB, if you want to hang A Rod out to dry, buying evidence is textbook “doing it wrong”.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      What do you suggest they do, take the high road and allow the players to purchase and destroy the evidence?

  • Dr. TJ Eckleberg

    Who gives a shit?

  • DT

    At this point the whole story is becoming a running joke. So ARod bought the documents and might have either destroyed them or leaked out names? Apparently ARod is now a Bond villian.

    • sjferrari

      Now, if he starts to leave clues about the whereabouts of the burned remains, he could be a Batman villain.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    My opinion–Yankees should be pushing A-Rod to negotiate a 50 game suspension without admitting guilt so he can get it out of the way while he’s rehabbing. Its not going to change anyone’s impression of him as he’s an admitted steroid user and they can get it off the back pages (is this expression officially outdated?) and out of the way without him missing game action.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      A 50-game suspension will cost ARod around $8M. No way ARod (or the union) takes that willingly, especially since it doesn’t seem likely MLB would be able to successfully suspend ARod on its own.

    • Havok9120

      The MLBPA would never go for it. They can’t let that kind of precedent be set without at least going to the mat to try and prevent it.

      And unless there’s something far more solid available in terms of evidence that hasn’t come out yet, any kind of “going to the mat” will end with the MLB backing down due to their evidence being held together with duct tape and chicken wire.

    • CS Yankee

      That’ll (50 games) save them close to 10M$…

      That’s like the Wells deal from the Teix insurance money.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    After the Mitchell report, I couldn’t care less about Arod and PEDs as I felt the use was so widespread that players were essentially on a level playing field.

    Now, however, if it is indeed true that Arod continued using PEDs all along after his apparently phony contrition and if he really did try to buy records with the intent to destroy evidence linking him to biogenesis, I can’t see how the Yankees can ever allow him to take the field again regardless of how much money they owe him. While some of the details may be off, I fully believe that where there is smoke, there is fire.

    • CS Yankee

      It all depends how you look at it…

      Negatively…he is a cancer, should never play again.

      Positively…he was so committed, that even after getting caught he felt he had to perform and this was the only way that he could.

      Don’t treat him like Lance Armstrong (the biggest POS of all-time cheaters), but look at it both ways…in NASCAR they say “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”

  • Pat D

    This is such a farce all the way around. MLB has lost all credibility since they have to resort to buying “evidence.” They’re so determined to make sure the sport is clean that they have already resorted to less than ethical ways of doing so.

    And why is it that ARod is immediately the one fingered as the player who supposedly bought stuff? Isn’t Ryan Braun just as likely to have tried to do that?

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Isn’t it being reported that MLB investigators found evidence that Arod’s representatives where trying to buy records?

      To me, that’s the reason why Arod was fingered and not Braun.

  • Kiko Jones

    Buying evidence to nail its own players? Nice work, MLB. Ugh. Forgive me, if, after the Mitchell Report fiasco, I trust MLB to do the right thing as much as I believe in a three card monte dealer to be looking out for my best financial interests.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      It’s funny how in your mind MLB is the bad guy and Arod is now the victim.

      Maybe the first time around when Arod’s name was the only 1 out of 100+ from the Mitchell report you could make a case that he was singled out unfairly but this time around, Arod deserves whatever he gets.

    • Hmelawyer

      Exactly how many cases in the real world do you honestly believe exist that evidence is not bought in some way? In criminal cases when you get a co-conspirator or accomplice to flip and provide testimony/evidence by offering them a plea deal, or you pay confidential informants in either money or reduction of charges you are buying evidence. In civil cases where you hire expert witnesses you are paying for evidence. That is the real world and how the legal system in this country works. What system do you want MLB to work under- the pie in the sky, everybody will just tell us the truth and give us the evidence system. It doesn’t exist. As long as the paid for evidence isn’t the only evidence, that is American justice for right or wrong.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    So. Over. All. Of. This.

  • Kiko Jones

    So, A-Rod deserves to get railroaded? See, the problem is viewing this as a good guy/bad guy scenario rather than an innocent-until-proven-guilty situation. And in this case MLB is operating like a revenge factory and nothing else.

    This is the same organization that willfully looked the other way during the Steroid Era’s boom in profits after the ’94 strike almost killed baseball and now wants to sell itself as some honorable institution. The Mitchell Report took care of that illusion, if MLB’s prior shenanigans hadn’t already taken care of that.

    It’s not that A-Rod is a saint—far, far from it—it’s that MLB is not that much better.

  • Eddard

    I just wish they’d get the evidence and suspend him already. Hopefully they suspend him with 40-50 games left in the season so he’s out the rest of the year. Youk is our guy.

  • Eddard

    Yeah, Youk just got more clutch hits in 2 ABs vs the Os than ARod had all postseason last year. Youk is our guy.

  • EndlessJose

    I don’t see how A-Rod ever comes back as a player for the yankees.It will be a long 4 more years and anything he does for us will always look bad and tainted.

    MLB wants him and Braun bad and they will not stop until they have something on him.

  • 23553

    They don’t have physical evidence so they have… Metaphysical evidence? Imaginary evidence? Bullshit? This is just getting ridiculous.

  • trr

    So sick to fucking death of this ass-wipe.

    Still sticking to what (I think ) was my first post on this worthy blog: Rodriguez will never play for the New York Yankees again.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      one can only hope

  • DInnings

    The Yankees should’ve offered A-Rod five years and $138.5M after A-Rod opted out and let him walk if he rejected the offer.

    Had he accepted the offer and re-signed, last season would’ve been his last season as a Yankee and most likely as an MLB player.

    Good job being for re-signing him through age 42, Cashman.

    Forget the steroids. Re-signing him for his age 36-42 years was just plain idiocy. I mean so fucking what if he became the homerun king? One homerun I’m sure countless Yankee and baseball fans would’ve missed because they had to work, go out somewhere, or get some more Doritos for the bowl or some shit. $275M for a ten-minute ceremony during the game (rolls eyes.)

  • DInnings

    A-Rod is an ass and if he had any self-dignity, he would retire.

    That’s right, he should forfeit his remaining money. So he’ll have only a billion bucks when he’s fifty or whatever age.


    Go Away-Rod.

  • Kiko Jones

    So, MLB has acknowledged they have no evidence linking to A-Rod to any payment of Biogenesis documents…but they should suspend him anyway? WTF??!!

  • There’s the Door

    Cheer up. We’re now more than halfway through the contract.

  • Finn

    The MLB are not the only Witch Hunt people
    Around here. Geese I hope all you great
    Upstanding people. Who never ever have
    Cheated on Taxes or your girlfriends lied
    to your girlfriends Wife’s Parents. Did nothing
    Morally wrong your whole life. I just hope you
    never have to ask someone for forgiveness.
    Yes A Rod did cheat. Admitted it. May have
    cheated again. It’s not proven. At least give him
    A chance. Innocent until proven guilty.