Morosi: Yankees are on Cliff Lee’s no-trade list

2013 Draft: Hunter Dozier
2013 Draft: Riley Unroe

Via Jon Morosi: The Yankees are one of 20 teams (!) included in Cliff Lee’s no-trade clause. He can also block trades to the Red Sox, Orioles, and Rangers. There has been some speculation the disappointing Phillies could put the left-hander on the trade market to kick start a rebuild.

Lee, 34, has pitched to a 2.45 ERA (2.60 FIP) despite his lowest strikeout (7.54 K/9 and 21.6 K%) and ground ball (41.8%) rates in years. He is owed approximately $80M through 2015, but that could jump to $94M if his option for 2016 vests. Players put big market teams on their no-trade clauses all the time so they can get something out of it, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lee wanted the option exercised in return for agreeing to a deal. There’s no word on whether the Yankees would be interested in acquiring the southpaw, but Brian Cashman & Co. have been enamored with him for quite some time. I have to think they’ll check in if he does hit the market.

2013 Draft: Hunter Dozier
2013 Draft: Riley Unroe
  • LarryM Fl

    We give then Arod then we’ll take Lee .

  • Ed

    Guess at teams NOT on his no-trade list:

    Kansas City
    San Diego

    I’m figuring the exceptions are the teams least likely to want to trade for him. Basically the teams that have the lowest payrolls and/or are in a full out rebuild.

    • Tim

      I believe it was reported that St Louis is not on his no trade list.

      • jsbrendog

        with the insane amount of good to great young starters they seem to be parading up from aaa i doubt theyd need to sell any of them to get cliff lee unless they experience even more injuries.

    • jsbrendog

      does the ntc carry over or is it like hockey where it doesn’t once you’re traded (i thnk, a la the lubomir visnovsky thing)

      could miami theoretically acquire him then flip him for more to a team on the ntc?

      • Tom

        The NTC typically carries over; though I don’t know if the player can restructure the list of teams on a partial NTC clause . I think the list is generally submitted by the player/agent to the team prior to the season; if he joins a new team I don’t know if that lets him repick the 20 teams.

        There are restrictions on how quickly you can trade a player though… I think if you do it withing 30 days of acquiring him (or maybe it’s 60 days?) you need the player’s permission.

        • Tom

          Actually I could be confusing that 2nd part with signing a FA… and then flipping him.

        • Ed

          An explicit no trade clause carries over. If you have a no trade clause via 10 and 5 rights (10 years in the majors, last 5 on the same team), that expires if you wave it.

          On the second point, you’re thinking about free agent signings.

  • JLC 776

    RAJ is too delusional to ever think the Phillies are out of a race. Hell, I don’t even think they are, either. Cliff is staying put.

  • Munson & Sons

    Enough with the Cliff Lee sweeps again. The guy spurned us before and will again. The no-trade clause is in his contract for him to earn extra cash – how he ever went back to a team that traded him and not to us is beyond me but I would rather Cash focus his attention on getting Garza.

    • jsbrendog

      big pass on matt garza. career league average pitcher coming off a kinda serious injury 3 yrs removed from his time in the al east in 2010 when he was exactly league average.

  • Guns

    Hard to believe the Yankees would take on that salary.

  • hogsmog

    Hold on, I think I’ve got it…

    This might sound crazy, but how about Lee a lot of B-level prospects and all the corner outfielders/infielders on contracts we don’t like anymore?

    • hogsmog

      *Lee for a lot

  • Fin

    I cant see the Yankees being in on Lee. It would be one thing if they were 1 pitcher away but that’s not the case this year. I doubt it will be the case next year either. Since hes 34 you would really be getting him for this year and next. Not sure how much he would affect the Yankees while they rebuild their offense over the upcoming years.

    Now if the Yankees think both Hiroki and Petite are done after this year, maybe he makes more sense as they will have lots of money open up and a dire need. Based on the Yankees current needs and its needs over the next couple of years, I have to think there are teams that need a pitcher of Lees abilities at his age more than the Yankees and those teams will probably be willing to offer more to get him. Seems hard to believe the Yankees would go as far as a team like say, the Angles would, to get him.

  • Nathan

    As much as Cliff Lee made/makes sense sense for the Yankees, I just don’t think it will ever be. From the failed trade to him going back to Philly, I think it’s time to put it to bed.

    That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to have him because I was in disbelief the night I read he went back to the Phillies. Again, I just don’t see it happening.

  • Pisano

    Who the hell wants him, anyone that’s stupid enough to block a trade to the most storied team in all of sports is an idiot, and he can stay with the lowly Phillies.

  • Will

    Okay, okay, I’ve got it: Cliff…Lee for A…Rod. Has a little ring to it.

  • tommy cassella

    I could never understand why cliff lee didn’t want to pitch for the yanks. I guess he’s just plain stupid. I do not think he has any rings. so I just say, to hell with him.

  • tommy cassella

    who the hell wants cliff lee, the yanks have phil ””home run”” hughes. he hasn’t gone past four and 1/3rd innings four times this year. I will never trust that guy, he just plain sucks.