Thursday Night Open Thread

Pineda averaged 93 mph today; close to official rehab assignment
Williams has three hits in Tampa loss

The Yankees are enjoying a much-needed off-day today, their first true off-day in over two weeks. They open a three-game series with the Rays on Friday, a team that really isn’t a good matchup for them on paper. Then again, it’s a three-game series and anything can happen. That’s the best part of baseball.

Here is tonight’s open thread. MLB Network is airing a game tonight, though who you see depends on where you live. There’s also some NHL playoff action, including the NY Rangers trying to stave off elimination. Talk about any of those games and more here. Have at it.

Pineda averaged 93 mph today; close to official rehab assignment
Williams has three hits in Tampa loss
  • Bob Buttons


    In other sports, it scares me a tad that Nicks is reportedly upset about his contract.
    If it comes to one or another, keep Nicks, trade Cruz.

  • SDB

    I have a hard time deciding whether I want the Blue Jays or the Os to lose tonight.

    • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

      Blue jays for sure. I don’t think they’re going to rebound from the disaster of a start they’ve had. Might as well hope the win against other AL east teams. Or maybe I’m just biased because I hate the Orioles. They need to fade into obscurity soon.

      • MannyGeee

        I could get behind the Jays making a series of it, if for no other reason, separation from the head of the class for both teams.

      • SDB

        I hate the Os too. I don’t care how good a job managing the Yankees, the smug look on Showalter’s face just pisses me off.

        But damn, I can stand Wieters, Markakis, McLouth and Gonzalez – heck, most of the Os’ pitching – about as much as I can stand Pedroia or Papelbon (who may not be a Red Sock anymore, but I still loathe him.)

        • SDB

          *how good a job he did managing the Yankees

        • Bob Buttons

          Showalter is a dick. You don’t blast guys who played under you (Jeter) unless he’s an utter dick.

          Of course, to be fair, for all we know Jeter was a dick to Showalter privately. We just didn’t hear about it.

        • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

          Strangely enough I’m not bothered at all by Buck. I think he’s a good baseball guy.

          Ditto to most of the players though. Gonzalez? Who the hell are you, and why is it that you can dominate my team every game? Don’t even get me started with Mclouth, that guy should have been finished in Pittsburgh. I think he is a Yankee killer but no one has really noticed.

          And then there’s the fans………

    • Get Phelps Up

      I’m hoping for a split in that series.

  • Chasing Headley

    I need some help. I can’t find an adult medium Jorge Posada shirt anywhere. I mean like the navy blue Yankee shirts that have the name and number on the back. won’t let me create one in the deisgn a shirt feature. I have turned the internet upside down with no luck.

    I come to the Bronx for a game in late June so are there any places down there I could find one? Or is there some far corner of the internet I did not reach?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated… One of my favorite players of all time.

    • Bob Buttons

      eBay and amazon maybe? I’ve found some stuff that I couldn’t find before.

      • Chasing Headley

        I gave both those a shot only to find youth shirts and XXLs… It’s a pain.

        • Bob Buttons

          Then the only thing I can think of is visiting random shops. They probably have one or two somewhere around NYC. Finding a needle in the haystack no less, just depends on how much you want to find the needle.

          • Chasing Headley

            I stayed up until 3 in the morning looking last night. You better believe if there’s the slightest chance I will turn the city upside down, haha.

            • Bob Buttons

              Good luck and have fun with that :)

              Few things in the world matches serendipities found in random places.

              • Chasing Headley

                You got that right!

        • trr

          It’s gotta be out’ll find one

          • Chasing Headley

            Thanks… I hope you’re right, I’m literally losing sleep over its… hahaha

    • DC

      As a last option you could get a plain Yankee shirt and have a screen print place put a name and number on the back.

      • Chasing Headley

        Great call. Gotta hope they have someone similar lettering, don’t want it looking too sketchy haha.

    • vicki

      every giftshop at the stadium has jorgie tees, piles of them. so have the stores across the street. ps cheers to you for having awesome taste in players.

      • Chasing Headley

        Thanks for the info!! And oh yeah Jorge was the best. He could play and had a fire inside him that the Yankees haven’t had since.

    • Definitely a shill
      • Chasing Headley

        YOU ARE MY HERO!!

  • mustang (The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    “SEATTLE — The Seattle Mariners sent slumping catcher Jesus Montero to the minor leagues Thursday,”

    “Here endeth the lesson”

  • Dan

    Seen the Jeter flip 50 times and it still gives me chills

  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    If Youk returns before Tex, I would assume vs. LHP Overbay will sit, with Adams at 3B and Youk at 1B.

    But who would you prefer vs. RHP?
    a) Overbay 1B, Youk 3B, Adams BU
    b) Youk 1B, Adams 3B, Overbay BU
    c) Overbay 1B, Adams 3B, Youk BU

    • Bob Buttons

      I like option c since I love Overbay’s glove at first and Youkilis seems like the kind of guy that can come off the bench and get on base in any way possible.

      • YanksFanInBeantown

        Youk’s a great defensive 1B. More importantly, he’s a much, much better hitter than Lyle Overbay.

