Curtis Granderson singles twice in latest rehab game

Game 35: Rebound
Wang pitches into the eighth in latest AAA start

In his third minor league rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Curtis Granderson went 2-for-4 with two strikeouts. He singled once to right and once back up the middle. Granderson spent the game at DH as planned, and he played all nine innings. Donnie Collins says Curtis is expected to remain with the team until the end of their homestand on Monday, so I suppose he could be activated off the DL and re-join the big league team as soon as Tuesday. I guess we’ll find out.

Game 35: Rebound
Wang pitches into the eighth in latest AAA start
  • Eddard

    Somehow they’re winning without these injured players. The Royals PBP announcer said it best, “Who are these guys?” Consistent pitching is the key. Grandy’s return will be an added boost to an already strong outfield. I just wonder who sits. Wells won the ballgame tonight and Ichiro has continued to hit.

    • Laz

      Am thinking it is Ichiro. Wells has tapered off, but has gotten some big hits in close games, and been awful when Yankees blow out.

    • Evan3457

      All 3 will lose some games; Wells against righties, and Ichiro and Granderson against lefties. Wells will also be able to replace Francisco against lefties, and give Hafner necessary days off.

      • NoMaas

        I’m hoping Ben Francisco is DFA’d to make room for granderson. i can’t imagine he gets kept around just for being a (horrible dreadful awful) right handed bat??

  • Jon G

    On one hand, they’ll finally have a bench and outfield depth. On the other hand, given Granderson’s pending Free Agency, could he be traded..?

    And if Adams shines, what happens when Youkilis is ready? Seems Youk is too fragile to play more than a few times a week and could slide into more of a Chavez role…