Sunday Afternoon/Night Open Thread



The Yankees were rained out this afternoon, so I figured I would post the open thread a little earlier than usual. The Braves and Dodgers are on TBS and the Mets are playing the Cubs right now, plus you’ve got NHL (Rangers!) and NBA playoff action going on this afternoon. No sense in waiting when everyone wants to talk about those games now. Later tonight, the ESPN game will feature the Tigers at the Rangers (Fister vs. Holland). That should be fun. Talk about any of that stuff and more right here. Go nuts.

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  • trr

    Don’t know if everyone else is bored with no game today, but it could be worse – you could be here with me at a children’s birthday party.
    This must be the third one I’ve been to in the last month. Not being blessed with patience, this is a bit of an ordeal. And it’s raining.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      I’ve managed with my child on a rainy day for…..about 5 1/2 hours now. At one point, I just took him on a rainy walk to a street fair. It’s now music education time with Spotify. Too much “The wheels on the bus go round and round…..” in his head.

  • Folley of the Pre-determined Outcome

    any word on Pineda’s latest workout/simulated game in Tampa?

  • DERP
  • jjyank

    Some of you already know this, but (weather permitting) I will be at tomorrow night’s game in Baltimore. It’s tough to get to games now that I live in DC, but my dad and my brother are driving down to meet me in Baltimore for the game tomorrow. Never been to Camden Yards, though I’ve heard good things. It looks like it’s gonna be CC vs. Garcia, so I’m feeling good about my matchup. For those of you that know what I look like, look for me down the first base line!

    Anyway, I’m meeting my dad and my brother around 1 in Baltimore. Despite living less than an hour from there for a year now, I’ve never spent any time there. If anyone is familiar with the area of Baltimore around Camden, I’d appreciate and advice for things to do and a good place to grab some lunch and beers before the game. The only thing we have planned right now is to check out Babe Ruth’s house.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Wish I had some good tips, but my Baltimore memories are limited to when I was in college and visiting my then-girlfriend up there and we were both pretty broke. Probably some nice stuff on Fells Point, and maybe there’s something non-touristy in the Inner Harbor? There’s always the aquarium. :)

      • jjyank

        Actually I think I did go to the aquarium when I was like, 12. My comment was actually more for my brother’s sake than mine. I’m perfectly fine with finding a random bar near the stadium and drinking beer until game time. Little bro, however, doesn’t turn 21 until November :P

        We’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’m sure the Cheesecake Factory in the Inner Harbor is still there.

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    Does anyone know anything about the Wakefield, Massachusetts area? I have a job offer there but I want to stay where I’m at. It’s just outside of Boston, so I’ll have to leave most of my clothes behind and I’ll need to get rid of my Yankee seat covers and decal. Shit.

  • CountryClub

    @JimBowdenESPNxm: Dr. James Andrews told us on the Front Office that in his professional opinion 120 should be the pitch limit for starting pitchers #PHealth

    • MannyGeee

      I suppose ethical responsibility, and yadda yadda yadda, but shouldn’t he kinda keep his bread buttered by not mentioning this funny little tidbit?

  • The Lime

    Would you guys be ok with a high upside high risk draft, let’s say with NYY top three picks going Wilson (like in K-law draft), Boldt, and Paroubeck?

    Frankly, I’d like that more than taking safer guys, even if their expected values are higher. Though it’s irrational, it’s more exciting to look at the super toolsy guys, even if there’s a high chance of flaming out.

    • MannyGeee

      For me, with three first round picks, I think you gamble with one of them by taking a high talent guy and go safe with the others. That said, they’ll end up taking 3 high character guys that may or may not make our heads explode.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Three picks means they can slightly roll the dice on one of them.

      Most likely, as far as whatever portion of the fanbase who actually looks at these things goes, they’re going to be damned if they do, damned if they don’t. They’re going to be questioned if they take high-risk guys. They’re going to be questioned if they take strong work ethic guys. The safest bet might be to just draft guys already in the major leagues. :)