        • Bob Buttons

          Overbay is certainly serviceable guy at the plate and frankly I get a bit tense whenever Youkilis goes for a diving play. That’s pretty much my rationale.

          • forensic

            Doesn’t not playing him against 2/3rd-3/4th’s of the pitchers in baseball, in order just to keep him healthy, sort of defeat the purpose of keeping him healthy?

            And if you’re worried about him hurting his back or whatever again, coming off the bench after sitting cold for 2-3 hours is not the best way to get him PT while staying healthy.

            • Bob Buttons

              Well if you put it that way… I guess I didn’t think of that.

    • forensic

      The smart move much of the time would probably be A, but I can’t help but want to give Adams as many AB’s as possible (if he’s still on the roster), so I’d go with B most of the time, while mixing in C sometimes because Youk’s 90-year-old body will need periodic days off. If needed, Overbay could also be brought in late for defense when going with B.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

        That’s what I’d like to see, especially with Adams currently playing well. I’d guess that it will probably end up mostly A though. Maybe the OF rotation would play into it as well though, with Overbay more likely to get a day off when all 3 LH OF’s are starting, just to balance the lineup a bit more.

    • MannyGeee

      Youk 1B, Adams 3B, Overbay BU

      And its not particularly close.

  • oldmanalex

    Damn, Giambi looks mobile..

    • Bob Buttons

      Well in my eyes Jeremy was a tad fitter than Jason.

  • Bo Knows

    Gausman really impresses me, its the first time I’ve seen him. His raw stuff looks right up there with Strasburgs, except with a really low effort Roy Halladay like delivery. He’s going to be a pain when he gets more experience.

  • DERP

    I just saw this. No idea where it is from, but it is hilarious. Just slaying me.

    • Bob Buttons

      Well it’s definitely recent because the stats for Harvey is perfect.

      P.S. Harvey already has two nicknames (via BRef). Just wow.

  • Brian S.

    Zach McCallister. Career ERA under 4. Cost-controlled for four more years. Austin Kearns.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I get it. Can’t win them all.

  • Rolling Doughnut

    Great night up in Fenway. Tito’s boys are putting the fucks to his old club. Dumpster lasted 4 and it’s been downhill from there.

    • MannyGeee

      and its pouring and there are like 7 people left in the stands. Epic. Welcome home, Tito

  • Get Phelps Up

    Man, both Boston and Baltimore are getting destroyed tonight.

  • Chasing Headley

    Too soon to pick up Adams for my fantasy team? ;)

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      Too late if you’re in my league, haha.

    • MannyGeee

      I thought about it, but I also grabbed Profar, knowing imma have to cut him soon.

    • Chasing Headley

      Part of me wants to… Love what I’ve seen so far, but I’ve been prone to being burned by prisoner of the moment moves before…

  • Bob Buttons

    Random thought:

    Player A: will have two three-hit games and goes hitless for four games in six games stretches (e.g. game 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, but not 2-7 or 3-8). No way to tell which games he’ll go three-hits until you see him in four hitless games in a row.

    Player B: Will have exactly one hit every single game, but you don’t know when in the game will he get the hit.

    Joe D.’s record aside, who would y’all rather have on the team? And why?

  • forensic

    Well, this is very unsurprising, except to the people who somehow thought they’d actually send Nova to AAA after his injury:

    Nova has been pitching in games for a while now. He had that one minor setback, but he’s pitched since then, and Cashman strongly hinted that Nova is ready to return to the big leagues.

    “I’d say you’re going to see him pretty soon,” Cashman said. “You’re going to see him very soon.”

    Cashman more or less dismissed the idea of sending Nova to Triple-A first.

    Doesn’t necessarily say he’ll certainly get his rotation spot back, but I’d still be surprised if he didn’t.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)


      • forensic

        Well, at least there’s this:

        The path for Youkilis is a little less clear, but he’s also been facing live pitching down here in Tampa and could be in New York sooner than I was expecting.

        “Maybe joins us by next week,” Cashman said.

        In this case, Cashman said, joining “us” means joining the big league team.

        It amazes me how far off they’ve been on these injuries to Youkilis and Nunez, since they had both of them wasting a roster spot for just about half the 15 day DL window.

        Youkilis is now more than a month out from his 1st injury, and nearing a month (he’ll be out for more than the month) since his one game aggravation of it.

        Nunez is nearly at 20 days already after having just taken one round of BP so far, so he’s still got a little ways to go and could also reach the one month time frame.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          I’m not gonna put a whole lot of faith in “Maybe joins us by next week”

          It would be nice if somebody could actually return from an injury.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Can’t he just replace Nuno as the long man?

      • forensic

        If he beats Pettitte and Joba back, sure he can for a few days.

        Eventually, both Nuno and Betances will be out for them, then a better pitcher will lose their spot, whether it’s Warren or Claiborne. Then if Joba comes back there’s another guy needing a spot.

        Then, maybe a month down the road the Pineda issue comes up (if no one else manages to get injured during that time somehow).

        • Deathstroke Heathcott

          If everyone gets healthy, we could be looking at incredible depth at SP in a few weeks.



          Kuroda-Hughes-Pineda-Nova-Nuno or Sabathia-Pettitte-Phelps-Warren-Wang could probably beat some teams’ staffs completely.