Cotillo: Yankees included in Gallardo’s no-trade list

King: Yankees interested in Michael Young
Shocker: Leyland confirms Rivera will be AL's closer for All-Star Game

Via Chris Cotillo: The Yankees are one of ten teams included in right-hander Yovani Gallardo’s no-trade clause. The Brewers are one of the very worst teams in baseball and are expected to shop everyone not named Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, and Jean Segura at the trade deadline.

Gallardo, 27, is in the middle of his worst season as a big leaguer, pitching to a 4.20 ERA and 3.93 FIP in 98.2 innings. Both his strikeout rate and fastball velocity have been trending in the wrong direction as well. Unsurprisingly, his no-trade list consists of cellar-dwellers and big market teams who can compensate him for agreeing to a trade. The Yankees haven’t been connected to Gallardo and they really don’t need another starter at this point, they need bats. Plural.

King: Yankees interested in Michael Young
Shocker: Leyland confirms Rivera will be AL's closer for All-Star Game
  • Gonzo

    Am I the only one that thinks he’s injured or hiding an injury?

    • vicki

      or drunk?

  • Chamberlain

    We don’t need pitching anymore….
    Just corner infielder/outfielder… and maybe catcher..

    Gallardo… i think he is one of the most overrated pithcer in the league…

    Michael Young, Jonathan Lucroy
    We need these guys not Yovanni “no-command’ Gallardo

  • SDB

    Even if Gallardo did come to the Yankees and had regular starts of 7+ IP and 2 ER, it wouldn’t make a difference for a team that can’t score runs.

    How much for Utley? Young?

  • vicki

    dodgers will overpay for him. having ned colletti for your gm in july is like having michael pineda for your designated driver.

    • JMK

      Two drinking-related comments in as many minutes! Are you commenting whilst at a M.A.D.D. meeting?

      • vicki

        it’s on yovani if the first thing i think when i hear his name is “drunk driving”.

        • Mikhel

          Now imagine both Gallardo and Miguel Cabrera (long history of driving drunk, hitting his wife and picking fights at bars) partying together… MY GOD!!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Yeah, not where I’d be putting my attention right now, although I’m not necessarily opposed to adding some depth to the rotation at the right price. Andy might worry me right now more than he worries most.

    • Oy

      This. Hughes, Kuroda, and Andy may all be gone next year. Gollardo’s value is all in his name, he’s very overrated and some team like Arizona or San Diego will overpay.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m willing to add one shiny dollar to the Yankees’ offer to Kuroda in the off-season in order to get him to stay.

        Agreed on Gallardo. It slightly feels like Ubaldo all over again although, this time, we’re not biting on here.

    • TomH

      Pettitte worries the hell out of me, but not enough to make me support a deal for Gallardo. I’d rather keep all Yankee eyes focused on Pineda’s starts.

  • Joe R

    So he hasnt been connected, and we dont need him anyways. Im sorry but I dont get the point of posting this. I thought it was pretty apparent we’re on a lot of peoples no trade list for the fact that they could possibly make us offer compensation for waiving the clause.

    • JMK

      Yeah, wtf for posting a Yankees-related story that everyone said, “Duh” at on… a Yankees blog?

      Thanks, Mike. Thanks a lot.

  • entonces

    Don Baylor, as I recall, was the first to pull that move

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Time to rebuild, kiddies. Dealing for guys like this just makes it more painful and delays the inevitable.

  • fred robbins

    We don’t need pitching someone says? Have you been watching this team? Yes.. the ERA is still very competitive, but Andy P is just about done and we have most likely already seen the best the Yankees will get anymore.. same for mr CC who is on the downturn now. He will throw his occasional really good game, but he is on the downturn. Hughes? Phelpsie? They can work this staff the rest of the year because this is not a playoff team this year but after this year I don’t know how anyone can say there is a need almost everywhere– shortstop- 3rd base- catcher- 2nd base if they have the guts to lose Cano and find someone who plays each game hard- and at least 2 outfield spots… It’s nice to look through rose colored glasses, but that is what April was all about. This is currently one of the worst and most boring teams to watch in all of baseball. And Girardi is not a manager who knows how to rebuild because in his eyes, Stewart is a great catcher and there is nothing wrong with a .220 for june Cano and a Cano who only runs when he is truly in the mood to run. Ive been a Yankee fan since the days of Mantle and Maris and have never seen a team with such little desire and so easily accepting of mediocrity. Aren’t you all sick of CC saying– ” I need to get better” and of Joe saying– he pitched a great game– had one bad inning-lol– it’s really disgraceful.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      You get out of your system? Good. They’re all trying, believe me. They’re undermanned by all the injuries, & losing Cervelli & Nunez, believe it or not, hurt this team more than anyone here would acknowledge. W/Granderson, Texeira, & yes, Youkillis going down, that’s a lot of hitting to lose on top of Jeter and A-Rod. Hell, even losing Mustelier in spring training probably hurt or although we may never know as he got hurt again and can’t seem to stay on a field — AAA or in the show. I agree w/you about Sabathia being on the downside, & now might just be a good time to start listening to offers that might come in concerning him. Gotta go, but Girardi isn’t to blame for this.

      • Mikhel

        Who decides where Vernon Wells will be hitting in the lineup? Who decides if the Yanks bunt over their runners? Girardi is responsable for a LOT, not everything, but certainly has his share of blame. And it is not the first time one of his teams drops their batting and overall performance (same thing happened to him in Florida and he had various players hitting 0.320+ AVG, among them: Miguel Cabrera).

        It seems Girardi’s teams tend to bat like Joe in the majors: below average in batting, below average in OBP, bad with men on base, bad with the bases loaded, doesn’t get bases on balls, not bad defense but nothing to write home about, zero power.

        It sometimes looks as if JoeG selects his lineup and players based on a template of him, and keeps using Vernon Wells as 3rd/4th/5th in the lineup because he always dreamt of batting 4th in the big leagues and is living his dream through the dreadful Wells.

    • LarryM Fl

      fred: We are fans of the same era. I agree with you about Andy. He’s about done. Andy P. is a 40 year old guy trying to win on the major league level just near impossible with a guy who has no trick pitch. CC is adjusting but bad luck kind of grab him last night with the two infield hits. Cano is showing IMHO that he can not carry a team on his back. He does get caught up in some ugly mental mistakes. With the Yanks in a retooling mode it maybe smart to allow Cano to move on unless he is somewhat reasonable with his demands.

      Girardi can only do with the talent that he is given. With all the injuries the Yanks are playing 4th string at some positions.
      Accepting of mediocrity I believe these guys are trying. They are professionals who have not mailed it in.

  • forensic

    They need bats?

    That’s easy:

    Or, maybe MLB will let them use these, given their skill level:

  • http://franklance godfather

    gallardo hits better than any 3b they play now

    • vicki

      kidding? .719ops. that’s good for fifth best on the team. and RIGHT-HANDED.

    • Mikhel

      I think Gallardo has more hits than Vernon Wells sin May… :p

      • Mikhel

        *since may.